E20-390 - VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers

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Example Questions

The thin pool on the sec array has experienced an out-of-space condition so a MirrorView/A update has failed. What is the state of this particular MirrorView/A mirror? Which features are included with the VNX Remote Protection Suite? During the installation process of a VNX for Block and File system, you are prompted to change passwords for the default accounts. Which user password can be changed? What is the minimum number of administrative accounts for a Unisphere storage domain? How is the QLogic CNA represented in Device Manager on a Windows host? When creating a SnapView session, where can a consistent start occur? An administrator creates a 500 GB file system and implements VNX SnapSure on it. What is the initial size of the SavVol that was created? A colleague plans to use VNX Snapview Snapshots to make local copies of four data warehouse LUNs. The LUNs to be snapped are: - 10 GB - 20 GB - 30 GB - 100 GB What is the recommended reserve LUN size? When a LUN is bound on a VNX, which process is enabled by default and has a very low impact on performance? How can users manage SSL/TLS certificates? You are creating an Ethernet channel that spans two or more switches. Which feature must be supported by the switches? In a VNX array with FAST VP enabled, what is the size of the data slice (chunk) that can be relocated between tiers? What is the maximum number of Fibre Channel initiator ports, per Linux host, supported by VNX for Block? A Linux host has been set up and successfully connected to the VNX array, but the local administrator cannot issue CLI commands. What is a possible explanation of this behavior? What should be installed to use the data compression feature of a VNX array? For what reason would you increase the default Ethernet frame MTU on a VNX Datamover? Which RecoverPoint configuration details can be presented in reported format when using Data Protection Advisor? An administrator has been tasked with mapping all users from corp to their own directory in /Userdata. Which is the correct format for the homedirfile configuration? Which is the EMC-recommended cache page size for Microsoft Exchange 2007 environments? Which VNX Remote Protection Suite method features a read-only copy of source file systems? It a source LUN is trespassed, what happens to a fractured clone LUN? According to EMC best practices, how many Primary Usermappers are recommended in a multiple VNX array environment? How many clones can be created from a single source LUN? How many storage groups can a host belong to in an array? A customer wants to decrease the size of VNX pool LUNs presented to an MSCS cluster using the LUN shrink feature. What do you advise? Where can CPLs be created? What specific VNX model uses a Storage Processor Enclosure? Which CLI command displays the IP configuration of each Data Mover? An administrator wants to set an Export Permission on an NMFS. What is a key consideration concerning the export permissions on the component file system. Which tool is used to complete the initialization of only a VNX System for Block? Which PowerPath version should be installed on a Windows host to support ALUA? What is the preferred method for partitioning VNX iSCSI LUNs attached to a Windows Server 2003 host? In which format is the SP signed certificate imported? For LACP Load Balancing Considerations, what setting provides the best load balancing per host? How would an administrator enable the Audit Policy for a CIFS server? What is the preferred method for partitioning VNX FC LUNs attached to a Windows Server 2008 R2 host? Which network interface(s) is assigned to the default CIFS server? By default, which TCP port does Unisphere Host Agent management software utilize on Linux? Which statement is true about metaLUNs? What is a supported configuration for mixing HBAs on Linux hosts? Where is the CHAP iSCSI username and password stored on a RedHat 5 host? A storage administrator configured a SnapSure snapshot schedule for a heavily utilized productions file system. According to the schedule, three snapshots are to be created per hour, with the first snapshot created at one minute past the hour. After an hour, the administrator noticed that the first snapshot was not created on time. What is the cause of this issue? A file system has a VNX SnapSure schedule enabled for daily snapshots. By using the Microsoft Shadow Copy Client, a user can see previous versions of a certain file up to a specific date in the past, but nothing else after that. A company has many VNX file systems that they currently export using NFS. Their goal is to simplify the management of these file systems for the Linux client workstations. How can the storage team help the company achieve this goal? You are implementing a CIFS solution and will be using Virtual Data Movers. Which CIFS dynamic configuration information the Virtual Data Mover? In which file format can Unisphere monitoring graphical statistics be exported? You are creating an Ethernet channel that spans two or more switches. Which feature must be supported by the switches? An administrator exports a newly created file system and finds two directories, called etc and lost+found. The administrator does not want these directions to appear in the export. What should the administrator do to address this issue? Which VNX RAID type is suggested for the greatest data protection at the greatest cost in disk space? A customer has an application that uses a lot of capacity but has very low performance requirements. Their new VNX is fully virtually provisioned and uses FAST VP storage pools. The customer wants to configure the LUNs for this application on low performance storage. How should the LUNs be initially configured?