C_TFIN52_65 - SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5

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Example Questions

You want to use the same set of values for a specific criterion in several reports. What is the easiest way to accomplish this? To which of the following does an asset class apply? Which of the following task types are supported by the Closing Cockpit or Schedule Manager? (Choose three) Your customer runs an SAP ERP system with New General Ledger Accounting activated. What do you need to do for Profit Center updates to be part of the general ledger? Your customer is running an SAP ERP system with New General Ledger activated. All scenarios, but no customer fields, are assigned to the leading ledger. Which objects in the totals table (FAGLFLEXT) can be evaluated with drill-down reports? Which functions can be used to generate inter-company posting documents? (Choose two) Your customer sells products and services. They have to separate the invoices into invoices for products and invoices for services. Which object do you have to use to create dunning notices dependent on the division (product or service)? Which infrastructure supports core business solutions in four subcomponents including people integration, information integration, process integration, and application platform? A customer wants to define a chart of depreciation. How do you recommend setting up depreciation areas? Your customer wants to perform their year-end closing activities. Which of the following activities are mandatory to close the books? (Choose two) In a payment run, the data entered for a payment method in the document may differ from the master data. How is this resolved by the system? Which of the following is a typical process sequence in Product Sale from Stock? You entered a G/L account posting and received an error message saying that account type D (customer) is not allowed. Which object causes this error? Your customer wants to use the Closing Cockpit for period end closing. What major benefits of the Closing Cockpit do you highlight? (Choose two) Your customer wants all items that are posted to their customer account to be transferred to their headquarters automatically. Which function do you have to use to fulfill this requirement? Which of the following is a typical sequence of steps in a Purchase to Pay process? What do you define when you configure a dunning procedure? Which transactions in the procurement process with valuated goods receipt create documents in FI? (Choose two) Which of the following are the main components of a drilldown report? Which of the following objects can you post to via the cash journal? (Choose two) A multinational concern acquires a company in another country which has local reporting requirements. They are using one operational chart of account for all companies. How can you fulfill this country-specific requirement? Which functions are provided by the Reclassify Payables/Receivables closing activity? (Choose two) Which of the following objects must you enter when posting an asset acquisition against a vendor? (Choose three) What does the fiscal year variant control? (Choose two) How do you prevent duplicate vendors from being created? (Choose two) Which of the following describe characteristics of master data? (Choose two) A customer wants to use document splitting to enable balance sheets by segments. How do you set up the document split? (Choose two) A customer is running SAP ERP 6.0 with New General Ledger Accounting. For which purpose can they use the Closing Cockpit? The field status definitions from the account group and the transaction are considered for each field. The field status definition with the higher priority will be used for posting. Which priority sequence, going from the highest to the lowest, is correct? What does the year-end closing program do in asset accounting? (Choose two) Your customer runs an SAP system with New General Ledger Accounting activated. They want to run a valuation of accounts receivable that are posted in foreign currency. What do you have to do? If a vendor is also a customer, it is possible to clear both roles against each other. Which settings are necessary to implement this? (Choose two) What does the SAP Web AS provide? A company sells products. Sometimes, when dealing with complaints, they need to issue a credit memo. Which accounts will be used to issue credit memos? What elements of a customer account are created when you maintain the account decentralized in Financial Accounting? Which of the following lists can be printed to help you edit a dunning proposal? (Choose two) Your customer wants to clear minor payment differences for incoming payments automatically. Which objects do you have to use to fulfill this requirement? During reorganization, two cost centers are merged, and all future postings should go to only one of them. If postings are made to the wrong cost center in future FI-postings, your customer wants to ensure that the wrong cost center is automatically replaced by the correct one. What will you recommend? What do you define when you set up a depreciation area? Which account assignment objects can be maintained directly in the asset master data in SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5 (Enhancement Package 5) with new G/L activated? (Choose two) You have posted an incorrect amount in Financial Accounting. How can you correct this? (Choose two) Which postings are created by the depreciation posting run? (Choose two) A customer wants to use segment reporting on balance sheet and P/L accounts. Which functionality do you recommend? In which life cycle scenarios is the SAP Solution Manager used? (Choose three) Which of the following is one of the benefits of document parking? You want to use external number assignment for specific document types. What is the special feature of external number assignment? Which of the following objects can be used to derivate segments automatically? At which level is the vendor account number assigned? Which field of the line item will be filled automatically by the sort key field of a master record (G/L account, customer, or vendor)? What does the posting key control? (Choose three)