E20-329 - Technology Architect Backup and Recovery Solutions Design Exam

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Example Questions

A customer performs weekly full backups and daily incremental backups. A typical full backup is 5 TB. There is usually a 20% daily change rate in data. A full backup completes in 10 hours while an incremental backup completes in 4 hours. Based on best practices, what is the minimum Data Domain throughput required? An EMC NetWorker customer is considering implementing NetWorker AES encryption to secure backups on one of their application servers. What is a concern when using AES? A customer is planning a new database rollout using Oracle and wants to perform online backups. Initial tests with NetWorker have shown that the backups cannot be completed within the backup window of 6 hours. You have analyzed your backup environment and there are adequate resources to meet this stringent backup window. What is one of the first things to check in NetWorker or RMAN to increase performance without adding cost and complexity? An EMC Avamar customer is receiving capacity warning messages from their system. They recently deleted several clients including their backup data. The deleted client data is 2 TB in size. After garbage collection completed, the customer saw less space collected than they had anticipated. What would cause this behavior? You are designing a Data Protection Advisor (DPA) solution for a customer. As a part of the engagement, you are required to configure the DPA stores. What is the minimum size you would recommend for configuring the stores? A customer is using Data Protection Advisor (DPA) to monitor their backup environment. What is a benefit of using remote Collectors? An existing Avamar customer wants to add a new large client to their Avamar system. This is a moderately full Avamar single-node server running in steady-state. What is the estimated time to ingest the customer's large file system if the size, after deduplication, is 10 GB? Refer to Scenario 4. An enterprise customer would like to better address business continuity at all branch offices. Their corporate data center resides in Chicago, Illinois and they would like all branch office data centers to use Chicago as the destination for replicating backups. Each branch office has a mixture of databases, e-mail, and other data that need full backups on Friday evenings and daily incremental backups. Based on their new Chief Technology Officer's experience with deduplication, they are installing EMC Data Domain devices at all sites to take advantage of the lower bandwidth requirements for backup replications. The backup requirements for the branch offices are: New York, Denver, and Houston = 100 GB full, 20% daily incremental SCO, Seattle, and Kansas City = 20 GB full, 20% dairy incremental The San Francisco branch office has an existing VTL infrastructure. Which type of replication is recommended for their backups? Scenario A customer is looking to perform a data center refresh. They want to standardize their backup infrastructure by using EMC NetWorker, Avamar, and Data Domain in an integrated environment. The environment consists of: - A primary data center - NetWorker server, Data Domain, and Avamar - A disaster recovery (DR) data center - Data Domain only - 220 remote sites - Each remote site consists of approximately 30 clients and 1 storage node - LAN speed at and between all sites is 1 GB The company's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has indicated that data must be backed up locally. Then, the data must be copied offsite to the primary data center and DR data center. The entire solution must be managed from a single unified interface in order to configure and track backup jobs. The company is subject to government regulations concerning data retention policies for confidential data. Data has to be retained for seven years on tape at the DR data center. Each remote storage nodes' device will have a target session of 12 and a max target session of 60. By default, what is the maximum nsrmmd count per device? A customer's backup environment consists of an EMC Avamar 6.1 integrated Data Domain solution. A large portion of the backup data comes from Microsoft Exchange servers. The Avamar backups use the Data Domain device as a backup target. Where are the Microsoft Exchange logs file sent? A customer wants to implement a Data Protection Advisor solution in their Microsoft Windows backup environment. After the proof of concept installation, you discover that performance of the iAnywhere database is degraded. What is the most likely reason? A customer has an EMC Avamar integrated Data Domain backup environment with replication. Avamar uses the Data Domain devices as a backup target. The Data Domain then replicates the backup data to another Data Domain device located offsite. How should the customer restore data located on the offsite Data Domain device? You are designing a backup solution for an EMC NetWorker customer. Given a conservative estimate, how many CPU cycles are needed by the storage node when backing up clients over the network to local tape drives at a rate of 100 MB/s? A customer has acquired multiple companies with a combination of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, EMC NetWorker, and IBM iSeries BRMS backups to physical tape in their data center. They have a data carter 15 miles away that plan to use for disaster recovery. Dark fiber between the two sites exists. The customer has asked EMC to help improve their backup performance and reliability. They also want to eliminate the need to move physical tapes offsite each