C_BOE_30 - SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.x (C_BOE_30)

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Example Questions

You want to adjust processor scheduling on your Windows server to optimize it for BusinessObjects Enterprise. Which performance parameter should you optimize? You want all InfoView users to use the DHTML viewer because the company insists on zero client deployment strategy. You have set the Default viewer to DHTML. How would you prevent usersfrom changing the Default viewer in their copies of InfoView? Which two actions does BusinessObjects Enterprise take when an instance is removed from the system? (Choose two.) Which statement about Category inheritance rules is correct? Which two factors should you consider when designing the scalability of a Business Objects Enterprise installation? (Choose two.) Which two benefits does an instance management plan provide for your Business Objects Enterprise system? (Choose two.) A Web Intelligence document is a report object that is created from a universe data source over the web through the InfoView interface. A Web Intelligence document can be published to the BusinessObjects Enterprise environment in one or more ways. Select the best answer from the list below. When setting group rights for folders and categories, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) Which three statements describe the role of the Web Intelligence Report Server? (Choose three.) Which three configuration tasks will vertically scale a Business Objects Enterprise installation? (Choose three.) You are reviewing the groups for your Sales department and decide that you need a new subgroup called Sales US A. If you log on as administrator and add a user to this new group, what other group will he/she be a member of? Which three groups of individuals should be consulted when gathering requirements for a Business Objects Enterprise architecture plan? (Choose three.) You want your company's Business Objects Enterprise system to support interactive viewing and queries to relational or OLAP data sources for many users. Which three configuration changes can you make to meet your goal? (Choose three.) Which four servers are involved in processing a scheduled Program object? (Choose four.) Which steps should you follow in the Central Management Console (CMC) when specifying a new Profile Target for a Profile in BusinessObjects Enterprise? For the Web Intelligence Report Server, what is the recommended service threshold for the "Maximum Simultaneous Connections" per CPU? Which statement describes the role of categories in storing and organizing report objects in BusinessObjects Enterprise? Developing a content management strategy will benefit stakeholders in what ways? (Choose three.) Which three statements are true about the degree of availability of a single-server Business Objects Enterprise system? (Choose three.) Which two performance factors should you consider when designing the scalability of a Business Objects Enterprise installation? (Choose two.) Which of the following is the threshold that determines the number of required Crystal Reports Cache Servers? Which two events can be audited on the Crystal Reports Cache Server? (Choose two.) You observe that the amount of memory that the fcproc.exe process uses increases over. Which Desktop Intelligence Report Server parameter modification should you make? Which two options are properties of the List of Values (LOV) Server? (Choose two.) Which configuration change should you make if the Desktop Intelligence Cache Server handles large or complex reports? The InfoView is mostly used for which of the following tasks: You have a Crystal Report that returns a record set exceeding the "Database Records to Read When Previewing or Refreshing a Report" setting. Which result should you expect when you view the report on demand? Which statement describes how corporate categories operate as a component of a content and management plan for your BusinessObjects Enterprise system? When you create an initial sizing plan for your company's Business Objects Enterprise system, which two pieces of information should you determine? (Choose two.) When a scheduled Crystal Report runs successfully, which server notifies the Central Management Server (CMS) of the instance status? You create a new blank database to hold your Business Objects Enterprise system backup and a system DSN to point to the new database. What must you do before you can perform a backup? You publish a Crystal Report using the Publishing Wizard and choose to keep saved data. Where does BusinessObjects Enterprise store data? Which two statements about Group membership rules are correct? (Choose two.) Which two statements describe the role of Report Application Server? (Choose two.) When a scheduled Web Intelligence document runs successfully, which BusinessObjects Enterprise server notifies the Central Management Server (CMS) that the instance has been successful? Which guideline should you follow when you set the Maximum Simultaneous Processing Threads for the Crystal Report Cache Server? Which strategies will increase fault tolerance in a multiple server environment? (Choose two) What type of objects does the Input File Repository Server store? (Choose two.) Which three steps can you perform to achieve high availability with a multiple-server Business Objects Enterprise installation? (Choose three.) Which BusinessObjects Enterprise component enables a user to send a report object or successful instance to an alternate destination? Which step would not be a part of developing a content management plan for the Business Objects Enterprise system? When you move a folder, the objects within are also moved. What happens to the folder's object rights? A user with sufficient rights views a Crystal Report on demand using the Advanced DHTML viewer. Which server will interact with the Web Application Server (WAS) to complete this view on demand request? Which Business Objects features enable the Business Objects Enterprise system to implement column- level security? (Choose two.) Which event does the Event Server monitor? Your Business Objects Enterprise system users are concerned they are receiving inaccurate results when viewing Web Intelligence documents. Which two factors could contribute to inaccurate data? (Choose two.) Which attribute will you affect by changing the Universe Cache Size of the Web Intelligence Report Server? You design a Crystal Report on our own computer. The report connects to a SQuestionL database requiring NT security. You wish to publish the report to your BusinessObjects Enterprise environment to enable users to view it on demand. Which is a requirement for viewing the report on demand? All of your Business Objects Enterprise services are installed on separate server machines. You are able to perform the following tasks: Login to InfoView and browse through the contents of the folders View OLAP Intelligence reports View successful Crystal Reports instances using either the Crystal Reports ActiveX or Advanced DHTML viewer View Crystal Reports on demand using the Crystal Reports Advanced DHTML viewer. You cannot view Crystal Reports on demand using the Crystal Reports ActiveX viewer. What is the likely cause of the problem? Objects published to BusinessObjects Enterprise can be scheduled to be processed only when an event occurs. Select the best description of events from the list below.