E20-351 - Storage Attached Network (SAN) Specialist Exam

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Example Questions

If the active zone set on an M-Series switch is deactivated using Connectrix Manager Basic, what will occur as a result? A customer has finished configuring a B-Series switch. Which command is used to back up the switch configuration to a server? When installing EMC PowerPath on an AIX host, which command will initiate the install? Which management tools may be used to perform zoning operations on M-Series switches? The AP-7420B switch, which uses XPath OS, has many features that may not be supported in particular environments. Besides the EMC Support Matrix, what is the other recommended reference for up-to-date, last-minute support and implementation information? When would the domain of VSAN 5 change upon issuing the command fcdomain domain 3 static vsan 5 for an MDS switch? Your customer has an existing multiple switch fabric environment, and they purchased new FAs for this project. You have been requested to add five additional servers to the environment. After your setup and configuration of all five servers, other servers in the environment experience performance problems. Based on EMC best practice what may have caused the performance issue of the existing servers? Which ports are used for interswitch links (ISL)? In MC/ServiceGuard, which daemon is responsible for keeping track of all the volume groups that have been made cluster-aware? Which non-secure protocol could be used to accomplish uploading/downloading of data files and images (for example, firmware) to IP and FC switches? Which information will be displayed when viewing the Node List from Connectrix Manager? What are the requirements for end users to access SAN Advisor remotely via browser? To save the configuration of a B-Series switch, which command is used? In Control Center, which view shows only ports and fabrics that have viable connectivity? What must be done to allow LUN masking for multiple servers attached to a CLARiiON array? How many active zone sets may exist on an MDS-Series switch? ACME Corporation wishes to deploy iSCSI for its storage network architecture. The company intends to segment the host to storage communication within its core layer-2 switch for performance and security reasons. What is the layer-2 switch technology that allows for this? An ISL is plugged in to the first port of the first quad on a 32-port switching module (fc1/1). For redundancy, a second ISL will be added. If no other ports are being used on the switching module, which port should be used for the second ISL? What is a characteristic of iFCP? What does the Fibre Channel Management Integration, Management Information Base (FCMGMT- INT MIB) provide? On which platform can you install SAN Advisor? When using Solutions Enabler, which information is required to mask Symmetrix volumes to a host? How frequently is the ESM database updated? For which operating systems are the SCSI-3 (SC3) bit set on a Symmetrix FA port? On an MDS-Series switch, if a VSAN containing ports is deleted, what happens to the ports? For which operating systems are the Common Serial Number (C) bit set on a Symmetrix FA port? How many active zone sets are assigned to an individual VSAN at one time? Which Control Center Agent collects performance, frame flow, error, and operational statistics for connectivity device ports and generates alerts when specified thresholds are reached? A data center contains the equipment and software required for a three-tier web application: a public-facing web server and an Oracle database, both of which are connected to storage via a SAN. The management server that hosts all required management applications is not connected to the SAN. What is a security best practice that should be established? Which three components comprise EMC Control Center SRM Planning and Provisioning? For the MDS 9506 and 9509 multilayer directors, which chassis slots support the integrated supervisor-2 module? On EMC Control Center, what are the two methods used to discover B-Series switches and directors? Which layer of the ARPA architecture does Ethernet represent? Which Fibre Channel layer covers media, the associated drivers, and receivers capable of operating at a wide range of speeds? When are ports assigned to the isolated VSAN? Which Fibre Channel layer is responsible for Process Logins? What does the symmask command allow the end user to do? Which Fibre Channel layer is responsible for link initialization and recovery? If the maximum number of possible addresses is 254, what is the network class? Which EMC software would you use to validate planned changes to an existing SAN? What is indicated by the No in the Logged in column of the displayed symmask command? Which network topology is representative of network devices connected to multiple other network devices? When configuring a VSAN on an MDS-Series switch, multiple switches can be added to a VSAN in one step using which MDS-Series management tool? What are the three tiers of Control Center architecture? What does the t# represent in the device special file format of c#t#d#s#? In a switched fabric environment, what does a PLOGI process do? In CLARiiON environments, to perform management from a host that has an agent installed, the storage must be added as a Privileged User in a specific file. Which file is this? Which connection is used to group nodes from physically different fabrics together in a BSeries environment? Which MDS switching module can simultaneously support FCIP and iSCSI on any port? Which file format can be used to export SAN Advisor designs?