E20-322 - Technology Architect Solutions Design

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Example Questions

You are attempting to capture CLARiiON performance data for a short period of time using Navisphere Analyzer. You are unable to choose an interval shorter than the default. What should you do to use a shorter interval? ABC.com is having a performance issue with their Microsoft Exchange environment. You have been tasked with assessing the customer's Exchange environment. You plan to compare the results to Microsoft standard recommendations. What is the best tool to provide this assessment? ABC.com is planning a second data center 20 miles (30km) away. The second site will be a Disaster Recovery (DR) site and will also be a second tier data repository for less important data. During the process of gathering information, you conclude that ABC.com can tolerate up to 30 minutes of data loss. a total of 1000 LUNs will need to be replicated to this site. You have. The following values are observed after assembling Performance Manager data for a normal working day Write response time: 5msRead response time: 14msWrite/s: 400Reads/s: 700 Which is a solution that you would recommend for this situation? ABC.com is experiencing problems with its current Legato NetWorker backup infrastructure. ABC.com has one tape library connected to the SAN. One backup server, which is also the storage node, manages the tape library. All backups are directed to the backup server, but the backups are not completing on time. After an analysis, you discover that the tape library is handling all activities without any problems. Actually, the backup server is overloaded and it is not sending sufficient backup data to keep the tape drives busy. ABC.com wants to keep administration as simple as possible, with only minor disruptions to the environment while the changes are implemented. How can this problem be solved? ABC.com has a DMX-3 that is replicated using SRDF/A and is experiencing SRDF/A drops due to intermittent network link loss. Which features can be designed into the existing environment to mitigate RPO exposure? ABC.com is designing an archive solution for their primary storage server. They are planning to use EMC DiskXtender for Windows to archive the data to secondary storage media. The customer needs the data to be accessible for their end users 24x7x365. For recovery purposes, the EMC DiskXtender server, primary storage, and secondary storage are being backed up. They plan to perform a full backup on the first day of every month and incremental backups every Saturday. Which changes to the design should you suggest to meet the customer's requirements? A customer is preparing to upgrade their Microsoft Exchange environment from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. They currently use Replication Manager to clone the databases on a regular interval and would like to use one of the clones to perform the upgrade. The customer has asked you to provide any considerations that they need to be aware of to accomplish this. What must you tell the customer? You are designing Cisco fabrics that are dedicated to the provisioning of Invista volumes. Virtualization is provided via a pair of MDS-9216 switches with SSM blades. What is the preferred use of the FC ports on the SSM blades? A customer would like to provide EMC Ionix ControlCenter access to two users. One user is located at a remote site with a firewall that separates them from the infrastructure. The other user is at a remote site with no firewall in the network path. Which additional information do you need to evaluate this request? ABC.com is planning to migrate its data and Windows hosts from an existing Symmetrix to the new CX700 recently added to its enterprise SAN. It currently uses a host-based volume manager to create file systems out of multiple symmetrix devices presented to its hosts. The company wants to use metalUNs on the CX and implement SnapView clones as a local Disaster Recover (DR) solution. Downtime to the hosts needs to be minimized. What is the best migration method to achieve the desired objectives and design considerations? ABC.com owns a CX3-40 SAN for their Microsoft application environment. In the course of a SnapView implementation, you discover that the Microsoft file systems are misaligned on the production LUNs. The file systems need to be aligned prior to implementing SnapView for these hosts. Host downtime needs to be kept to a minimum. What is the best method to achieve the desired objectives? ABC.com is setting up an Oracle environment. According to best practices, which RAID level configuration should you recommend for the control file(s)? You are a designer for ABC.com. As a result an audit of their overall business processes, ABC.com must now implement increased security for its Symmetrix environment. Which actions can best improve the security at the logical volume level on the Symmetrix in ABC.com's SAN? ABC.com wishes to share storage on a Symmetrix between hosts belonging to the Sales and Engineering departments. Each department should be allowed control over their devices while being denied the right to control the other department's devices. Neither department should be allowed to make changes to device masking. Which solution should the customer select? You are planning to consolidate server storage from UNIX and Windows servers onto either a CLARiiON CX700 or a Celerra NS70AG. The servers are file servers, web servers, application servers and database servers. You need to categorize the servers to determine which will benefit from being SAN attached and which will benefit from being migrated to NAS. How should you initially categorize the servers? ABC.com asks for assistance designing their MirrorView/S environment. They recently performed testing of MirrorView/S to a second array in the same data center. The