CAT-221 - CA Clarity PPM v13.x Professional Certification Exam

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Example Questions

What is the main advantage of using an Oracle template to create the CA Clarity PPM database? What are the three operations in the Audit Trail? (Choose three) All niku logger messages are routed to the console logs for the server. For IBM WebSphere, what is the name of the standard log file for any server on which CA Clarity PPM is deployed? What is the default application server vendor for CA Clarity PPM v13? Which standard view is used to configure the grid listing of all the instances of an object that the user has rights to see? The XML Open Gateway (XOG) utility enables CA Clarity PPM developers to: Out of the box, which object actions can you create in CA Clarity PPM v13? (Choose three) "A basic service to support the management of a cluster" In the CA Clarity PPM, which component does this statement describe? Using the SQL tag library, you can create Generic Execution Language (GEL) scripts with proper tags to work with Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) data sources. To run a stored procedure in SQL Server, you use the gel:setDataSource tag. Then, to call the procedure, which SQL tag do you use? Which properties do you define for a new custom object? You need to export a single portlet that is contained within a dashboard. Which limitations do you need to consider? (Choose three) A drilldown portlet can be (Choose two): You are creating a Generic Execution Language (GEL) script to invoke a web service. The response received after a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) call is an XML object with data in a tree-like structure. Which tag do you use to extract nodes from this object? When you use a partition model, which objects are configurable to a specific partition? (Choose two) CA Clarity PPM services in a cluster need to be able to communicate with each other. Therefore, you need to make sure that: In which circumstance should you use a dynamic lookup? After you populate the filter attributes of a filter portlet, you: Which statement about deploying partitions is TRUE? What is the default URL for accessing the CA Clarity PPM v13 application? You need the ability to control the results that display in a dynamic NSQL query, based on values entered in a view. Which type of lookup do you need to create? You can visually customize the CA Clarity PPM user interface using a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Which new benefit does CCS version 3 (CSS3) offer? Before saving a Generic Execution Language (GEL) script in a process, it is recommended that you: What is the function of a partition model? You need to check the NTFS permissions for the folder in which the CA Productivity Accelerator (CA PA) developer application files are installed. Which permissions should be set for this folder? (Choose three) You are developing an NSQL lookup query definition that can retain inactivated values in the record and enable them to be viewed in the application. Which specific NSQL construct should you use? CA Clarity PPM v13 portlets You are customizing CA Clarity PPM objects for your company. You want to attach a document to a field to provide the background for a business case. What can you specify using the Attachment Style data element? Which CA Clarity PPM Connector helps you to integrate with BMC Remedy? Which technology is Generic Execution Language (GEL) based on? The creation of a grid portlet requires a data provider. Data providers can be: (Choose three) To access the server page that lists the XML Open Gateway (XOG) invoke action web services, you specify the following URL: http://<servername:port>/niku/wsdl/InvokeAction Which types of invoke action web services are listed here? (Choose three) What are some common uses for HTML portlets? (Choose two) After a successful installation of CA Clarity PPM v13 using Tomcat and the proper deployment of the service, to start the CA Clarity PPM app service, which command should you use? You want to extend CA Clarity PPM by exchanging information with other applications. To accomplish this, which component can you use? When you configure Microsoft SQL Server for CA Clarity PPM, an open database connectivity (ODBC) connection is required for CA Business Intelligence (CABI) connectivity. CA Technologies recommends that the ODBC connection be called: