CLO-001 - CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Exam

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Example Questions

How does cloud computing improve business flexibility? What are the main advantages of using a web-based distributed application? (Choose two.) Which of the following is a typical concern for business and IT leaders when adopting cloud computing? Which of the following roles can the IT department play in the selection process of cloud computing providers? Which of the following actions should a company take if a cloud computing provider ceases to uphold their contract? Which of the following risks occurs when a cloud provider stops serving the company? Which of the following is a definition of virtualization? Eucalyptus is open-source software for quickly provisioning virtual servers. This is an example of: Which of the following do business accountants prefer with respect to the cost of cloud computing? An organization is in the process of selecting a SaaS provider to replace its current internal customer relationship management system. The business expects better functionality than what is provided with the internal system. Which of the following is the BEST reason for moving to a SaaS cloud service? The identity management process of allowing users in different security domains to share services without having identities in each domain is called what? Why does cloud computing shift capital cost to variable cost? Cloud computing can BEST reduce costs for a business by: Which of the following is the MOST complex security provisioning problem in a cloud environment? Decreased time to market is facilitated by which of the following cloud computing benefits? Which of the following is the function of orchestration services? What is the main limitation of a desktop application? How can cloud computing help reduce integrity risks? Which of the following are strategic exit options? Twitter is a service that allows users to exchange short text messages. This is an example of: Which of the following is the MOST important impact of cloud computing on managing service - levels? Which represents the MOST important business continuity risk? A new Chief Information Officer (CIO) has been hired to develop competitive advantage strategies for the company, which is falling behind the competition. The CIO is looking at cloud computing to give the company a competitive edge. Which of the following is the CIO MOST interested in? Why does hardware and operating system maintenance take less effort with SaaS? Which of the following is indicated by a high number of variations of different virtual servers? Which of the following are important factors that must be negotiated with a SaaS vendor? (Choose all that apply.) A technology manager is explaining the company's latest move toward cloud computing. Which of the following statements would NOT be an example of cloud computing? Which of the following does the server virtualization layer do? Which of the following terms refers to the ability to rapidly adapt to market changes? Which of the following organizations are MOST liking to consider confidentiality requirements before implementing a backup and disaster recovery cloud solution? What type of application design is preferable for a cloud-based application? How can cloud-related financial risks be managed? Which type of cloud allows an organization to share its local cloud services with its partners? In order for an organization to have a successful cloud implementation, which of the following must be true? Cloud computing brings new challenges to ___________ management, because traditional licensing models do not fit well with scalable resources. Which of the following is a unique characteristic of virtualization? Which of the following is a service level management tool aimed at quantifying a cloud offerings' performance? A provider supplies storage, processing, memory, and network bandwidth to multiple tenants, using physical and virtual resources. This is an example of which of the following cloud characteristics? Which of the following would be a method to ensure ongoing benefits of a cloud agreement? Which of the following is the difference between cloud computing and IT outsourcing? Which of the following is the risk when an IT department restricts itself to solely being an infrastructure provider? Why is standardization of data formats important? ______ cloud services can provide interconnections between cloud functioning, allowing multiple clouds to be managed as a single cloud resource pool. Which of the following aspects of public cloud computing would a company MOST likely need to consider to ensure information security? Which change in the security processes is introduced by cloud computing? Which of the following confidentiality risks is introduced by cloud computing? Which level of management is provided by all cloud service providers, whether their products are Saas, PaaS, or IaaS? Which of the following can cause user response times to deteriorate? How can an organization successfully implement an IaaS strategy? A company decides to reduce its IT labor force by hiring an external company to manage various aspects of IT administration, such as software patch management, desktop virtualization, and remote network maintenance. The company will still retain technicians for maintenance and storage administration. Which of the following services has this company implemented?

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