CD0-001 - CompTIA CDIA+ Certification Certification Exam

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Example Questions

When identifying the impact of the proposed solution on an existing network, the following MUST be considered: Which group of people is BEST suited for system acceptance testing? When determining access permissions for documents, which of the following should be considered? A customers current document security model provides access to paper documents based upon job definition. Employees change jobs periodically based upon skills and business needs. An electronic system would need to implement: A business receives a total of 2,000 forms a day via fax and standard mail. Each form consist of two single-sided pages. 60% of the forms are received via standard mail. The faxed forms are directly captured electronically for the document management. How many pages will pass through the scanner a day? A CDIA+ professional is proposing a solution to a client who currently utilizes a service bureau to scan thousands of documents a month. What role should the service bureau play in the proposed solution? A company would like to capture and manage paper-based documents as well as electronic documents. Which system would BEST allow them to accomplish this? A company has contracted with a system integrator to implement a document management system that includes custom development and integration with its legacy systems. What is the best way to confirm that the proposed system will meet customer expectations? Who should retain the project documentation and archive after the implementation has been completed? A company, Inc, is using 90% of its network capacity. They plan to scan 5,000 images per day to a network file server. In order to meet the increased demands on the system, which of the following should be increased? A trusted third party that issues digital certificates for documents containing digital signatures would be referred to as: What is the difference between access rights and audit trails? The customer requires that the database be accessible by third party reporting tools. Which option BEST allows the database to comply with this requirement? During the creation of the implementation timeline, consideration should be given to: What key roles are performed by the Project Manager? wants to implement a scanning solution to scan double-sided documents at the most efficient cost. They expect to scan in excess of 800 sheets per day. Which of the following solutions will provide the best return on investment? When a workflow system is designed, what technique can be used to speed up approval cycles for documents when multiple people are involved? An Implementation Plan for a new imaging application should contain which activities? The technical manager in an imaging/document management company is responsible for all aspects of the client's system installation. What are three things that will ensure all installations are completed in a consistent manner? A company has requested an unstructured forms recognition solution to process received invoices. The company receives invoices from ten different vendors and processes five invoices per week. The company budgeted $3,500 for this project. The next step would be to: scans 500 8,5" x 11" two-page, duplex documents every day as 300 dpi Group 4 TIFF images. If each imaged page is an average of 50KB, approximately how many days can they operate before they run out of storage space on their 60GB hard drive? A system implementation is complete when which of the following has occurred? In an attempt to ease cultural change anxiety, the Project Manager speaks to end-users and managers. All of the following should be addressed EXCEPT the: What is one advantage of using a "group" to secure access to a type document or folder rather than assigning permissions to individual system users? A client bills customers with invoices generated on a laser printer. The invoice includes a payment stub that is mailed back to the client with payment. Currently, the client scans the payment stub and check by utilizing heads-up indexing to apply the index information. Which of the following methods would be the easiest and LEAST expensive to index the scanned images? If a group of users has difficulty accessing backfile documents on a near-line device, then which of the following devices would most likely be the cause? A company is required to create a training class for a proposed Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). All of the following factors would be considered for end-user training EXCEPT: Color images are scanned but on review of the resulting bitonal images there are empty spaces where there are red letters on the original pages. What is the most likely cause of this problem? A customer wished to integrate a custom-built third-party image viewing and manipulation application into their current office software package. They want to keep integration to a minimum and be able to launch the imaging application by a Toolbar icon. Which of the following would be the best tool to use in this situation? The technician is required to implement a proof-of-concept for a proposed solution. Which of the following would absolutely be included on the proof-of-concept document? During the project planning phase, it is essential for the consultant to obtain which one of the following? A company has a single call center. It will introduce new products that will increase customer service calls. The company wants to handle an increasing number of calls without adding personnel or decreasing customer service levels. Which aspect of workflow technology should it consider? The accounting department has 400,000 images in a jukebox located in the computer room. They expect the volume to increase by 50% next month. So far, image retrieval response is fair. Which of the following changes will improve performance with a minimal investment? In order to allow for the encrypted access of documents over the web, the web server should support: During discovery phase interviews with key personnel, a previously unknown critical document type is identified. What should the next step be? During the implementation phase of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) project, the Project Manager discovers that the storage system will not arrive by its targeted installation date. What is the next step? A customer needs to deliver objects over the web and ensure that only the authorized user can view them even if disconnected from the system. What technology would apply? Document type identification has been completed. Who must FIRST sign off on the findings in order for the project to move to the next phase? A companys marketing department would like a system that supports collaborative document development. The company requires that only one employee have the ability to modify a brochure at any given time. What technologies BEST meet this requirement? A Request For Proposal (RFP) includes a workflow requirement for reassigning work. What feature ensures that work can be or has been reassigned? revises several procedure documents every year. Multiple individuals review and revise these documents before final approval. Which would be the best solution? A customer has a mixed OS environment and they wish to consolidate all their documents onto a server running one OS. Which of the following solutions would be the most cost effective, and allow all the users to access the documents on the server? A title company wishes to scope out its residential mortgage packaging business process. All of the mortgage packets are internally received at a central office. How should a consultant next proceed in the identification phase? accesses a host-based line-of-business application using a standard telnet session and terminal emulator, as well as accessing other electronic documents from their mixed network environment. Documents are typically scanned, routed between departments, and captured from the host print queues. Which of the following is the most cost-effective solution to implement? The completion standards defined in the agreement have been met and the system performs as described. Which of the following is the most effective way of assessing employees' skill levels? The Return on Investment (ROI) of the proposed Document Management System (DMS) is BEST reviewed with the: An automobile leasing company wants to keep all the records related to the purchase, finance, lease, and title of a vehicle in a single electronic file. The documents are received via fax and hardcopy. The documents can range in size from legal to statement. Color is not important. What file format should the proposed scanner support? The shipping department receives 300 two-sided invoices per day. The department operates five days per week. How many images per week will the shipping department process? Which of the following activities would provide the greatest detail for identifying project scope?

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