day. Which recomme4ndation satisfies the customer's requirements? An EMC NetWorker customer is considering capacity-based licensing. What can be used to determine the capacity size they would need to license? You are redesigning an EMC NetWorker customer's backup solution. Currently all file system clients are backing up to an EMC Avamar deduplication node The customer wants to add another Avamar server and back up some of the larger clients to the new Avamar deduplication node. What is the impact of this decision? A customer is considering an EMC Avamar backup solution. They want to know whether Avamar can provide the security benefit of data encryption between the clients and the Avamar server. What are the "in-flight encryption" considerations? An EMC NetWorker customer is considering using the deduplication feature with Avamar. What is a requirement when performing backups to a deduplication node? A long-term EMC SRDF customer wants to make their backups tapeless. The customer has asked for your recommendation on the bandwidth required for replication of 10 TB of daily backup data that is currently going to tape nightly. Bandwidth is provided by two OC-3 circuits between the source and target data center locations. Which information is needed to architect a solution for the customer? The EMC account team has been asked to redesign an EMC NetWorker backup solution. The existing backup environment consists of one NetWorker server and one storage node to back up approximately 80 clients. Over time, the amount of data increased, resulting in daily backups taking more than 24 hours to complete. What should be recommended to improve the backup performance with minimal costs? An EMC Avamar customer has a file server with 3 million files. Using the default cache setting, how much of the physical RAM is required on the client for the Avamar file cache? The EMC account team has been asked to design a new EMC NetWorker backup solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. The customer's environment consists of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 hosted on an EMC CLARiiON disk array with EMC VSS Provider and an EMC Disk Library. Your design needs to include a server-less backup solution for the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 environment by leveraging the Microsoft VSS framework. What is a recommended approach to meet the customer's requirements? The EMC account team has been asked to design a NetWorker backup solution for a Microsoft Exchange server. The customer's environment consists of a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) deployment on a CLARiiON disk array with EMC VSS Provider and an EMC Disk Library. The customer wants to leverage the Microsoft VSS framework to protect the Exchange Server 2007 CCR environment. What needs to be considered when designing a backup solution? An EMC NetWorker customer is experiencing poor backup performance. Your analysis determines that significant host resources are used to manage low-level network handshaking operations during backup. Based on EMC recommendations, what can be done to alleviate the handshake issue? At a customer meeting, you discover that the backup administrator is new to the position. What can be used to determine the health of their backup environment? An existing EMC NetWorker customer has recently undertaken an LDAP authentication network infrastructure reconfiguration to ensure an improved validation response time. The reconfiguration does not involve the addition of any physical network hardware to the infrastructure. However, they have now approached you to assist with an increased latency they are experiencing on their network. What is the most likely cause of their increased latency after the reconfiguration? In a customer's backup environment, EMC Avamar is integrated as a deduplication node with NetWorker. The customer wants to run multiple simultaneous backups from the same client. What is the recommended maximum number of simultaneous streams? A customer has difficulty keeping up with their restore requests on their existing backup solution. Currently each restore requires the backup team to engage and manually process each restore request. The customer wants the clients to be able to restore and browse their own data using only their account credentials. Which EMC solution meets the customer's requirements? A customer would like to add their many desktop/laptop clients to their EMC NetWorker backup environment. Their requirements for the desktop/laptop clients are: - Clients must be able to restore their own data - Deduplicated backup storage used for backups Based on EMC best practice, which solution is recommended? The EMC account team has been asked to design a NetWorker backup solution for a Microsoft SharePoint server. The customer's environment consists of a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 distributed farm deployment on a CLARiiON disk array with EMC VSS Provider and an EMC Disk Library. The customer wants to leverage a Microsoft VSS framework to provide disaster recovery of the SharePoint Saver 2007 distributed farm environment. What is an important design consideration? Refer to Scenario 3 When using EMC NetWorker and DD Boost, what are the recommended maximum concurrent backups for the VADP proxy server? A customer has purchased Data Protection Advisor (DPA) to provide a single enterprise report on backup compliance across their 24 geographically disperse locations. How many DPA servers should be installed? A customer has 6,000 desktops and laptops with 1 TB of data, an average backup time of 10 minutes each, and 10 TB of database