C_TBIT44_731 - SAP Certified Development Associate - Process Integration with SAP NetWeaver 7.31

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Example Questions

A message mapping uses value mapping for conversion. How can you maintain the values for value mapping? (Choose two) What is the purpose of the standard function "exists" when used for a source element in message mapping? You want to use standard functions in your message mapping. In addition to "true", which value is interpreted as true by standard functions that require Boolean input? (Choose two) Which SAP NetWeaver Process Integration component belongs to the design-time area? (Choose two) You have configured and activated a SOAP communication channel on a dual-stack system. Now you want to monitor the status of this SOAP adapter. Which of the following tools can you use? (Choose three) Which of the following lookup functions are available as standard functions in the graphical message mapping tool? (Choose two) You use SAP NetWeaver Process Integration on a dual-stack system. You want to configure asynchronous communication between two systems using different service interfaces. A high message throughput is essential for your business scenario. Which of the following is the recommended way to achieve this? After you have activated an integration process, you check the transaction SXI_CACHE. A return code is displayed for your integration process that is unequal to 0. What do you check to solve this issue? (Choose two) You use an asynchronous-to-synchronous bridge in your integration process. What happens to the quality of the service descriptor in the SOAP header when a message is processed through the Integration Engine? You want to create multiple configurations for one ccBPM process without changing the corresponding process definition. What do you use to achieve this? On which design object are Mapping Templates based? Which of the following describes a consumer proxy? Which message protocol is used in communication between a local Integration Engine and the SAP NetWeaver PI system (central Integration Engine)? Which SAP NetWeaver Process Integration component belongs to the configuration-time area? (Choose two) Messages of which quality of service can be executed in parallel queues on the Integration Engine? In which sequence are configuration objects processed in the central Integration Engine at runtime? Which of the following configuration objects can you use to activate XML validation of a message payload in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration? (Choose three) Where can you maintain content-based routing? After you create a business system in the System Landscape Directory, you can assign a transport target to this business system. What is the purpose of a transport target? Which of the following tasks can you perform in the Runtime Workbench? (Choose two) How do you develop a SAP NetWeaver PI proxy? Which of the following interface patterns uses the Web service runtime? (Choose three) You are working on a dual-stack system and want to configure an integration scenario with one sender and two receivers. Each receiver uses two different service interfaces. The WS adapter is used for each receiver. The sender provides an IDoc from an ABAP system. How many sender agreements do you have to configure? Which statements describe asynchronous messages within an SAP NetWeaver Process Integration dual stack? (Choose two) How is a product defined in the System Landscape Directory catalog? You are running an SAP NetWeaver dual-stack system (ABAP + Java). Which of the following adapters are implemented on both stacks? (Choose two) Which of the following adapters uses polling to retrieve messages from the sender communication component? Which of the following adapters can you select in the communication channel when using Process Integration proxy communication? You want to import a business system from the System Landscape Directory (SLD) to the Integration Directory to use it for configuration. What is one purpose of the assignment of a software component to a technical system in the SLD? You want to implement exception handling in your ccBPM process. Which step types can trigger an exception? (Choose three) Which modeling environments does Enterprise Services Repository offer in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration? (Choose two) Which Web-services-related protocol is supported by SAP NetWeaver PI 7.31? Which setting does SAP recommend for the delivery mode of inbound processing in a ccBPM process without correlation? What is the correct cardinality when using multi-mapping (target message structure >1) in an integration scenario without ccBPM? Which of the following are characteristics of integration flows? (Choose two) What is the purpose of the JMS adapter? Which of the following SAP NetWeaver components use Enterprise Services Repository? (Choose two) Where do you create a communication channel template? You used the direct connection configuration object to configure a direct communication scenario between two business systems. Where is the direct connection scenario executed? You have created a message mapping using drag and drop from the source to the target element. When testing the mapping by entering a single value for the source element, you notice that the target element has been created with 3 occurrences. Each target element occurrence is filled with the same value as the source element. What could be the reason for this behavior? You have selected the delivery mode Without Buffering for your integration process. What do you have to consider in order to avoid the process type-specific queue going into a SYSFAIL state? What is a context object? In which step types of a ccBPM process can you select the "Create New Transaction" property? (Choose three) What do you define in a collaboration agreement? You want to assign a logical system name to a business system in the System Landscape Directory for an IDoc scenario. Why do you use logical system names? The data type used in your mapping program has been structurally modified (for example, the parent name or the namespace has been changed). What is the next step you have to perform? What are advantages of message packaging in the BPE? (Choose two) You want to connect an SAP ABAP back-end system to your central Integration Server using proxy technology. What is the prerequisite for this? A message is sent from the central Integration Engine to the Advanced Adapter Engine. Which sequence of steps is typical for message processing in the Advanced Adapter Engine? Which tasks do you have to perform to enable service consumption in a consumer application? (Choose two)