C_THR12_66 - SAP Certified Application Associate - Human Capital Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6

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Example Questions

What must you define to create and edit a custom object into the Organization and Staffing Interface (PPOME)? (Choose two) Standard SAP ERP Organizational Management integrates with which of the following areas? (Choose two) When processing payroll, the Payroll Administrator receives the error message "Division by 0 is not possible" for one employee. What could have caused this error? During the payroll run, you discover that some employees are missing from the run but no warning or error messages are displayed. Which items would you check to find out why? (Choose two) A customer wants to pay a cost of living allowance valued at between 2% and 5% of an employee's basic pay. How would you configure the wage type? A customer needs to make significant adjustments to their existing organizational structure. How would you proceed? In which area of the Organization and Staffing user interface (transaction PPOME) do you update account assignment features? Which report identifies and creates missing objects relevant for consistent integration between Personnel Administration and Organizational Management? How does the system respond when you attempt to create a time entry prior to the earliest retro accounting period on the payroll control record? What is the main purpose of employee subgroup groupings in SAP Human Capital Management? An administrator needs to change the planned working time for an employee. The temporary new work schedule is different from the working time associated with any existing work schedule rule or any daily work schedules. Which substitution element would you populate on IT2003 (Substitutions)? The employment percentage for an employee in infotype 0007 (Working Times) is updated. You want to ensure that infotype 0008 (Basic Pay) is presented to the user for verification. How can you accomplish this? (Choose two) You want to execute a termination action for an employee. Which of the following infotypes should not be delimited as a standard practice? You have defined one infogroup for a new hire action. You want to distinguish between the infotypes presented for employees in different personnel areas. Which feature would you configure to accomplish this? You want to include an employee to a company code in the Enterprise Structure. To which of the following elements would you assign this employee? A customer complains about errors resulting from the manual entry of wage type values. You recommend using indirect valuation as a solution. Which of the following infotypes can use indirect valuation of wage types? You must generate payroll periods for weekly, biweekly and monthly paid employees. Which entries do you include on the generation screen? (Choose two) When would you use an existing work schedule rule as the basis for a part-time work schedule without additional configuration? You need to create a basic organizational structure for testing purposes. Which interfaces would allow you to create one quickly while displaying it graphically? (Choose two) Which characteristics can be assigned to a wage type in table V_T511 (Wage Type Characteristics)? (Choose three) You transferred objects created in Organizational Management into Personnel Administration tables using report RHINTE10. Which of the following object tables are relevant for integration? (Choose three) Your employee receives a pay raise effective July 1st of the current year. What is the recommended way to update IT0008 (Basic Pay)? You have two time administrators. Both use the Time Manager's Workplace. One maintains time entries and runs time evaluation while the other should only maintain time entries. How can you ensure that each time administrator only has access to the functions they require? (Choose two) You created a new absence type. You want this absence type to deduct from an absence quota. Which Customizing steps are required to achieve this? (Choose two) How do you link an employee's external time management system ID to a SAP personnel number? The customer does need all of the infotypes shown in PA30. How do you set up PA30 to only show the infotypes required by the user? A customer wants to improve data accuracy by assigning values in Organizational Management (OM) that default into Personnel Administration (PA). Which of the following values can be imported from OM into PA? (Choose three) Which views are available in the Time Manager's Workplace? Which of the following will ensure that a position can have only one Vacancy infotype record valid for any given period? What is the most efficient way to assign cost centers to employees in order to reduce ongoing maintenance? Where do you find all the fields that can be used for decisions in a feature such as PINCH or ABKRS? You need to set up a reminder to notify the customer about the expiry of probation periods of employees one month in advance. The probation period is 3 months. What do you need to do? (Choose two) For the personnel number assignment, you require different number ranges for different personnel areas. Using the feature NUMKR, where would you assign the default number range? A manager is in charge of two separate departments. The manager needs different access authorizations for the master data of the employees in each department. Which authorization object must be activated? A global company wants the field characteristics (optional, required, or hidden) on IT0001 Organizational Assignment to differ by country. How can you achieve this? A customer requires a report that lists all employees in the Sales organizational unit and includes all subordinate organizational units. What would you recommend? Substitution types for IT2003 (Substitution) can be configured to accomplish which of the following results? (Choose two) You are running a hiring action. Integration is active between Personnel Administration (PA) and Organizational Management (OM). As a result of this integration, which fields on IT0001 Organizational Assignment cannot be maintained directly? (Choose three) What is the purpose of IT0302 (Additional Actions)? Which processing option results in a historical infotype record being maintained in Personnel Administration? (Choose two) You are setting up a time management process where all times are recorded. You want to allow the administrator to maintain alternate work schedules. Which method would you choose? An employee works on an internal project for one month. For this period, his personnel costs must be charged to a different cost center but he must remain assigned to the same position in Organizational Management (OM). What is the recommended approach? Which of the following elements do you need to configure to create a new Absence counting rule? (Choose two) Which of the following definitions are part of the counting rule configuration? (Choose two) A customer wants to generate a report to analyze trends in employee headcount over the past five years. Which reporting tool do you recommend? What is the purpose of the organizational key on infotype 0001 (Organizational Assignment)? (Choose two) After installing the latest support packages to a test system you are facing a runtime error when running report RPPSTM00 (HR Master Data Sheet). You know that this report has not been modified. What should you do first? How can you update the employment status of an employee? A work schedule rule must include half the normal work hours on Fridays and on half-day public holidays. Absences and quota deduction are calculated in days. How would you reduce the daily quota proportionally for an absence on one of these days? (Choose three) A customer wants to ensure data changes on certain infotypes in the payroll past are taken into account in the next payroll run. Which indicators should you set on V_T582A (Infotype Attributes)? (Choose two)