performance of the primary LUNs unexpectedly decreased significantly. What was the likely cause of the performance problem during the test? ABC.com uses Replication Manager with Oracle 11g. What needs to be done before creating online replicas? You are a designer for ABC.com. ABC.com's environment consists of 65 servers, all of which have either internal storage or direct attached storage. These servers are used for file sharing, home directories, and custom applications. ABC.com reports that server response time is slow. Thus far, you have concentrated your data assembly on the servers. What other aspect must you consider that could be linked to the performance problem? ABC.com's environment consists of Symmetrix Arrays, CLARiiON Arrays, Celerra Systems, ControlCenter, StorageScope, and ONAlert. ABC.com's CIO needs to be informed when the utilization capacity of an array surpasses 70%. Of the following, which components will offer this capability? A customer is configuring an SRDF replicated pair of Symmetrix VMAX arrays for Virtual Provisioning. The source array uses 450 GB, 15k RAID 5 3+1 devices for the TDAT pool. The target array uses 1 TB, SATA RAID 6 6+2 devices for the TDAT pool. They are getting an error when attempting to create a relationship between source and target TDEV devices. What is the reason? A prospective customer has presented you with multiple applications. All applications have high write activity levels and unpredictable growth patterns. The applications are currently hosted on direct-attached storage in a RAID 1 configuration. They are concerned with making too many changes at one time in their environment. The prospect has asked you to justify your recommendation of RAID 1/0 on the CLARiiON configuration you are proposing. How do you respond to the request? Delta Devices has contacted EMC to solve its backup infrastructure problem. Its current backup infrastructure consists of several different types of backup software and tape drives, dedicated to its own servers. After several meetings you designed a centralized backup infrastructure, implementing backup to disk technology. The customer is very concerned about disaster recovery times. You propose one CX500 with ATA disks to be used onsite, at the primary location and another CX500 at a secondary location so backup data can be replicated from one CLARiiON to the other one through the WAN. This will ensure that the backup data will be available in case of a major disaster with the primary location. What other action should be taken? A customer decided to consolidate their storage onto a Symmetrix. They have a mix of Windows and UNIX servers and want one copy of data for creating backups each night. They also want another copy to be made during the day. This second copy will be a standby to perform a fast recovery in the event of data corruption. The initial survey of the customer environment shows that the read/write ratio of their application is 1:2 during the day and 5:1 at night. The application appears to be highly sensitive to disk response times during the day. Which initial solution should be considered? In which scenario would you prefer RAID-1/0 to RAID-5 on a CLARiiON Storage array? A major corporation had an extended outage of their mission-critical application. This outage caused a large financial loss. The mission-critical application is SAP/Oracle running on Solaris servers connected through a Brocade SAN to a DMX-4 array. The application is currently running 8 ms response times. Which initial information is required to design a disaster recovery solution? ABC.com wants to implement RecoverPoint in their environment. The storage environment consists of several Symmetrix, CLARiiON arrays, and Cisco Directors. The host environment consists of Solaris, Linux, and Windows. You have identified the need for 110 Consistency Groups to replicate all of the customer's data. How many RPA cluster(s) will you need? You are designing an EMC ControlCenter solution for a new customer to reduce the overall storage and management costs. The customer would like management and reporting on a variety of hosts and storage systems. All managed objects are located in one data center. Which factors must you consider when designing an EMC ControlCenter infrastructure? You have been given a System Monitor (PerfMon) log in .csv format from your customer's Exchange server. Now you must analyze that log to determine the average IOPS. Which performance counter contains this data? ABC.com runs an Oracle 11g database. Over time they begin to complain about nightly write issues. After a complete review, no issues were found on the server. What is the most probable cause? ABC.com will install CX-series CLARiiONs to store its development code, and plans to utilize Clones for protection against data corruption. That unauthorized users might access the CLARiiONs and make changes to the configuration, is a concern for ABC.com. Yet, they insist on having only one storage administrator. How do you implement CLARiiON security at this site? ABC.com plans to locate their primary production site and their secondary disaster recovery site 1,000 kilometers apart. The EMC account team has recommended they use DMX-3s running SRDF/A. During the planning phase it is estimated that: The SRDF/A minimum cycle time parameter will be set to 20 seconds It will take 3 hours after a primary site failure to declare a disaster and failover to the secondary site After a failover to the disaster site, it will take two hours to bring up the applications and make the secondary site operational What is the minimum recovery time objective that this supports? You are working with a customer for whom high availability has become a priority because of recent outages. They would like to eliminate all single points of failure in their SAN infrastructure. Which SAN topology would help them achieve