E20-517 - Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators

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Example Questions

A customer has the following configuration for an application on a Symmetrix VMAX storage array: -300 IOPS -1:1 Read/Write ratio -5 thin LUNs in a 500 GB data volume -300 FC drives in the thin pool -2 FA ports connected to the host What has the strongest influence on the decision to implement FAST VP? What is the maximum number of concurrent non-differential TimeFinder/Clone copies that can be created against a single standard source volume? Which Solutions Enabler daemon provides for centralized gatekeeper device management for all applications requiring access to Symmetrix arrays? In order for the host to start using thin devices, what should be done in addition to providing thin and data (thin pool) devices? A customer has just purchased a symmetrix V-Max array and would like to allocate storage to several servers and allow for future growth minimal administration effort. What symmetric V-max array feature would be the best solution for this implementation? Which statement describes TimeFinder/Clone technologies? What is the maximum number of Initiator Groups of which an initiator can be a member? A user is trying to execute SYMCLI commands from a host that is running the Symmetrix Management Console (SMC) server. In order to prevent resource contention with the SMC server, which option should be enabled? A customer would like to create a point-in-time copy of their data to be used by a performance sensitive application. The customer would like to access that point-in-time copy at 3 AM. The amount of time required to copy the data from source to target is 60 minutes. Which timefinder/Clone solution would you recommend? Under which conditions will Enginuity remove the consistency exempt attribute from RDF mirror? What is the maximum number of initiators allowed in a Symmetrix VMAX Initiator Group? The customer has just implemented timefinder and SRDF/AR for a set application. To ensure application performance the storage administrator needs to configure the environment to maximize back end performance during BCV establish operations. Which devices are required for storing original tracks for TimeFinder/Snap operations? A customer environment consists of several servers that require the presence of LUN #0 to function property. What is the optimal way of attaching these servers to a Symmetrix V-Max array? Which device types are used for Virtual Provisioning in a Symmetrix VMAX? How much data is moved during a VLUN VP Migration of a 500 GB virtual LUN, 80% pre-allocated, and containing 382 GB of user data? When monitoring thin provisioning through SMC you get pool free space critical warning. As a default setting, what percent full does this warning represent? On a Symmetrix running Enginuity 5875, how many concurrent TimeFinder/Snap copy sessions can be created by default from a single source device? Which statement is accurate if a timefinder/clone session was created with the "differential" option? A company has three sites using an SRDF replication solution; Site A (primary), Site B (secondary), and Site C (tertiary). Sites A and B are 100 kilometers apart, while Site C is 1000 kilometers away. Which SRDF replication option continues to provide data protection at Site C if Site B is lost? A customer using mainframe and open systems hosts decides to implement Virtual provisioning. What would be the most efficient way to use the pool resources? You need to perform an SRDF fallback operation and must ensure the integrity of the data on the R2 volume which step must be taken? What is a prerequisite for a Hot Pull Open Replicator? In Symmetrix VMAX series arrays, which device is used as a pass-through device for autoprovisioning? Open Replicator will be used to move data from a Symmetrix VMAX array to a CLARiiON array. The CLARiiON has not been discovered by the host from which the Open Replicator commands are issued. Which information has to be specified in the Open Replicator device file? How does Delta Set Extension help in an SRDF/A deployment? A customer is attempting to utilize a new pair of FA ports on a Symmetrix VMAX. They create a port group and then attempt to add the new FAs. However, the action fails. What is blocking the addition? A financial services customer has just been acquired by a larger corporation. The new Chief Information Officer (CIO) requires a review of the current RTO and RPO for all applications servicing customer data. The CIO has stated that access to customer data must meet five 9's of availability on a monthly basis. Which RTO and RPO are required? What is a requirement when implementing TimeFinder/Clone in a virtual provisioning environment? A customer would Like to use Open Replicator to copy data as possible How should Piece and Ceiling be configured? A customer is trying to create a FAST policy for automated tier management. They create a set of six tiers for their new Symmetrix VMAX. When the customer tries to build a policy with six tiers of storage, it fails. What is the maximum number of tiers that can be included in a policy? How does Transmit Idle help in an SRDF/A deployment? Which method is used to efficiently copy only the changes that were made to a split BCV device back to the standard? Which emulation(s) are supported by FAST VP? The customer is considering a long-distance replication solution. Due to bandwidth limitations and distance SRDF/A has been selected. The customer has called the EMC TA to review his RPO. Selected minimum cycle limit of 30 seconds, what is the worst-case RPO under normal operating conditions? What is the maximum number of symmetrix V-Max initiator groups that can be associated with an initiator? What is the state of the standard and BCV devices after a full TimeFinder/Mirror "Establish" has been initiated? Which process associated with a LUN will shut down automatically when a user-initiated virtual LUN Migration is initiated for that LUN? A company is planning to use TimeFinder to create a replica of their production database. They would like to minimize performance degradation to the production volume while the TimeFinder replica is being created. Which TimeFinder solution should the company adopt? What is the underlying technology that makes virtual LUN Migration DP possible? After terminating a Timefinder/Snap session, what is the status of the virtual device? An SRDF/A session is active, and the device pairs are in a consistent state. What will happen if there is a temporary loss of all links? Which component of the Symmetrix VMAX architecture runs the scripts to change the configuration of an array? When a Federated Live Migration session is in a FailedBack state, what is the only command that will succeed? Open Replicator Hot Pull will be used to move data between a third-party array and a Symmetrix VMAX array. What is recommended before starting the Open Replicator session? After an extended outage of the primary site, a large number of invalid tracks have accumulated on the R2 devices. What can be done to minimize application response time impact when resuming production on the R1 devices? An EMC Implementation Engineer (IE) is performing routine maintenance on a Symmetrix attached host. The IE needs to find out which patches have been installed on a specific IBM AIX host. Which command should be used? In a single-hop SRDF/AR setup, the options have been set as follows: -Cycle Time = 3000 -Delay Time = 2000 -Overflow = Next The symreplicate session was started at time 0. The actual cycle time was 4500 seconds. How many seconds after the start of the first cycle will the next cycle start? What is the status of the R1 and R2 devices after performing an SRDF split operation? Which UNIX utility or tool would you use to perform an HP-UX host-based data migration?