C_SM100_718 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP Solution Manager (Configuration) 7.1 SP8

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Example Questions

Choose the correct answer: With version management SAP Solution Manager keeps track of the document history, to enables changes of existing document. Benefits of SAP Solution Manager- Change request Management. Of the items listed below, which are not features of configuration? (Choose two) The benefits of the testing features include: (Choose all that apply) Benefits of SAP Solution Manager - Upgrading SAP Components: (Select four) Sol Man: Features of the business blueprint: (Choose all that apply) The purpose of SAP solution manager is to smoothly integrate various sap solutions to achieve which of the following? (Choose four) Why solution manager Faster implementation and more efficient operations of solutions: (Select all that apply) Final Preparation and Go Live contains activities like end-user training and testing. Identify the three main areas of the implementation roadmap from the items listed. (Choose three) Elements of the implementation roadmap (Choose three) Which of the following statements as regards monitoring is/are correct? (Choose two) SAP Solution Manager provides complete life cycle of solutions is covered. Which are SAP Solution Manager - Scenarios? (Choose four) The purpose of SAP Solution Manager is smoothly integrate various SAP Solutions to achieve which of the following? (Select four) SAP netweaver ensures openess and interoperability with Microsoft .Net and Jave 2 platform Enterprise Edition J2EE environment such IBM websphere. Identify the following activities that is part of the project management features of the SAP Solution Manager from the items listed below. (Select all that apply) ASAP: how are accelerators? (Choose two) ASAP Implementation Roadmap is meant to be characterized as a project management tool. More benefits of SAP solution manager: (Select all that apply) Which statements are correct for SAP Solution Manager? (Choose three) SAP Tutor is a tool that you can use to create simu-lations of the functionality that end-users have to execute, (pg 21) Which statement is False? It is a component SAP Solutions Manager used to monitor Java-based components. The Landscape report is generated into non-configuration table. You need to pay any extra Licenses for using SAP Solution Manager for managing your SAP Solution. SAP Solution Manager is delivered separate annual maintenance fee. The phase for implementation roadmap where you implement business and process requirements based on the Business Blueprint. Activities include customizing in the Implementation Guide, software enhancements, special programming, building and executing test plans, and signing-off the configured system. Which statements are correct? (Choose three) Which common usage scenario is missing from the following usage scenarios? Implement SAP solutions, Monitor SAP solutions, Manage Service Desk.Link to SAP services, Upgrade SAP solutions. Components that define the concept of Solution Monitoring: (Select all that apply) A mySAP Business Suite system Landscape consists of a single component, which have their common (dependent) customizing tables (technical point of view). Select the benefits of sap solution manager from the list items below: (Choose three) Monitoring sections within the SAP Solution Manager are: (Select all that apply) Which statements are correct? It is not possible to use third party software in your solution monitoring strategy when using solution manager: Which of the following statements is/are correct? (Choose two) Features of business blueprint: (Choose all that apply) It offers a complete infrastructure for organizing and operating a solution-wide support organization at your site. Change request management provides a central, streamlined approach to managing changes in your system landscapes. Benefits of SAP Solution Manager- Central System Administration: (Choose three) Which of the following statement as regards Accelerated SAP is/are correct? (Choose three) The main elements of Implementation Roadmap are: The support desk relevant for customer with small IT organizations: With "E-Learning Management" you can educate end users about new or changed processes. The following states the general purpose of SAP Solution Manager: (Select all that apply) The task of service Level Management is to provide comprehensive service level management and reporting to administrators and (internal) customers. Solution Manager provides a gateway for our customers to SAP.