C_TSCM62_66 - SAP Certified Application Associate - Sales and Distribution, ERP 6.0 EhP6

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Example Questions

Which of the following is a benefit of SAP Solution Manager? What is the difference between the SAP sales documents Delivery Free-of-Charge and Subsequent Delivery Free-of-Charge? Your customer wants to use warehouse transfer orders for picking when processing a delivery using lean warehouse management. How do you achieve this? (Choose two) You have implemented a consignment process. The first consignment fill-ups are done, but invoicing is not possible. What is the reason for this? For which of the following can you use a distribution channel? (Choose two) You have configured a sales document type with the following number systems: Number range internal assignment: 01 Number range external assignment: 02 Item number increment: 10 Subitem increment: 1. What are the actions and consequences when you create a sales order based on this document type? (Choose two) Your sales representative wants to enter a discount that should only be entered manually in the pricing screen of a sales order. How do you implement this business requirement? (Choose two) Based on which of the following dates is the availability check (ATP) carried out? Which of the following can you determine for the picking process at delivery type level? What is controlled by the item category of a sales document item? (Choose three) When the delivery document is created, the system can perform checks at item level to ensure compliance with business requirements. What elements can be checked by the system at item level? (Choose three) For output processing, to which of the following combinations are a program and a layout set assigned? A company wants to give their customers an additional free laptop for every 10 laptops they buy of the same model. Which of the following scenarios would implement this? Which of the following must you consider when you use quantity contracts? Which of the following do you have to consider when you configure the "quotation ? sales order" sales process? (Choose two) Which of the following statements regarding partner determination are correct? (Choose two) What is the purpose of the moving price or standard price in the Accounting view in the material master? (Choose two) Which of these components is included in SAP Solution Manager? Which of the following statements regarding the organizational assignment of plants are correct? (Choose two) If the material entered in the sales order is not available, how is the user alerted to this situation? You are asked to set the system in such a way that it can automatically search for available quotations for customers when sales order items are entered. What do you have to do to make this happen? Your finance team wants sales revenues for customers of affiliated companies to be posted to a different sales revenue account in the general ledger. Which of the following steps are required? (Choose three) Which of the following is a prerequisite to ensure the explosion of a bill of material in the sales document? As a member of the project team, you are asked to set up the system so that a user has to enter an order reason when he or she processes a sales order. It should be possible to save the incomplete order, but further processing should not be possible until the Order Reason field is filled. How do you implement this requirement? After you have saved the billing document, the following message appears in the status bar: "Document 90036111 saved (no accounting document generated)." What are the possible reasons why no accounting document has been created? (Choose two) What part of the text control directly determines the copying of a text from a source text object into another text type? What do you have to consider when you change customer master data? (Choose two) A customer is to be billed on the last day of every month, regardless of when the order and the delivery are processed. Which procedure fulfills this requirement? What do you have to consider when you assign sales organizations to company codes during the configuration of SD and FI? (Choose two) Which of the following must you set up in sales customizing to create an order-related delivery? Which statement regarding copying control is correct? Your company decided to change the price of a material and wants to keep a pricing history. How can you update the condition records? How do the sales document types "rush order" and "cash sales" differ? (Choose two) You are asked to enter special shipping costs in delivery documents, which will then be charged to the customer on the invoice. What must you do to fulfill this request? (Choose two) Which of the following are characteristics of value contracts? (Choose two) Your customers submit payment for open accounts receivables by referring to the sales order document number, not the invoice number. You maintain the Customizing settings so that the sales document number is transferred as the reference number in the accounting document. What do you need to consider when transferring the sales order document number as a reference number to Financial Accounting (FI)? A sales order is to be delivered with a material and quantity using item category TAN. What configuration settings are necessary? (Choose two) Which of the following are split criteria that prevent the combination of sales orders into one delivery document? (Choose three) What can you do if you configure only the account group when you define Account Groups and Field Selections for Customers? You have been asked to change a process so that only automatically determined conditions are re-determined in the billing document during sales invoicing. Where is this behavior controlled? During the sales order process, in which document can you assign packing materials for the first time? You are using customer hierarchies. Discount HI01 should be based on the values maintained on the different nodes of a customer hierarchy. Which option allows you to integrate this discount into your pricing strategy? Which of the following actions are part of the configuration of the material determination function? (Choose three) Your company wants to have a new condition record for freight costs. The condition type should consider the gross weight of all the order items and handle the following scale: From 0 kg - 8 EUR From 1 kg - 12 EUR From 5 kg - 16 EUR From 10 kg - 20 EUR Which of the following do you have to configure in the condition type to meet this requirement? (Choose two) You want to adjust an output in the order-to-cash part of your business. Which of the following do you have to consider when you make the change? (Choose two) In which of the following scenarios can you use the material listing function? According to the system, there is no stock available; however, you still receive a confirmed schedule line in the sales order. What is the reason for this confirmation? What do you need to consider when you want to use bills of material (BOMs) in a sales order? (Choose two) How does SAP make new functions of the SAP ERP system available to the customer? Which of the following functions can you use to display an overview of customer-specific prices for various customers on one screen?

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