C_TFIN52_64 - SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4

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Example Questions

Which are the correct series of steps in the payment program? The reconciliation account: One or more is correct. What are the necessary elements required to create a customer-specific drilldown report for New General Ledger Accounting? (There are 2 correct answers to this question.) What fields of Fl document header can be changed after a document has been posted G/L master record is always for all company codes in the system True or false? Please choose the right statements: (3) Specify the correct answer: Which chart of accounts is always required? Consider the following sentences and choose the correct option: Profitability Management is related to which SAP R/3 specific module? (Please choose the correct option) It is not possible to calculate the due date on fixed dates like end of month with days calculation Consider the following sentences about the indirect quotation: 1) It is also known as volume notation. 2) The currency value is expressed in the local currency per unit of foreign currency 3) For indirect quotation, there is no prefix to difference between direct quotation. What is the correct option? Which accounts shall be considered in the dunning run? Down payment creates another entry without any link to the original entry A document can only be reversed if: One or more is correct. Through test run, you can check for any possible errors such as locked cost centers Partial payment creates another entry without any link to the original entry The integration of subsidiary ledgers with the general ledger is as important as the integration of............... and------------functions. The following measure are required to execute substitution/validation: one or more is correct You can generate manual depreciation amounts for all depreciation types, but it is more common to manually generate unplanned depreciation and the transfer of reserves. Consider the following when creating asset classes: One or more is correct Residual payment creates another entry keeping all entries open It is a real problem in SAP-in financial statement version we are not able to find the G/L accounts which are not assigned The SAP System posts the depreciation and interest based on the chart of depreciation defined in the asset class For which scenario can you use the cash journal? What depreciation key is used to ensure that depreciation is not calculated for assets under construction in depreciation areas for the balance sheet? Choose the correct answer: Every company code may define its own document number ranges Payment terms are company code dependent Several company codes can use the same chart of accounts, although they have different charts of depreciation What is a sending company code? (Please choose the correct sentence) Company codes from different countries cannot tie processed in same payment run About BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface), what is true (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? [FI-GL] Data relevant to MM functionality is stored in which segment of the vendor master record? True or false? Please choose the right answers: (2) The accounting document: One or more is correct. According to Replacement Values: Index (one or more options may be true) What is the intention of a task list? (1) What do the flow definitions provide? (2) (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. Please select the sentences you think they are correct) Allocation Field: One or more is correct If you want to perform acquisitions, retirements and transfers, it will be identified through transaction types which are used with every posting You can enter the accounts that are to be posted in the account determination in each depreciation area Identify the three main areas of the Implementation Roadmap from the items listed below: Transferring Data to Special Purpose Ledger is : On or more is correct. You can not specify how many tabs you want to have and which field groups you want to be displayed on the given tab pages If the company codes are assigned to different charts of depreciation, the charts of depreciation can contain different depreciation areas (different keys) with the same actual functions The master data section of ASSET CLASS consists with control data and default values for the administrative data in the asset master record By using screen layout control you can specify the field attributes in the asset master record and the maintenance level of the fields What is the purpose of account determination in the accrual engine? (There are 2 correct answers to this question.) Settings for payment program are defined in