E20-005 - Backup Recovery Systems and Architecture Exam

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Example Questions

A backup administrator is developing a backup plan for a new production system. What information is most critical for determining which backup storage media to use? What is the primary reason for having disaster recovery backups? Which process provides increased protection of data from both logical and physical errors and reduces the exposure to data loss? What is an advantage of performing a hot database backup over a cold backup? How are local replication technologies classified? What are the components of a Logical Volume Manager (LVM)? What is the maximum fault tolerance of RAID 6, where n is the number of disks? What is a benefit of deploying a separate storage node in the backup environment? Which are components of a NAS environment? A customer backup policy must meet the RPO management assigns. What backup configuration items must be considered to achieve the appropriate RPO? A backup administrator has initiated a restore from a physical tape library. Data did not begin transferring back to the storage node until a minute later. What is the most likely reason for the delay? A customer's data growth has been increasing steadily over time. The network is saturated and LAN-based tape backups are the likely cause. The backup software is NetWorker. What is your recommendation for this customer? Which characteristic of a virtual infrastructure enables consolidation of multiple applications and operating systems on the same machine to provide increased server utilization? Which function is performed by a SCSI initiator device? A business has a recovery point objective (RPO) of nine hours. What does this RPO mean in the event of a disaster? In an Oracle RMAN environment, where can the Recovery Catalog be stored? What is the purpose of NDMP? Which component identifies redundant subfile data at the source when a source-based deduplication method is used? Which Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 backup level deletes log files older than the checkpoint when the backup is complete? A customer states that a majority of their restore requests are within the first few hours since a backup. They require high availability of the data for restores and a low-cost, offsite, long-term storage solution. What strategy would you suggest? Which setting mismatch in a customer environment can result in performance degradation of the network? A customer has purchased a target-based deduplication solution from EMC to back up their production environment and replicate the data offsite. After implementing the solution and backing up data, the replication was started. However, the replication performance is not acceptable. What is the most likely cause? An EMC customer environment has four ESX 4.1 servers and a vCenter Server. All servers are connected to a disk array with Fibre Channel. What is the difference between a guest-based and a VADP-based backup solution? Laptop backups are performed during the day. The backup administrator notices that there are latency issues when host applications on the SAN are accessed. Outside of the backup window, performance is as expected. What is the most likely cause for the latency during backups? A customer is backing up data to a deduplication storage device. Deduplication levels are much lower than expected. What is a possible reason for this? A customer wants to know how much memory will be required for a storage node to provide the minimal swapping or paging during the backup process. What should be considered when deciding the amount of memory necessary for the storage node? Which disk connectivity option supports the highest data transfer rate? A customer has a hybrid infrastructure composed of several UNIX and Windows servers. They are looking for a storage system that all servers can share, but will keep hardware changes to a minimum. What is your recommendation? A customer has a requirement to restore operations within two hours after a disaster. What is this time period called? A customer is not meeting their current SLA on backups because of a bottleneck on their LAN and cannot expand the bandwidth on their LAN to relieve this bottleneck. How does Avamar help the customer solve this problem? Which product automatically creates and stores server configuration information in profiles? A customer is moving data from a backup disk to tape, which will later will be stored offsite. What is this process called? A customer has an existing NAS implementation that is backed up in a local two-way configuration. The customer is concerned that the attached tape drive is stopping and starting frequently during the backup. However, they see benefit in the local two-way configuration and want to keep it. Which solution would you recommend to address their concern? What is a characteristic of files once they are compressed? What is backed up to enable automatic recovery of Oracle transactions in the event of a database failure? What is the main objective of testing a recovery plan? Which database is used to store the location of other databases in Microsoft SQL Server? What is a characteristic of the CIFS protocol? After purchasing a deduplication solution a customer has had an unexpected growth in data. With limited funds to expand their current storage, they decide to back up only files that would provide the best deduplication. What type of data files should be backed up? What is known as a collection of Oracle background processes and shared memory used to manipulate the data? A backup environment has 20 GB of data with 10 percent initial commonality. The data is backed up to a target-based deduplication system on a full, every day backup schedule. After the first backup, 5 GB of data is changed. The same data set is backed up every day. How much data is sent over the network on the first and second backups? What is the fault tolerance of a RAID 5 array, where n is the number of disks in the array? How is client backup data viewed in cloud storage for backup and recovery? How can you ensure that backup data stored in tapes offsite can be read only by authorized parties? How does a backup application identify files when they reside on cloud virtual storage? A large data warehouse environment consists of millions of files spread across many systems. What is a key backup issue? Which RAID level combines data redundancy, performance and shorter rebuild times? Which deduplication technology stores data to disk before performing deduplication? Which component can be a member of a zone? How is recovery defined in Microsoft SQL?