COG-635 - IBM Cognos 10 BI OLAP Developer

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Example Questions

What sholud a developer do if some levels appear red after validating the model using show scope? At the beginning of the fiscal year, the Camping Equipment product line reduced the number of products that are being sold. What can be done to remove the inactive categories that are no longer needed in the model? When there are too many child categoies, what canbe created to allow intermediate groupings? How is the Powercube updated once changes are made to a custom view? Columns have been renamed in the data source. Which command must the developer run to update the model? A developer create a cube each regional Sales Manager. Each cube should contain only the transactional details for each Sales Manager's region,, as well as the summarized values for each other regions. What should be created? How can the parent-child relationship for each category be established? As a good practice, what can a developer do to be prepared in case a model develops conflicts or becomes corrupt? How can a cube be build with data volumes that result in a .mdc file large than 2GB? In Transformer, how can a developer restrict access to an entire Powercube from authorized users? A developer added a manual level in the time dimension. During category generatioon, the developer gets a warning that Transformer is not able to relate the categories to the parent levels. What must be done to ensure Transformer relates the categories correclty? What can be done to apply member-based security if the model contains cube groups? The time dimension contains levels for year, quarter, and month. how can the month lvels in 2008 be retained while removing them from 2007? What does the developer specify when creating a test that uses a subset of the source data? What does unique mean when applied to level in a dimension map? Where are the log files accessed to troubleshoot issues? If a cube group based on a level in a dimension is created, how can the developer prevent another cube from being added to the cube group? How can the cube build flexibilty and performance be maximized? The model contains a measure named Quantity, and the OLAP reports need to show the Minimum monthly quantity sold to each store. how would a developer get the correct result? What must be done to make the cube data available in Analysis Studio? What can be created to determine the monthly growth showing the percentage of change between Curent month and Last Month for all measures included in the Powercube? when running simultaneous cube builds, how cancube build times be decreased? Which of the following can be done to improve performance when dealing with lange volumes of data? When measures are calculated after rollup, when are the calculateions performed? When the model contains two data values, how can the developer avoid ambiguity when Transformer sets the current time peiod? Which if the following will elp improve processing time when Transfermer queries the data? The region dimension si organized by territory, Counttry, and City. which option can be applied to only show data for the united States and its descendants? What can the developer specify for the cube build to use multiple directories to generate tempory work files? How can a developer include a key performance indicator that is unavailable and the Transformer data source? A developer notices that tildes(~) exist in the category codes. What can be done to avoid unstale MUN values? What modeling factor affects the auto-partitioning strategy and causes poor consolidation for partitioned categories? Where can a developer change relationships to create a structure different from what the data suggests? How can a developer best address values that are being rounded excessively? A cognos 10 report with prompts is used as a data source. What must be done to create a second query that is What can be created if the financial analyst wants to look at the data by fiscal year, while the senior manager wants to analyze the data by calendar year? What can be created to propvide new insight into the data if Margin Ranges are defined as Low, Medium, and high, based on a calculated column using the revenue and cost columns? What can be applied to a category if only the parent and child categories are required? For a cube that represents values in Euros, what should be done for American consumers to see the appropriate currency symbol in Euros? For performance reasons, what is the best parent-child ratio for categories in each level? How can a develeoper populate a level with a different data source column? What can be done to show how many retails of each type bought a specific product each month, quarter, or year? What can be done to correct a report that contains time categories that are out of range and irrelevant to the user? What objects can be created within the Cognos Namespace? To add dimensional data to an existingmodel, how can metadata be leve lraged from other published OLAP packages? Transformer is unable to locate one of the source files for a date source in the model, and the model updates fails. Which type of files can be used to restart the processing at the point of failure? What can be done if a regular time dimension is added to a model, and the levels Year, Quarter, and Month are not automatically generated? The developer notices a devrease in run-time performance in a model that has calculated measures(before rollup). Because auto-partitioning is not used, how can the developer increase performance? What can be done in a manual level to keep new dataseperate until it can be connected to the apprepriate parent category? What does a unique move ensure when applied to a level in a dimension map? When can Transformer category codes change?