data. The customer wants a solution that addresses the following requirements: - Deduplication in the shortest backup window with the fewest components - Least performance impact on the database servers Which Avamar solution is recommended? In an EMC Data Domain environment, what is considered a valid Archiver replication type? You are recommending a NetWorker deduplication solution with Avamar for a current EMC NetWorker customer. The customer is planning to back up eight of their existing clients to the Avamar deduplication node. What is an EMC best practice when performing deduplication backups for these clients? A customer with an existing VMware infrastructure is interested in Avamar as a potential backup solution. The customer needs to back up 10 virtual machines with a total of 2.9 TB of data. The daily change rate is 6 GB per day. Which solution would you recommend? An existing EMC NetWorker customer is evaluating options for upgrades within their backup solution. The customer is interested in replacing their current tape-based infrastructure with a backup-to-disk product. The customer currently uses EMC VNX arrays for their SAN storage. The solution needs the ability to retain certain backups for long periods of time due to compliance reasons as well as minimize the amount of power and rack space required. In addition, all backups must go offsite on a daily basis. Finally, the customer wants the ability to use a new 10 GigE infrastructure they are planning to deploy within their data center. They want to minimize the amount of disruption to their current daily procedures in order to avoid re-training existing staff. Which storage solution can be integrated with NetWorker to satisfy these requirements? A customer has been using Avamar to leverage deduplication for VMware. They have been performing guest-level backups and now want to perform. vmdlk backups for disaster recovery. What is a requirement to perform VCB backups? A customer has informed you that they would like to purchase an EMC Avamar solution. They plan to implement enhanced security by encrypting all backup data that is stored on the Avamar server. During the final sizing of this solution, what should be taken into consideration? A customer has a new EMC Avamar server with four 3.9 TB data nodes. This server is backing up two Avamar clients. The first client has 8 GB of RAM and two file systems. The first file system has 3 million files consuming .75 TB. The second file system contains 5 million files consuming 1 TB of space. The second client has 10 GB of RAM and one file system containing 4 million files is consuming 1.2 TB of space. Both clients will belong to the same backup group. How long will the steady state backup group be expected to run? An existing EMC NetWorker customer has been backing up their VMware environment using VMDKs to a CIFS-attached EMC Data Domain system. Recently, they have added another 80 TB to their primary VM storage. While their deduplication rates have exceeded expectations, they are starting to overrun their backup window. Which solution compliments their existing infrastructure? A customer has data at several remote offices that need to be backed up over a secure Internet connection to their data center. However, bandwidth is constrained. A major portion of their backup data will be file system data. In addition, they have a 6 TB database in the primary data center with a 6% change rate that needs to be backed up. Which EMC backup solution will work best for this customer? A customer has an Avamar system that has reached 100% of maximum capacity. The environment consists of a 16 active data node system. What can be done to decrease the utilized capacity? An EMC customer has been using NetWorker backup and has recently added an Avamar system for file system backups. The customer wants to move all backups to the Avamar system to take advantage of deduplication. They are currently backing up Sybase and SAP with NetWorker. What is your recommendation to meet these requirements? A customer has purchased an EMC Disk Library (EDL) to reduce backup times to fit within their available backup window. What is an important design consideration to achieve this objective? A company purchased an EMC Avamar and Data Domain integrated solution six months ago. Their environment contains file system, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint data. They are now ready to purchase a replication solution to support their disaster recovery strategy. Which design supports their environment? A new EMC NetWorker customer has decided to use the traditional licensing model even though they have a large number of licenses that they will need to load. Which option is available to quickly install these licenses? A customer has a DMZ and needs to connect to the NetWorker Management Console through the firewall. Three service ports are required for connections between the Console server and a Console client. When configuring the ports, which process uses a port value that cannot be changed? A potential Avamar customer has 4 TB of data to back up, which is spread across many clients. All clients are in the same data center as the Avamar server with Gigabit Ethernet connecting all hosts. The customer has a requirement to perform their initial backups within 80 hours. What is the minimum number of 2 TB data nodes needed to satisfy this requirement? A customer has an environment that consists of 50 clients, EMC NetWorker, and a Data Domain system. The customer wants the ability to obtain individual client deduplication ratios. What must be done to ensure there is no performance loss on the Data Domain system?