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Example Questions

How might moving to Cloud computing enhance user's ongoing experience of software applications? What is an important environment related benefit of Cloud? What is currently the most common network topology? What is an example of the implementation of federation? Which communication protocol group is generally accepted on the Internet? What is the goal of an ISO/IEC 20000 follow-up audit? How can backups be generated without interrupting ongoing processes? A network protocol designed to provide strong authentication for client/server applications by using key cryptography. Which protocol is described? What is meant by Virtualization? Capacity management is a process to ensure IT infrastructure is used efficiently and that it is provided at the right time and price in the needed volumes. Which ISO/IEC 20000 process group does Capacity management belong to? Which Service Model provides the best environment for testing new software? Presenting a user with a logical space for storing data and mapping this to the physical location where it is stored allows many systems to share the same storage device. What is this called? What is OpenID used for? What is the simplest way of consuming Cloud services for general purposes? What is meant by data partitioning in the Cloud? What does the integrity of information mean? Which characteristic of an Identity management system attributes permissions to roles and not to people? What is the operational benefit of software licensing for a Cloud solution? What is an example of the use of location information? Which security issue is important to your organization as you evaluate Cloud service providers? Why is the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) by Amazon a Public Cloud service? What is an important benefit of using a hybrid model for cloud services? What is the main tool for users accessing the Cloud? What does the abbreviation IPsec mean? Why is text messaging in automobiles outlawed in many countries? What is the Pay as You Go Model? What is the international standard for IT Service Management processes? How can moving to Cloud Computing reduce capital expenses? The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a Cloud solution may change and in the worst case increase. How can this happen? Failover is the capacity to switch, often automatically, to another system or resource in the event of a failure. How does failover assist in the provision of cloud services? Why is a thin client called 'thin'? What is the benefit of replication of data center sites? Who is responsible for securing Cloud user data? What is a benefit of virtual client operating systems in protection against virus infections? What is the main challenge for providers as moving to the Cloud causes changes in relation to their customers? What is a main benefit of a Thin Client? What does the total cost of Application Ownership (TCAO) consist of? In identity management, how might location information be used? Which kinds of audit mechanisms are available in ISQ/IEC 20000:2011? Why are multiple sites often used in Cloud computing environments? What describes a serious drawback in the early development of networks? How might moving to the Cloud have a negative impact on users? What is an economic cloud solution for a short term project like a one time application design? What is the function of the Web Tier? What is specific for public cloud? Why can virus scanning software not run directly on the hypervisor? In its 2010 Whitepaper the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) identifies a number of Top threats to Cloud Computing. What is not identified by the CSA as a threat? What is a good question to ask a prospective Cloud provider? Why does a VPN offer more mobility to employees? What does CaaS represent?