C_GRCAC_10 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0

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Example Questions

What is the purpose of role mining? Which activity can you perform when you use the Test and Generate options in transaction MSMP Rule Generation/Testing (GRFNMW_DEV_RULES)? How do you enable the Access Control audit trail function for access rules? Your customer wants a manager to fulfill both MSMP workflow agent purposes. How do you configure this? What data is synchronized when you run the GRAC_REPOSITORY_OBJECT_SYNC report? (Choose three) Which connection type do you use for the RFC destination to establish a connection between GRC and an SAP ERP back-end system? Which of the following is a feature of centralized Emergency Access Management? What is the purpose of a mitigating control? Which periodic review process allows a role owner to remove roles from the users? Which of the following attributes are mandatory when creating business role definition details in Business Role Management? (Choose three) You have set up your Firefighter IDs in the target system. Which of the following jobs do you have to run to synchronize these IDs and their role assignments with the Access Control system? Which indirect provisioning types are supported in user provisioning? (Choose three) Which agent purposes are available in MSMP workflow? (Choose two) Which Access Control master data is shared with Process Control and Risk Management? Your customer wants to eliminate false positives from their risk analysis results. How must you configure Access Control to include organizational value checks when performing a risk analysis? (Choose two) Which integration scenarios are specific to Access Control? (Choose three) Which of the following role provisioning types does Access Control user provisioning support? (Choose three) What does assigning the Logical Group (SOD-LOG) type to a connector group allow you to do? Which objects must you activate when you create a BRFplus Routing rule? (Choose three) What information must you specify first when you copy a user access request? Which of the following jobs do you have to schedule to collect Firefighter session information? Which of the following are rule types used in MSMP workflow? (Choose three) What do you mitigate using Access Control? You want to synchronize the Access Control repository with data from various clients. In which sequence do you execute the synchronization jobs? How do you enable stage configuration changes to become effective after a workflow has been initiated? You want to assign an owner when creating a mitigating control. However, you cannot find the user you want to assign as an owner in the list of available users. What could be the reason? You define a background job using transaction SM36. Which of the following options are start conditions you can use to schedule the background job to run periodically? (Choose two) You have created an agent rule in BRFplus. Which additional configurations do you have to perform to use this agent rule in a workflow? (Choose two) Which of the following objects can you customize for MSMP workflows? (Choose two) Which configuration parameters determine the content of the log generated by the SPM Log Synch job? (Choose three) You have updated authorization data for your roles in the target system using PFCG. You now want to synchronize the authorization data in Business Role Management without changing the existing role attributes. How do you accomplish this? Which process steps should you perform when you define a workflow-related MSMP rule? (Choose two) Which combination of rule kind and rule type determines the path upon submission of a request? For which IMG object can you activate the password self-service (PSS) in Access Control? For which purpose can you use organizational value mapping? Which of the following IMG activities are common component settings shared across GRC? (Choose three) For what purpose can you use the Role Status attribute in Business Role Management? Which auto-provisioning options are available in the global provisioning configuration? (Choose three) Which of the following objects can you maintain in the "Maintain Paths" work area of MSMP workflow configuration? (Choose three) Which report types require the execution of batch risk analysis? (Choose two) What does an agent rule determine? Which prerequisites must be fulfilled if you want to create a technical role using Business Role Management? (Choose two) Which of the following tasks must you perform if you want to enable a user to log on to a Firefighter ID? Your customer wants to adapt their rule set to include custom programs from their SAP ERP production system. How do you ensure that the custom programs can be maintained properly in the rule set? (Choose three) How do you manually replicate initiators from a previous version of Access Control so they can be used in BRFplus and a MSMP workflow? You want to update two authorizations that are shared across multiple roles. How do you accomplish this most efficiently? Who approves the review of the periodic segregation of duties? Which transaction do you use to monitor background jobs in Access Control repository synchronization? You have identified some risks that need to be defined as cross-system risks. How do you configure your system to enable cross-system risk analysis? Which transaction do you use to access the general Customizing activities for Access Control?

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