their goal? Which statement best describes Level 2 (Increased availability) in the Availability Index? You are planning the storage requirements for an Exchange Server 2003. The server supports 750 users in a single Exchange Storage Group (ESG) with five databases. You need to calculate the capacity required for the ESG. The customer has indicated that the average user mailbox will be 125MB. The anticipated growth is expected to be 20%. What other factors need to be considered to calculate the required capacity? You have been asked to design an EMC SourceOne solution for a customer. The first thing that you will have to consider is the number of messages that will be journaled in a given day. What items should you take into consideration when sizing in this first step? ABC.com is using EMC NetWorker for backups in their environment. They have multiple physical tape libraries that are used for backups and clone operations at the primary data center and a disaster recovery site. The backup data is cloned daily to the remote disaster recovery site. Their backups are taking longer and are not able to complete the clone operations within one day to meet their service level objectives. What should you recommend to manage the clone operations efficiently and to improve the backup performance? ABC.com is planning the storage requirements for an Exchange 2003 server, which supports 750 users in a single Exchange Storage Group (ESG) with five databases. ABC.com has indicated that the average user mailbox will be 125MB and that the projected growth is expected to be 20%. You need to calculate the capacity needed for the ESG. What other aspects have to be considered for you to achieve this? ABC.com is planning a second data center 20 miles (30 km) away. The second site is intended as both a disaster recovery (DR) site and a second tier data repository for less important data. Average latency between sites is less than 20 ms. As part of the information gathering process, you determine that this customer can accept up to 30 minutes of data loss. The company has a total of 120 LUNs that will need to be replicated. You have gathered Navisphere Analyzer data for a normal working day. You note the following values: Write response time: 5ms Read response time: 14ms Write/s: 400 Read/s: 700 CLARiiON CX3-80 in both data centers FLARE 26 No clones will be used Which solution do you recommend? A CIO wants to implement a storage strategy that will include a chargeback feature. The company environment consists of: Symmetrix Arrays, CLARiiON Arrays, NetApp NAS servers, Centera Arrays and Brocade SAN switches. All servers (Windows, Solaris, AIX) use PowerPath for path failover. These resources are spread over four data centers. What is the best solution? A storage resources takes 10ms to service a request when there are no other requests in its queue. What would be the new service time, according to Little's Law, if the resource were 80% utilized? Customer applications are running on HP-UX servers attached to a CX3-80. The CLARiiON LUNs currently used by the application are 50 GB metaLUNs. The applications require more disk space. Expansion of the CLARiiON metaLUNs to 100 GB has been proposed. Which additional information is critical to the success of this solution? ABC.com is using SAN Copy to copy volumes between a CX3-80 and a CX3-40 both on the same 4 Gb SAN. Both the source and destination LUNs are on a RAID 5 (4+1) group with 5 x 15k FC drives with no other LUNs allocated on it. What is the easiest way to ensure the SAN Copy jobs complete as fast as possible? A SQL Server implementation has been experiencing poor I/O performance. You are asked to identify the root cause of the performance issues. Which tool should you use for your analysis? A storage resource takes 10ms to service a request in its queue. According to Little's Law, what would the new service time be if the resource was 25% utilized? A customer has two data centers, both in California (Sites A and B), using SRDF/S to replicate their mission-critical data between each. The customer has just purchased another VMAX at Site A to accommodate projected capacity requirements. They want to move data not being replicated from the existing VMAX onto the new array. The customer requires a low-cost solution that has minimal impact on the performance of the production volumes. Which solution best meets their requirements? Your customer wants to create point-in-time copies of several volumes with SQL Server files, which are hosted on Windows Server and CLARiiON storage. They need to enable off-host LAN-free backup of these copies for repurposing. They also need to maintain consistency across database and log LUNs. Which framework will provide the interface to meet these requirements? ABC.com is deploying EMC ControlCenter as part of their SRM solution. The customer has indicated that they will provide their own hardware and OS platform. What are some security issues that you should discuss with the customer? You are a designer for ABC.com. At ABC.com site, you design a solution for a large SAN and NAS implementation. You use SAN Copy to migrate SAN data, and you now have to suggest a NAS migration tool. ABC.com can provide you with a production outage to configure the migration, but cannot afford another outage later. Which of the following is an EMC migration solution that only requires a short amount of down time at the beginning of a migration? Which statement best describes Data Domain's deduplication approach? ABC.com has asked you to design a NAS solution for their file sharing environment that will include SnapSure technology to complement their backup strategy. The current storage environment for file system usage is 5 TB. The customer expects a 10% rate of change per checkpoint and expects a total of 20 checkpoints. How much additional space is required for the checkpoints?