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Example Questions

In the quality management infrastructure, the level which 'commits resources' is called: When contracting for software development, what is the correct sequence of events in the contracting life cycle? Documenting or changing processes is part of which planning activity? Planning for system test process begins when: Quality cannot be delegated. One of the first steps in establishing a security program is to develop a snapshot of the organization's security program at a certain time. This snapshot is called: The workbench definition should contain a policy statement. The objective of the policy statement is which of the following? If a programmer follows a series of steps to write a computer program, the programmer is following: What type of software testing is most closely associated with testing after a change has been made to the software or operational software has been changed to maintain the software? QFD can be used to provide forward and backward traceability of value in the software development life cycle. If the data in a pie chart represent five components of a total population and four of the five sections of the pie chart represent 5%, 25%, 50%, and 10% of the total population, what percentage of the total population is the fifth section? Successful IT security programs consist of all the following EXCEPT: Which of the following is the most difficult component of the decision making process? Causes of variation that are typically "external" to the process are referred to as: Which of the following is the correct definition of the quality attribute reliability? Which of the following is the primary objective of a quality improvement program? The primary responsibility of a quality program, from a consumer's standpoint, is that the product should be: Using the PDCA Cycle concept, defining the mission of a Quality Assurance function would be considered which PDCA phase? What might be considered one of the most important components of a security awareness program? Which has frequently been referred to as the most difficult task in getting people to use the process? The team for establishing a security baseline should consist of: A review that evaluates a preliminary statement of high-level market requirements is a: The methods that an organization uses for hiring, training, supervising, and evaluating personnel are what types of controls: Which of the following models uses this four part cyclE. (part one - plan and organize; part two - acquire and implement; part three - deliver and support; part four - monitor)? When maturing the management process, movement will be from: Establishing security baseline is the starting point to a better security program. The IT tool that teams can use to identify root causes of a problem is: Which of the following is NOT normally considered one of the questions that must be answered in performing quality planning? COTS software is normally developed prior to an organization selecting that software for its use. What is the risk that an organization faces if management does not take action to alter the risk's likelihood or impact? The variable COUNTRY can have the response Afghanistan, Albania, ... , Zimbabwe. The data type of the variable COUNTRY is: To measure the customer's perception of the quality of a software system, what type of measure would you use? Which category of control methods is the most acceptable to the individual? Audits can be performed by the individuals involved in conducting the work. What type of graphical chart of individual measured values is organized by frequency of occurrence (from high to low frequency)? Acceptance Testing is normally designed and performed by: When listening to a speaker, the speaker's verbal, vocal, and body channels always convey the same message. There is a risk that products shipped will not be invoiced. If we were to assume that an average of two products will be shipped per day and not be invoiced and the average billing per invoice is $225.50, then the risk associated with not invoicing shipme Which of the following planning activities is associated with the quality planning question "where do we want to go"? Which of the following is not one of the phases of 'Team Development' ? Which one of the following is NOT a component of CMMi maturity levels? In the CobiT Model, defining and managing service levels, performance, problems and incidences is a component of: How do you objectively measure operational reliability? Which of the following is NOT one of the five channels of communication? A weakness in an information system, which is a point where the software systems are easiest to penetrate, is called a: Internal control is not a serial process, where one component affects only the next. It is a multidirectional interactive process in which almost any component can and will influence another. Statement Coverage is: Three fundamental types of mistakes that IT leaders make are: During a review, both the producer and product are reviewed. _____________ is a process that transfers decision making from management to employees.