C_TFIN52_66 - SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6

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Example Questions

What do you define when you set up a depreciation area? Which of the following describe characteristics of master data? (Choose two) Special G/L transactions can be divided into which types? (Choose three) Which characteristics of account determination can be used to assign realized exchange rate differences to different G/L accounts? (Choose three) What does the year-end closing program do in Asset Accounting? (Choose two) Your customer sells products and services. They have to separate the invoices into invoices for products and invoices for services. Which object do you have to use to create dunning notices dependent on the division (product or service)? You want to capitalize an asset under construction (AuC) using the line item settlement process. However, the settlement does not work. What could be the reasons for this? (Choose three) You receive a payment where the difference from the posted invoice is larger than the stated tolerance limit. How can you deal with this? (Choose two) Your customer has two company codes in the same client. Each company code has a different operational chart of accounts. The customer has a country-specific chart of accounts for each company code. How does this influence how you create customer master records? A multinational enterprise acquires a company in a country which has local reporting requirements. The multinational enterprise wants to use one operational chart of account for all companies. How can you fulfill this country-specific requirement? In the Data Entry view, what is the maximum number of line items in a single FI document? Your company currently uses internal number ranges for documents. You are rolling out your system in a new country. It is a legal requirement in this country to have external document numbering on vendor invoices (currently document type KR). You have copied the number ranges from the existing company code to the new company code. Which Customizing settings do you have to make to meet this requirement and have a minimal effect on the existing system configuration? Which interactive function is provided by the SAP List Viewer? Which of the following activities generates an FI document if real-time integration between CO and FI has been set up? (Choose two) Which of the following are the main components of a drilldown report? When dealing with financial statement versions (FSVs), how do you ensure that the requirements of the various target groups (for example auditors, tax authorities, and banks) are satisfied? A customer wants to create a report that is to be run on a monthly basis showing documents within a specific range for a specific company code that have been posted within the current month. How can you create this type of report? In a payment run, the data entered for a payment method in the document may differ from the master data. How does the system resolve this? Your company uses only book depreciation and you activate the new depreciation engine. The book depreciation key Z010 curently used by an asset should be changed to Z020. The asset depreciation started two years ago, and depreciation for the current year has already been posted for the months of January, February, and March (monthly depreciation run). The change should take effect from April 1st. How can you implement this change? (Choose two) At the end of a fiscal year the system carries forward the balance of certain accounts to a special retained earnings account and sets them to zero. Which accounts are treated in this way? What are the prerequisites for posting a vendor invoice in Financial Accounting? (Choose two) Which function can you use to generate inter-company posting documents? (Choose two) Which transactions in the procurement process with valuated goods receipt create documents in FI? (Choose two) Your customer wants to access line items for individual P/L accounts without leaving the balance sheet and P/L display. What do you recommend? The head of accounts receivable requires that all items posted to individual customer accounts are posted to their headquarters. Which function do you have to use to fulfill this requirement? A customer wants to use document splitting to enable balance sheets by segments. How do you set up the document split? (Choose two) What are the benefits of using the accrual engine? (Choose three) Which object do you have to activate to maintain profit centers directly in Asset Accounting with all business functions for New General Ledger Accounting activated? A company uses different terms of payment. What can you define for these terms of payment? (Choose three) You have been asked to showcase the "asset sale with customer" scenario in the next blueprint workshop meeting. What do you have to consider when posting an asset sale? (Choose two) Which line item field is filled automatically by the sort key field of a master record (G/L account, customer, or vendor)? Which steps are necessary to run a payment program? (Choose three) Your customer runs an SAP system with New General Ledger Accounting activated. They want to run a valuation of accounts receivable that are posted in foreign currency. What do you have to do? Which activity has an impact on the net book value of an asset? Your chief accountant would like to display company-owned cars separately in the balance sheet. These cars were previously included in the asset class "factory and office equipment". What do you have to configure? What options do you have for posting an asset acquisition? (Choose three) You have two house banks. Each house bank has three bank accounts. How many separate G/L accounts do you recommend the customer creates in the chart of accounts? What are the prerequisites for setting up cross-company-code cost accounting? (Choose two) The field status definitions from the account group and the transaction are considered for each field. The field status definition with the higher priority is used. Which priority sequence, going from the highest to the lowest, is correct? Which elements of a customer account are created when you maintain the account decentralized in Financial Accounting? Which of the following objects must you enter when posting an asset acquisition against a vendor? (Choose three) Which of the following status symbols are used in customer and vendor line item lists? (Choose three) What additional options do parking documents offer compared to holding documents? (Choose two) How does SAP support impairment posting? What does the posting key control? (Choose three) You want to reconcile the amounts you have in a main bank G/L account in your system with the daily bank statement. You create a single intermediate G/L bank account for each bank. All transactions with the bank are posted through the intermediate account. Which of the following indicators do you have to activate in the G/L account characteristics of the intermediate account? (Choose two) You configure the available amounts for bank accounts. What happens to these available amounts during the payment run? You set up a new account group. Which Customizing settings for vendors can you control directly in this account group? (Choose two) On which level do you define depreciation keys? You want to use external number assignment for specific document types. What is the special feature of external number assignment?