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A non sampling error relates to the sample properly reflecting the true characteristics of the population. The Pareto analysis is most effective for_______________. Function points are hardware and software independent. White Box testing assumes that the path of logic in a unit or program is not known. The functionality/structure of the system created to solve a problem, satisfy a user need (note that this is the creative part of the design process) is known as the fishbone diagram. Black Box testing determines whether combinations of inputs and operations produce expected results. Evaluations for strategic quality planning do not depend upon The organization of efforts to develop and involve employees depend upon_________________. What is the present value of money of a $10,000 expenditure that you will spend one year from now if money is worth 14 percent? The objective of the present value of money calculation is to convert future dollars into current dollars. An oral system proposal: Vision is a clear definition of the result you are trying to achieve. Which term defines the process of project compliance with policies and procedures? Choose the two options that are incorrect about the listening skill: The inspection is an evaluation technique that relies on visual examination of an item. Quality control relates to a specific product or service. The purpose of software testing is to____________. Reviews can enforce the use of standards. A standard is not an expected norm The process used for documenting user's requirements is known as validation. Sheela is told to prepare a report on the most commonly occurring product defects. She reviews the software defect reports, which categorize the defects as coding errors, requirements errors, documentation errors, etc. The best tool to report this information is: The two major differences between internal auditing and quality assurance involve their respective statement of responsibilities and common body of knowledge. Information and analysis evaluations do not depend on ______________ . About the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, identify the incorrect statement about the implementation of the strategies. Many types of errors can be identified and fixed far more economically by design and code inspections than by testing The objective of risk analysis is to help IT management strike an economic balance between the impact of risks and the cost of protective measures. Within an organization, a service-level agreement is most effective when it is an ongoing negotiation and improvement process. Consensus means: Policies provide ____________ ( Select any Two Options) Which of the processes includes all activities of the performing organization that determines policies and responsibilities of a project? The Malcolm Baldridge Award was created by Public Law 100-107, signed into law on 20th Aug 1987. Which of these terms apply to identifying quality standards and how to satisfy them? Quality assurance means the same as total quality control. While the planning processes and priority development do not depend appreciably upon the size and type of business, the scope and type of benchmark may depend upon such business factors. Information and analysis category examines the scope, validity and use of data to determine the adequacy of the data system to support total quality management. Quality assurance of products and services category has a very strong process and systems orientation throughout. For Black-Box Testing ____________. Achieving quality requires: A quantitative measurement used to determine test completion is _________________. In the IT workbench, quality, and performance of the work are the responsibility of the QA department. Listening is the most frequently used form of communication. During a proposal presentation you should A program whose purpose is to reduce the number of defects produced is known as a quality improvement program. A process/activity during which a high number of defects occur is known as a defect-prone process. With the optimizing process, the data is available to justify the application of technology to various critical tasks, and numerical evidence is available on the effectiveness with which the process has been applied to any given product. The intent of the quality control checklist should be to improve the quality of the product being controlled by investigative means. Human resources utilization category examines the company's efforts to develop and involve ___________________. Quality department or officer / regulatory affairs office or officer is a prerequisite for eligibility under leadership criteria. For most projects, a little analysis shows that there are two distinct activities involved: With the optimizing process, the organization has the means to identify the weakest elements of the process and to fix them.

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