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Example Questions

You are asked to configure the SAP HANA database to recompile every query prior execution. What do you have to disable to accomplish this? How can you avoid filling up the space of the log backup file area? In the Volumes tab of the SAP HANA studio Administration Console, which of the following provides you with the total disk space (in MB)? Which of the following can you use to schedule a periodic SAP HANA database backup? Which role must you grant to an SAP HANA user to enable this user for replication tasks only? In a scaled-out, high-availability environment for an SAP HANA database, how can you monitor the status of the hosts in the cluster? (Choose three) Which trace do you have to configure to identify only long-running queries in the SAP HANA database? How can you restore a default parameter configuration setting in the SAP HANA studio? (Choose two) Which steps are required to identify dominant SQL statements? (Choose two) In SAP HANA, the automatic backup is disabled. The log area has grown and now the file system is full. The database has frozen. After you stop the database , what do you have to do to restart SAP HANA? Your SAP HANA database performs slowly. Which of the following might be reasons for the performance decrease? (Choose two). In the Administration editor in the SAP HANA studio, which reports can you use to first investigate (1) And then release (2) deadlocks? You cancelled a running backup. Where in the SAP HANA studio can you verify that the cancellation was successful? You are supporting an SAP Netweaver BW Powered by HANA system that is in productive operation. Inadvertently, a table was deleted. The last data backup was three days ago. You need to recover the system to the point before the table deletion. What do you have to do accomplish this? How can you identify often-used SQL statements? Note: 2 correct answers What does a data snapshot do? Which of the following tasks can you perform only with system privilege TRACE ADMIN? (Choose two) How can you perform a manual backup of the Sap HANA database? (Choose two) Which parameters can you configure for an expensive statement trace? (Choose two) You granted a user the system privileges INIFILE ADMIN and DATA ADMIN. What does this allow the user to do? You have an application that runs on the SAP HANA database. The application loads relatively large volumes of data for hint to the database. Which mergedog configuration parameter in the indexserver.ini file must you set to accomplish this? You have executed a kernel trace where can you view the trace results? An ABAP program in SAP ECC is being optimized for the SAP HANA database. You have been asked to identify expensive SQL statements of this program that run for longer than one second. What do you have to do to identify these expensive SQL statements? (Choose two) You have selected SAP HANA as product in SAP Solution Manager and checked the prerequisites. What are the next steps to configure SAP HANA as a managed system in SAP Solution Manager? What does peak used memory represent? How can you resolve a Disk Full event? In an expensive statement trace configuration, you want to identify queries that run longer than two minutes. Which value do you enter? Please choose the correct answer. For which purposes can you use the Table locks system report? Which of the following are minimum requirements for the installation of an SAP HANA server? (Choose two) When you deploy the SAP HANA client package on UNIX, which drivers are installed?) 3 answers) Why do you configure a standby host? You are working with a multimode SAP HANA database. How can you identify the master indexserver? (Choose two) An SAP HANA developer receives an error when running an SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library procedure. In which of the following files can you find more information? In the SAP HANA studio, which of the following enables you to identify the memory consumption of loaded tables? For what purpose do you visualize a query plan? When you are monitoring hosts statuses, you find that the status of one of the index server services is IGNORE (gray square). What is the reason for this? You receive an alert: "XYZ TABLE has a record count of 508000408. How can you prevent the alert from being generated again? (Choose two). Which system privilege do you need to modify the global_allocation_limit parameter? An SAP HANA administrator has asked you to retrieve size information for one table How can you retrieve this information? (Choose two). A 1. Open the Catalog node. 2. Open the Table Definition. 3. Select Runtime Information. You have to set the alert levels for CPU utilization: Low alert-75% Medium alert-85% High alert-95% You have opened the ConfigureCheck threshold tab in the Administration editor of the SAP HANA studio To which values do you set the alert levels in the Check Host CPU Utilization row? Which of the following events can trigger a delta merge? (Choose two) How can you set configurations at the host level using the SAP HANA studio? In the SAP HANA studio, which of the following SQL thread details can you monitor by using the Threads subtab of the Performance tab of the Administration editor? (Choose three) You want to enable a new database user to view and delete trace files. Which of the following standard roles must you assign to the user? You want to configure an SQL trace with trace level set to ALL_WITH_RESULTS. How can you limit the size of the trace file? (Choose two). Your SAP HANA project has gone live. The client requires to build a new sandbox environment, using a copy of the production data, for prototyping and technical upgrades What is the SAP recommended approach to meet the requirement? Your customer is designing a role exclusively for performing database backups of the SAP HANA database. Which system privileges must be assigned to this role? (Choose two). In the SAP HANA studio Administration Editor, for the following purposes can you use the Sessions subtab of the Performance tab? (Choose two) Which of the following columns are displayed in the Merge Statistics system report? (Choose three) Which SAP Solution Manager 7.1 capabilities enhance transport management in CTS/CTS+? (Choose three)