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Example Questions

The ASAP Focus Methodology is structured in phases. At the end of each phase, the project manager has to fill out a checklist. What is the ultimate purpose for using a checklist at the end of each phase? To prepare your system for the installation of SAP Best Practices, you have to import two add- ons. What are the two add-ons that you have to download? A customer wants to create their profit and loss statement according to the cost of sales principle. What master data supports this requirement? SAP Best Practices are preconfigured packages that can be used for different purposes in various phases of an implementation project. Why would you set up a system by activating an SAP Best Practices package? (Choose two) The SAP Business All-in-One fast-start program enables partners to implement a cost-effective solution quickly. This program for SAP Business All-in-One includes innovative tools and methodologies. Which tools are part of the fast-start program? (Choose three) When you activate an SAP Best Practices package in the Solution Builder, BC Sets and eCATTs are run. What is the purpose of using BC Sets and eCATTs in the SAP Best Practices packages? The SAP Business All-in-One fast-start program provides innovations that enable customers to configure SAP Business All-in-One online, receive immediate cost estimates, and enable SAP and partners to quickly implement a cost-effective solution Which of the following is not an objective of the fast-start program? Which currency types are available for budgeting on internal orders? (Choose three) Roles are the entry point to the business content. The navigation panel of the SAP NetWeaver Business Client receives its information from specified roles that are connected to the user account and defined in the SAP Profile Generator. How can you maintain the system so that a user gets the explicit authorization for a role, for example Purchaser SAP_NBPR_PURCHASER-S? The ASAP Focus Methodology defines a proposal framework as an accelerator to help you produce the proposal document during the evaluation phase. Which document is part of the proposal framework? One of the basic concepts in SAP ERP is the creation of documents. What is a "document" according to SAP terminology? An implementation project is based on three pillars: Getting the system ready, getting the data ready, and getting the people ready. In a typical SAP Business All-in-One implementation project, on what should the consultants primarily focus? SAP has created a special offering based on the SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator, specifically designed for data migration to SAP Business All-in-One. During an SAP implementation, there are 5 primary tasks associated with the process of data migration. Which list of data migration process steps is in the correct sequence? The real world enterprise structure needs to be mapped to SAP applications using organizational units in order to represent the enterprise structure for legal or business-related purposes. Which of the following descriptions would help you fulfill this mapping?(Choose two) The solution builder is the main tool used to set up a system with an SAP Best Practices package. Which tasks can be performed with the SAP Best Practices Solution Builder tool?(Choose three) During the preparation phase, you create a project charter and define project standards and procedures. These elements give the project manager the authority to conduct a project within scope, quality, time, and cost and resource constraints. Which approach would you recommend for scope change requests? The SAP Best Practices Baseline Package is structured in scenarios and building blocks. Building blocks are linked to layers of the Best Practices concept. Which layers are used in the Best Practices concept? (Choose three) You need to integrate a Web Dynpro transaction for a specific user using the SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC). To do this, you either create or adapt roles with the SAP Profile Generator (transaction PFCG). What is the correct sequence for this task? As part of an SAP Business All-in-One project, some technical functions in SAP NetWeaver need to be set up by a NetWeaver expert (or Basis consultant), who then performs the multiple tasks with the IT manager. What is the recommended first task that needs to be performed by the consultant and the IT manager? You are working for a typical SAP Business All-In-One project implementation. In order to reduce the implementation time and limit the project risks, you decide to use project accelerators. Where do you find all of the templates, presentations, and white papers for the project? Your customer has a multi-company setup and sometimes sells products that belong to a different company code. Which organizational entity is involved in the intercompany transaction? What input is mandatory when setting up the payment program parameters? (Choose three) What separates the previous year's transactions from the current year's transactions in assets under construction (AuC) processing? A customer implements SAP Financials with Materials Management (MM) purchasing. They want to ensure the correct accounts are created in their general ledger to support the procurement and accounts payable entries. Which general ledger (G/L) accounts are required in this situation? (Choose three) SAP Best Practices offers the Demo Assistant tool to support quick preparation of the data in the demo system. Which task can you perform with the Demo Assistant? In the evaluation phase, you assess the prospect against the SAP Business All-in-One solution. The leading role here belongs to the virtual account team. This team usually consists of a sales executive, the consulting engagement manager, and the project manager. As well as assessing the prospect against the SAP Business All-in-One solution, what else is the responsibility of the virtual account team in the evaluation phase? SAP Business All-in-One comes with a front end that provides a unified user interface embedding SAP GUI transactions, Web Dynpro applications, and HTML-based pages and sites. User roles and menus that are rendered in this front end are defined in transaction PFCG. What is the name of the front end providing the key user interface for SAP Business All-in-One? Which of the following are possible user-defined keys for indirect activity allocations? (Choose three) For what reasons would you recommend SAP Business All-In-One solutions to a midsize company with specific industry needs? (Choose two) How do you use the Solution Builder to package your own solution? (Choose two) Which allocation method should be used to allocate utility costs (heating, lighting, water etc.) to receiving cost centers whilst retaining the original nature of the cost? A customer implements SAP Financials with fixed assets. Which element of fixed asset master data controls the field assignments that are presented to users when creating an asset master record? What master data do we use to allocate costs, based on quantities, valuated by a price? In SAP Financial Accounting, the company code is the main organizational structure that determines the legal substance of the organization. If you are implementing SAP ERP in an organization with more than one affiliated company, which of the following assignments are possible? (Choose two) You want to settle a hierarchy of internal orders to a cost center in a single settlement run. What is the main criterion for the complete settlement? A customer has a requirement for segment reporting. They implement cost centre and profit centre accounting as well as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger modules. Which master data components are used to provide the segment split? (Choose two) What are the mandatory steps to prepare the system for the activation of a selected SAP Best Practices package? (Choose three) When a document is posted, a number is assigned to that document. Where does this number come from? One of the most important accelerators provided by ASAP Focus Roadmaps for Organizational Change Management (OCM) is the "Roles Assignment and Impact Mapping" spreadsheet. Which tasks are accelerated by using this spreadsheet? Which specific SAP month-end routines facilitate month-end closing? (Choose three) What steps are required to successfully activate an SAP Best Practices package?(Choose three) Before you start validating the solution with the key users in the realization phase of an SAP ERP-based Business All-in-One project, which systems must be up and running? A customer implements SAP Financials with multiple company codes. They want to manage credit limits for each customer across all company codes collectively. Which master data setup allows this? Which financial transactions create a commitment item posting against the CO cost object? (Choose two) Which components are part of the SAP Business All-in-One solutions? (Choose three) What advantages do CO cost object hierarchies provide? (Choose two) Proper expectation management with the customer is crucial to the overall success of the project. How do you ensure that the customer's expectations are set properly before engagement? In the SAP Business All-In-One implementation approach you focus on getting the people ready, rather than getting the system ready as we do in the traditional approach. What does "getting people ready" encompass? An integrated enterprise coordinates its strategic, tactical, and day-to-day operations by implementing an efficient, timely information flow and an organizational structure that allows you to use this information. How does the SAP ERP application enable companies to be integrated enterprises? (Choose three) The Power list provides a general overview of your work environment and the related business objects like sales orders, billing documents, or stock items. With Power lists, users can perform their business tasks quicker, and business processes become faster as a result. What are the characteristics of a Power list? (Choose three)