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Example Questions

Ruby Manufacturing has 30 sales employees who will use SAP Business One in a similar way. What is the most efficient way to design general authorization permissions for the functionality required by these employees? The sales manager wants to be informed when a sales employee issues an order that would produce a gross profit less than 25%. However, he does not want the sales process to be blocked. What is the easiest way to implement this? You have defined the departments in your customer company as profit centers. You then defined distribution rules to divide the costs or revenues between the profit centers. Where should distribution rules be entered to automate the distribution between the profit centers? During Business Blueprint, the customer indicated they want to run perpetual inventory with moving average valuation method. They went into production a week ago and they now want some existing products to use standard cost valuation instead. How can this be accomplished? When a partner establishes a support department, what SAP Business One environments must be installed? Note. There are 2 correct answers to this question. When Jade Logistics creates a sales order, they want to see the description for the item so they can communicate this to the customer. How can this requirement be met? Julia needs to post a transaction to a business partner account. How can she do this using a manual journal entry? Ruby Manufacturing has items in the warehouse with allocated serial numbers. What is the best template to transfer the serial numbers to SAP Business One using Data Transfer Workbench? The customer successfully went live last week. What is the best method for the implementation consultant to maintain the continuous reliability of the customer system? Z Tools would like to use bills of materials to define a tool kit that they sell. However, they would like the option to substitute the items in a tool kit in case some items are not available or the customer prefers a different item. Which type of bill of materials allows for substitutions in a sales document? When you print invoices, you want to include a promotional code and static text that explains how to use the code. The promotional code gives certain customers a discount on their next purchase. The promotional code has been added as a user-defined field to the business partner master data, based on the customer's previous purchase. If there is no promotional code in the customer master, both fields should not be printed. How can you implement this requirement using Crystal Reports? Please choose the correct answer. What takes place in the Business Blueprint phase of the SAP accelerated implementation program? At the end of the financial period, the accountant wants to review all G/L account and business partner balances. Which report should he run? The customer is ready to use the services of the remote support platform for SAP Business One. What is the first step? The purchasing manager would like to receive a weekly report that lists all stock items that fall below a critical point. What is the standard way of doing this in SAP Business One? What settings are made on the item master to create a service contract automatically when that item is delivered to the customer? Which transaction will typically affect ONLY the balance sheet accounts? The client has 50,000 products in their catalogue. The information held for each product is very basic. manufacturer, product number, description, price, and a specification field that is unique to the client's business. What is the most efficient way to migrate these products to SAP Business One using the Data Transfer Workbench? During implementation Maria, the accountant, decided to use a pre-defined chart of accounts template. After working with the system for a while, she wants to add some new posting expense accounts to the chart of accounts. At which level would you recommend Maria add the new accounts? A company uses the services of an external organization for marketing and lead generation services on a range of products. The company wants the external organization to use the features of SAP Business One, so that lead information is accessible to the company's sales staff. What training is most suitable for the staff at the external organization? Before the support consultant creates a support message, what information needs to be verified with the customer? Which report shows you the income of your business for the fiscal year/ selected period? The implementation consultant has just demonstrated the service type purchase order to the client. The client lead is very concerned that they have to select from the entire list of G/L accounts when they create a service type purchase order. There are several accounts that the client lead can select for different types of services. What can the consultant suggest to help the client lead? Louis from Tropical Hammocks Inc. has just received some defective hammocks back from customers. He needs to send these hammocks back through production to have several ropes and knots replaced and repaired. Which type of production order will best suit his needs? Tiny Toys reports the financial statement to the company headquarters once a year. They manage internal controlling at the end of each quarter. How would you recommend they set the posting periods in SAP Business One? The client wants to continue the numbering of invoices from the legacy system, so that there are no gaps in the numbering. Additionally, sales quotations are issued by multiple