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Proposed Six Sigma projects that are not in some way linked to organizational goals: The mean of a Poisson distribution is 2.94. It's variance is: A team wants a technique for improving consistency of assembly operations. They should use: A team wants a technique for doing an initial study of a process that not every team member is familiar with. They should use: Work performed by the payroll department is considered value added activity. If = 0.5, what is the critical value? The operators of a manufacturing cell work out a more orderly arrangement for tool storage and establish a schedule to maintain cleanliness on a daily basis. These improvements are best described by which approach to problem solving? Causes in a cause and effect diagram often include management, measurement systems, mother nature and the four standard causes: "Robust design" refers to the ability of the product or service: If the probability that an event will occur is 0.83, then the probability that the event will not occur is: A correct statement about the relationship between the terms parameter and statistic is: One of the approaches used by TRIZ is referred to as "removing the contradiction." A project team is asked to determine how many coats of paint should be applied to a panel. In this case the contradiction is: Deming called the technique of studying a sample to gain understanding of the distribution of a population an "enumerative study." His main objection to these studies was: The test statistic is approximately: A team wants a technique for obtaining a large number of possible reasons for excess variation in a dimension. They should use: An full factorial experiment has three factors. Each factor has three levels. The number of test combinations or runs is: Nominal Group Technique is used to: The null hypothsis should be: A higher resolution number for an experimental design indicates that: An experiment is conducted by checking the effect that three different pressures have on the surface appearance of a product. Ten items are produced at each of the three pressures. The number of replications, factors and levels are: The variance of the five replications for each run is calculated. Most of these variances are approximately equal but two are significantly lower than the others. The experimenters would be especially interested in those two runs if they want to optimize: A normal probability plot is used to: At a particular time, three components are in series and each has a reliability of 0.98. What is the reliability of the system? If the probability that event A occurs is .51, the probability that event B occurs is .64 and events A and B are statistically independent then: A team has been asked to reduce the cycle time for a process. The team decides to collect baseline data. It will do this by: When Tricia empties a box of capacitors she places it at a designated spot on her work table. Sam notices the empty box and brings a full box of capacitors from the stock room. This is an example of: In a certain sampling situation, = 0, = 0.08. The power of the sampling plan in this case is: The median is a better choice than the mean for a measure of central tendency if the data: An example of a project metric would be: An advantage of using standard deviation rather than range for measuring dispersion of a large sample is that: What percent of population falls below the lower specification limits? TRIZ is an acronym which refers to: Customer segmentation refers to: The overall tolerance for three components in series in an electrical circuit Is+ 10 . Assuming normal, stable, capable processes produce the components, use stack tolerance techniques to find a set of tolerances for the three components. The team development stage characterized by expression of individual opinions and ideas often without regard for team objectives is known as: In the theory of constraints the "subordinate" step refers to: A frequent cause of system sub optimization is: When comparing two vendors' machines it is found that a sample of 1000 parts from machine A has 23 defectives and a sample of 1300 parts from machine B has 36 defectives. Do the data indicate that machine B has a higher rate of defectives? Find Cpk The support for an important quality initiative was lacking in congress until Reagan's Secretary of Commerce was killed in a horseback riding accident in 1987. That initiative was: In an experimental design context, replication refers to: A process using a p-chart has pbar = 0.076 and nbar = 4.86. Find the control limits. Is this a left-tail, right-tail or two-tail test? A Six Sigma project designed to solve a particular problem needs a definition/scope statement to help avoid: An x-bar control chart has been established with control limits of 3.245 and 3.257, n = 5. An engineer collects the following sample and plots the average on the control chart: 3.257, 3,256, 3. 258, 3.259 As opposed to earlier emphases lean manufacturing tends to stress: If item A is more likely to be detected than item B which will have the highest Detection value? An x-bar and R chart has four part measurements per sample The control limits on the averages chart are 2.996 and 3.256. Assume the process data form a normal distribution.What is the probability that the next plotted point falls outside the control limits? The primary metric for a project is reduced cost for process A . Baseline data might include: The average number of defects is 21.6. Find the upper control limit for the c-chart.

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