CAT-380 - CA ARCserve Backup r16.x Administrator Certification Exam

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Example Questions

What is one disadvantage of performing both full and incremental Exchange Server backups every day? When you configure the Agent for Open Files, what do you select to determine how the agent detects if an open file is ready to be backed up by the backup client? In each remote CA ARCserve domain installation, a Branch Primary server: (Choose three) When backing up SharePoint Server data using the CA ARCserve Backup Agent for Microsoft SharePoint, how is the backup initiated? In the Job Status Manager, jobs can display various statuses on the Job Queue tab. Examples of valid statuses include: (Choose three) You can use preconfigured default Dashboard Groups to organize reports. Which Dashboard Group contains volume and disk reports? Which Global Options for backup jobs determine how frequently CA ARCserve Backup will attempt to back up or copy open files? Which options do you need to set for a SharePoint database level backup job? (Choose three) When you configure a database level backup for Microsoft SharePoint Server and you select the Other (NAS, File) Server Name as the backup dump location, what do you need to specify as the backup dump path? What is the benefit of using Changed Block Tracking when VDDK is your incremental or differential backup method? How do job scripts differ from job templates? Which file filter option enables you to include or exclude specific types of files from an archive job? Which permission must the SQL Server account for the database server have for the SharePoint dump location used during a restore? What is the main benefit of installing the CA ARCserve Windows client agent on the CA ARCserve D2D server? Which option is a database level or global level backup method for SQL Server databases? Which information can you obtain using CA ARCserve Backup storage resource management (SRM) reports? If you need to read and restore blocks of data quickly by bypassing the file system, which restore method should you use? What is a Dashboard Group? How long do you need to retain all tapes used for incremental backups? CA ARCserve Backup can automatically populate the CA ARCserve Backup database with virtual machine (VM)-related information using Auto-populate VM. You can specify the Auto- populate VM frequency when you configure the Agent for Virtual Machines. What is the default frequency? You are configuring a SQL Server database restore job. You want the restore operation to roll back any uncommitted transactions. Which Recovery Completion State option should you use? Which restore method do you use when you know the name of the file or directory you want to restore, but do not know the machine it was backed up from or the media it was backed up to? Which statement about data encryption in CA ARCserve Backup is TRUE? You have media containing a backup session that is not included in the CA ARCserve Backup database. To get the media information into the database, which utility should you use? To enable enhanced User Profile Manager, role management, and Windows account support, on the primary server, you need to install the CA ARCserve Backup: Which statement about report scheduling is TRUE? If you configure the Windows client agent to use System Security: You want to enable a Backup Operator and a Restore Operator to operate jobs submitted by any operator. Which CA ARCserve Backup extended permission should you select? You are configuring a backup job for a Hyper-V virtual machine (VM). You want to divide backup jobs into several subjobs that run simultaneously to different devices. Which backup option should you enable? How can you limit the servers that are authorized to perform backups on a Windows client agent object? Which action is a prerequisite for an Exchange Server database level restore? Which statement about reports in CA ARCserve Backup Manager is TRUE? On the Job Queue tab in Job Status Manager, which field indicates whether your executed job was successful or not? When you configure a SharePoint database level backup job, what do you need to specify if you select the CA ARCserve Server or CA ARCserve SharePoint Agent as the backup dump location? In a CA ARCserve Backup tape log, what does Sense Info indicate? When you use CA ARCserve Backup and the Agent for Microsoft SQL Server to back up and restore clustered Microsoft SQL Servers, where must you install the Agent for Microsoft SQL Server? You want to populate the CA ARCserve Backup database with information about the Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs) in your backup environment. To do this, which command line utility can you use? Which types of Exchange Server 2010 backups and restores can you perform using the CA ARCserve Backup Agent for Microsoft Exchange? (Choose two) After you complete the Diagnostic Wizard in the CA ARCserve Backup Diagnostic Utility, a file is created. In which GUI do you view this file? What is the default Infrastructure Visualization view? SQL Server backup and restore jobs can fail for various reasons. To investigate a failure, which log file should you check for specific errors? Which statement about Restore by Image is TRUE? In which CA ARCserve Backup utility can you modify the CA ARCserve Backup system account and configure database pruning? Which restore type for SQL Server databases always restores the primary FileGroup and any other FileGroups you specify as a new database? Which CA ARCserve Backup log can you use to find a session number if you need to restore a specific session? When you configure Windows virtual machines (VMs) using CA ARCserve Backup, which statement is TRUE? The Audit Log maintains a log of critical CA ARCserve Backup operations. In which GUI can you view the Audit Log? In which circumstances might you need to reinitialize the CA ARCserve Backup database? (Choose two) Which limitation applies when backing up VMware virtual machines (VMs)? When using Infrastructure Visualization, you can determine the last backup status of all nodes in a group by matching the color bar to a color scheme key. Which color represents incomplete jobs?