employees, and the numbering of sales quotations should continue for each employee. How can both these requirements be implemented in SAP Business One? Marcus offers a variety of special offers for large customers. All of these offers are based on properties in the item master record. Which type of pricing should he set up? In SAP Business One, the site user provides a higher level of security than a super user. What functions can only be performed by the site user? Note. There are 2 correct answers to this question. A user runs the payment wizard. Unexpectedly, not all of the open A/ P invoices to pay are presented in the recommendation step. What can be the reasons for that? (Choose two) Homewood Furniture builds the same children's furniture in each of their three factories which are located in different parts of the country. Because labor and materials costs vary so much by location, they would like to track item costs geographically by using regional accounts in the general ledger. At which level should they set the G/L account determination for the furniture items they manufacture? SG Products will go live tomorrow. The client has just done a stock count and presents the numbers to the implementation consultant. The stock is managed with the moving average valuation method. What is a best practice to ensure that the initial stock quantity is correctly valued in the new SAP Business One system? You are in the project preparation phase of a customer implementation at Ruby Manufacturing. So far everything has gone to plan. Which of these could signal an unexpected project overrun? When David from ABC Chocolates posted an incoming payment to record a cash payment received from one of the customers, he forgot to apply it to an A/R invoice. What will be the most efficient way to correct this? A procurement manager created 2 separate purchase orders with 5 items for wiring and cable materials. During the goods receipt it was found that an additional item was delivered related to a closed purchase order. What is the most efficient way for warehouse personnel to receive these items into stock? When working with a perpetual inventory system, where should the 'Unit Price' in the Goods Receipt PO default from? You create a query for an approval process to check for service purchase orders over 3000 in value. When you test the approval process you get an error from the query. What is wrong with this query? SELECT distinct 'true' FROM OPOR T0 WHERE $[3.0.0] = 'S' AND $[29.0.number] > 3000 When entering a document, which date sets the appropriate sub-period for posting the transaction? Shirley of Household Robots Incorporated would like to use serial number management. She likes the idea of having sequential numerical serial numbers automatically generated. She does not care if they are not unique across products. She wants the serial numbers created during delivery. What setting can she use to have the system create successive serial numbers that can be selected in sales and stock release documents? How is the available quantity calculated in SAP Business One? The customer gets an internal error message when they add a purchase order to the system. The purchase order is urgently required for an upcoming production run. The support consultant researches the error using SAP Notes but is unable to find a documented solution. What should the consultant do next? A delivery document is created for a shipment of 10 printers to Madison and Daughters Inc. One of the employees creates an A/R invoice but forgets to reference the existing delivery document. Madison and Daughters Inc. uses perpetual inventory. What unplanned effect will occur by posting these two unrelated documents in the system? Mike from Miller Inc. created a forecast showing a need for 100 staplers by June 1. Currently there are 10 staplers in inventory. Existing sales orders have a committed quantity of 50 staplers. When Mike runs MRP to produce a production order to manufacture staplers, the recommended production order is for 90 staplers. Why does MRP recommend this amount? What postings are made when a delivery document is created for an item controlled by the moving average method? What happens when a default payment method for customers is changed in the General Settings? Which of these configuration settings are irreversible once a document has been posted? Note. There are 2 correct answers to this question. The sales manager wants to be informed whenever a sales document is about to be posted offering more than 18% discount. The sales manager will then determine if the discount volume is appropriate for this customer's order. What is the best way to implement this? Which of the following are possible business partner master types? Note. There are 3 correct answers to this question. Lise runs the pick and pack manager. She wants to verify that there is enough available quantity for a particular item for an important customer's sales order. The available to release column shows a different available quantity in different rows for the same item. What does the available to release column represent? SG Products will go live tomorrow. The A/R and A/P balances need to be transferred from the legacy system. How should the implementation consultant proceed to ensure that the A/R and A/P control accounts are correct and up to date in the new system? At the end of the financial period, Melanie, the accountant at Flowers for Me, issues the profit and loss statement budget report. She is surprised to find out that the company is deviating from budget. What could be the reason for the budget deviation?