C_TERP10_65 - SAP Certified Associate - Business Foundation & Integration with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5

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Example Questions

Which SAP ERP reporting solution enables the analysis of data from operative SAP applications, as well as other business applications and external data sources, such as databases, online services, and the Internet? In SAP ERP Sales Order Management, you have created and saved a sales order. You are now reviewing the order's schedule lines. Which of the following statements correctly describe schedule lines in SAP ERP?(Choose two) Time periods in the standard planning table could be (Choose all that apply) In customer master data, payment terms are defined in which area? (Choose the correct answer) In SAP ERP Program and Project Management, operative indicators define the characteristics of a work breakdown structure (WBS) element, and also what tasks will be performed by the WBS element when the project is being executed. Which of the following are WBS element operative indicators? (Choose three) Your organization is implementing the SAP ERP Procurement Cycle, to improve operational efficiencies. Which of the following organizational levels are required to create a purchase order? (Choose three) You are explaining to a colleague that Human Capital Management, in SAP ERP, stores an employee's data in info type records. Which statements correctly describe the features of info types?(Choose three) The subareas of People Integration in NetWeaver include (choose all that apply): You are creating a query using the Query Designer, in SAP Business Intelligence. The Query Designer is divided into subareas. Which of the following are subareas in the Query Designer? (Choose two) A GR is used for goods received from which of the following scenarios: (Choose all that apply) A customer Service order is created in SAP ERP Customer Service. External operations for services are created for this order. What document is created when this customer service order is saved or released? Which of the following are mandatory Partner functions for the Customer Master? (Choose all that apply) Business analysis objects are called InfoObjects in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. These InfoObjects can be divided into characteristics and key figures. Which of the following InfoObjects are examples of key figures? (Choose three) Which of the following are true? (Choose all that apply) How would you describe stock transfers and transfer postings in Inventory Management? Choose two) Which of the following statements regarding bills of material (BOM) in the material planning business process are correct? (Choose two) In SAP ERP, Sales Order Management Process, a billing document is created. When a billing document is saved, in SAP ERP, what integration points occur? (Choose three) Goods receipt into stock in quality inspection can be preplanned in which of the following. (Choose all that apply) Which of the following are part of the Shipping step in Sales order processing? (Choose all that apply) Which of the following are true for stock transfers between two company codes? (Choose all that apply) Your organization uses the manufacturing business process. You are reviewing a production order and notice that no labor time has been recorded in the production order. Which manufacturing business process step has NOT been completed? Which Sales Order Management business process transaction, in SAP ERP, creates a financial accounting document? What of the following determines the views available when creating a material master? (Choose the correct answer) What is the highest organizational unit in Sales Order management? (Choose the correct answer) A depreciation run can be run in which manner? (Choose all that apply) Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) enables business innovation by (choose all that apply): Which part of the sales document structure determines whether quantities can Be delivered in several partial deliveries at different times? (Choose the correct answer) Equipment Master records include which of the following views? (Choose all that apply): In material planning, sales orders consume independent requirements. The consumption mode and consumption periods can be set in which of the following? (Choose all that apply) How can you assign organizational levels in the order-to-cash business process? (Choose three) Your organization is implementing the Sales Order Management Business Process in SAP ERP. The implementation team asks your advice on the assignment of the Sales Order Management organizational levels to other SAP ERP organizational levels. Which of the following statements correctly describe the assignment of Sales Order Management organizational levels in SAP ERP? (Choose three) What do you have to consider when creating chart of accounts in financial accounting? (Choose three) Which of the following SAP Life-Cycle Data Management functions provides the integration of external files into SAP ERP? Your organization is using SAP ERP Manufacturing Execution. You are explaining the master data that supports the Manufacturing Execution process. What is the purpose of a routing? Which of the following organizational levels are required to create a purchase order? (Choose three) Your organization is implementing Financial Accounting in SAP ERP to improve their financial reporting. You have been assigned to manage the creation of the chart of accounts. What recommendations do you suggest? (Choose three) In PM, you can display expected costs in which ways? (Choose all that apply) The Operative Indicator, Account Assignment Element is used when you want to plan costs for WBS elements. (True/False) In Project System, which of the following operative indicators can you set in a WBS element? (Choose three) The condition master data includes which of the following? (Choose all that apply) In Logistics Execution, you can start the process for only a Goods Receipt with an inventory posting or with the creation of a delivery. (True/False) The Sales Information System (SIS) in SAP ERP standard analyses provides extensive functions to create sophisticated presentations and reporting for the data. Within SIS, the data is stored using which of the following? In Sales and Distribution, a Plant performs which of the following roles? (Choose all that apply) Which of the following options are available in budgeting? (Choose all that apply) You can generate training proposals for employees if Personnel Development is integrated with which of the following? Master data for manufacturing consist of which of the following? (Choose all that apply) Which transaction in the order-to-cash business process creates a financial accounting document? In SAP ERP Management Accounting, your organization is using Cost Center Accounting. You are in the process of defining cost centers. Which of the following fields are required to create a cost center, in SAP ERP Cost Center Accounting? (Choose three) Within SAP ERP Procurement, the procurement process is completed by logistics invoice verification. What happens when the invoice is posted in SAP ERP? A billing document is created in the order"to-cash business process. What integration business processes occur when the billing document is saved? (Choose two)