E20-515 - Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Exam for Technology Architects

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Example Questions

A TimeFinder VP Snap session has been created and activated at 10 AM. Subsequently track number 1000 is written to on the Source device. At 11 AM a second TimeFinder VP Snap session is created and activated for the same Source device. After activation of the second session track number 2000 is written to on the Source device. How will a read request to track 2000 on the target of the second TimeFinder VP Snap session be serviced? Which Symmetrix feature allows the use of pools to off load data from cache when using SRDF/A? What is the default value of SRDF/A session priority? A customer has deployed a Symmetrix VMAX that is shared among several departments. Each department is charged for its use of storage: -- They want to deploy FAST DP using three tiers of storage with different cost structures: Tier0, Tier1 and Tier2. -- The customer wants to set up a FAST policy that makes it easy to compute the storage used by each department. Which FAST policy would be most suitable? Under which conditions will Enginuity remove the Consistency Exempt attribute from the RDF mirror? What is a valid RAID 6 configuration for a Symmetrix V-Max array? Which method(s) are used to create and manage Consistency Groups in a Symmetrix VMAX 40K? How does Enginuity Consistency Assist (ECA) differ from PowerPath? Which devices are required for storing original tracks for TimeFinder/Snap operations? How does Transmit Idle help in an SRDF/A deployment? A customer wants to concurrently establish two RAID 1 BCVs with a STD RAID 1 device in a Symmetrix V-Max array. How many mirror positions will remain for the STD device in this configuration? Which type of restore operation can be performed for TimeFinder/Snap copy sessions taken from a standard device? Where on a Symmetrix is the I/O split for RecoverPoint? On a Symmetrix array without any DRVs configured, which process will FAST DP use to relocate a device to another tier? Which feature is supported in Unisphere for VMAX 1.5 but is not available in Symmetrix Management Console v7.3.3? Click on the calculator icon in the upper left. A customer requested assistance in using the symcli symconfigure command to create one 8-way 1 TB striped meta bound to POOL_A. Which parameters do you provide? A customer implemented Federated Tiered Storage (FTS) with externally provisioned volumes used for SRDF replication. Which type of SRDF implementation is supported? What is a Symmetrix Data Device used for? While monitoring thin provisioning through SMC you get a pool free space critical warning. As a default setting, what percent full does this warning represent? How is data read from a compressed track on a Symmetrix thin device? A TimeFinder VP Snap customer has performed a restore of their production database. An attempt to perform a recreate operation fails. How can this be resolved? What should be done before a thin device can be unbound from a thin pool? A Symmetrix VMAX 40K customer uses TimeFinder/Clone to replicate their production database. The Symmetrix devices used by the database are actively cached by XtremSW Cache. What is a consideration when performing TimeFinder/Clone operations in this environment? The customer is considering a long-distance replication solution. Due to bandwidth limitations and distance SRDF/A has been selected. The customer has called the EMC TA to review his RPO. With a customer-selected minimum cycle time of 30 seconds, what is the worst-case RPO under normal operating conditions? How many concurrent TimeFinder/Snap copy sessions can be created by default from a single source device? What is the status of the R1 and R2 devices after performing an SRDF failover operation? What must be considered when a host has XtremSW Cache installed and SRDF functionality is required for its volumes? A customer currently manages their Symmetrix V-Max array environment with SYMCLI within the administrative storage group. They are instituting a third-shift operations group that will perform storage tasks such as device creation, device mapping, and LUN masking. What solution fits this expanding business requirement and organizational change? What is a benefit of using TimeFinder VP Snap instead of TimeFinder/Clone when running Enginuity 5876 or later? What is a requirement for implementing SRDF in a Virtual Provisioning environment? What is a valid consideration when using a meta volume? A TimeFinder/Clone replication of a VM which only has RDMs has been completed. What VMware file is critical for bringing up the VM on the secondary ESXi server with the replica RDMs? How many TimeFinder/Snap sessions are reserved for restore operations in a Symmetrix VMAX 20K? A customer uses TimeFinder/Clone for performing daily backups of a database server by mounting the clones on a different host. The targets are permanently provisioned to the backup host to avoid mapping and masking every day. However, it is necessary that the backup host does not access the clone targets until the backup window starts. What option can be used during the clone operation to prevent the backup host from accessing these devices? What is the maximum number of Symmetrix V-Max Initiator Groups that can be associated with an initiator? What is a supported deployment option for Open Replicator? A Symmetrix VMAX customer created five thin devices and added them to a storage group. The storage group is part of a masking view for an HP-UX Server. The administrator scans for the five new devices and sees that the devices are Not Ready. What is the reason for this? When a TimeFinder/Snap session is terminated, what happens to the allocated space on the save devices? Several RDF groups in a Symmetrix have been configured for SRDF/A. The SRDF/A sessions are independent of one another. The customer is concerned about the system hitting the cache write pending limit, causing SRDF/A sessions to become inactive. What can help to ensure that the most critical RDF group does not get dropped? What happens when a Snap session is terminated? How many mirror positions does a RAID 6 protected volume occupy in a Symmetrix running 5874 Enginuity? A symclone create command was issued and the clone has not yet been activated. At this point, what is the state of the clone target device? A customer needs four (4) 500 GB volumes for a new mission critical database project. Their Symmetrix VMAX 10K is pre-configured with a thin pool. The pool has 3 TB of free space. What device configuration should be recommended? A Symmetrix VMAX customer wants to use the Solutions Enabler symvm command in their VMware vSphere environment. What VMware vSphere configuration tasks can be performed by symvm? An SRDF/A session is active, and the device pairs are in a consistent state. What will happen if there is a temporary loss of all links? What is a benefit of using TimeFinder VP Snap instead of TimeFinder/Clone when running Enginuity 5876 onward? What is the status of the R1 and R2 devices after performing an SRDF restore operation? You are designing a FAST VP solution for a Symmetrix VMAX 40K array. What is a required step to enable FAST VP Compression? When adding new disks to a VMAX, which lock is taken to perform this activity? Multiple RDF groups from different Symmetrix arrays have been grouped together to enable Multi-Session Consistency. How does cycle switching occur in this configuration?