C_TBW45_70 - SAP Certified Application Associate- Business Intelligence with SAP NetWeaver 7.0

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Example Questions

What data handling options exist when using Universal Data Connect (UDC)? (Choose two) Hierarchies can... (Choose two) Universal Data Connect (UD Connect) supports data access seamlessly across both SAP and non-SAP systems. Which of the following are components of UD Connect? (Choose two) The IT Scenario 'Enterprise Data Warehousing' in SAP NetWeaver BI includes which of the following features? (Choose three) Which of the following statements about a DataStore Object can be made with respect to the overall architecture of the BI system? (Choose two) The design mode of the BEx Analyzer allows you to: (Choose two) Please evaluate the following statements on source and targets for Transformations in SAP NetWeaver BI. Transformations: (Choose two) Regarding currency translation, which of the following statements are true? (Choose two) Which aspects should guide you most when designing the meta data for your SAP NetWeaver BI Objects? (Choose two) Which of these statements about the line item dimensions of an InfoCube are correct? (Choose two) The APD (Analysis Process Designer) in SAP NetWeaver BI provides a mechanism for reading data from a source and then transferring the analytical results back out to a data target. In this scenario, which of the following are possible data targets of the APD? (Choose two) Web services enable data integration through XML. Which of the following BI objects provide XML data? (Choose two) Characteristic value variables... Your client is interested in the various formats used to distribute BI information. Which of the following formats are available? (Choose three) A BEx Analyzer workbook can be based on which of the following? (Choose three) Which of the following statements about the size of a dimension is true? Regarding web analysis, which of the following statements are true? (Choose three) Your client is interested in the general features related to the SAP NetWeaver Portal. Which of the following are correct features that you could communicate back to the client? (Choose two) Which of the following benefits can be realized when SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure is used to integrate SAP NetWeaver BI with multiple sources systems? (Choose two) DataSources in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI: (Choose three) Which of the following are valid variable Processing Types? (Choose four) Which of the following statements about navigation attributes is correct? You are explaining to your customer some of the key features of the web-based Planning Modeler. Which of the following comments are correct? In the web-based Planning Modeler, you can: (Choose two) Which of the following tasks can be performed in or can be called from the Data Warehousing Workbench? (Choose three) Displaying query results in various formats is a necessary requirement for the reporting requirements of an enterprise. To enhance the end-users access to BI queries, the BEx Web Analyzer offers... (Choose three) Your customer has requested that the list of steps required to build a planning web application be used exclusively for manual planning. Which of the following are required? (Choose three) A Key Figure InfoObject ... (Choose two) The Remodeling Toolbox allows you to define: Which definition best describes a "Bookmark"? Which of the following terms exist in the definition of the delta method? (Choose three) For a query definition... (Choose two) Which InfoProviders are available for queries that provide master data lists? (Choose two) With the BEx Web Application Designer Chart Designer, a tool is provided that allows you to quickly and easily create different chart types for Web Applications based on the data of BI queries or query views. The features of the Chart Designer include... (Choose two) Which of these statements about InfoCubes and aggregates are correct? (Choose two) In the BEx Web Analyzer, when creating an exception for an analysis using the Exception Wizard, which of the following features are available? (Choose three) What is the functionality of Real-time Data Acquisition (RDA) in SAP NetWeaver BI? With Real-time Data Acquisition: (Choose two) Which of the following statements are true concerning direct access by queries to data in source systems? (Choose two) For which purposes are process chains used? (Choose two) A Section in the Report Designer is assigned to a: In reports, the sales volumes should be analyzed according to profit center managers. Over time, the assignment of managers to different profit centers changes. The revision department requests that the sales volumes in the reports are correctly totaled for the manager who was responsible at the time of the transaction. How can you map these reporting requirements in the data model? Which of the following statements are true regarding sections in the Report Designer? (Choose two) Which of these objects can be used to define a MultiProvider? (Choose four) Your customer needs a way to make the Integrated Planning more flexible. You have suggested using variables. Which of the following comments regarding variables are correct? (Choose three) Where can variables be created? (Choose two) If two queries are inserted into the same worksheet in a workbook, which of the following is a potential conflict? One of your customers needs to know the BEx Broadcaster options for sending static snap-shots of data. What would you tell them? (Choose three) In your planning project you have a basic InfoCube containing the actual data and a Real Time InfoCube containing the plan data. You want to use actual and plan data at the same time in your Integrated Planning scenario. Which of the following statements are correct? (Choose two) Organizations that are 'data rich, but information poor' might gain from the business knowledge discovered through data mining. Which of the following are true regarding data mining? (Choose three) Which of these statements about the delta queue are correct? (Choose two) Which of the following statements regarding BEx Query Designer are correct? (Choose three)

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