CAT-160 - CA SiteMinder r12 Administrator Exam

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Example Questions

In CA SiteMinder, a Web Agent interaction determines whether an authenticated user has access to a requested resource. The decision is based on a security policy defined in the policy store or entitlement store. This Web Agent interaction is called: Which log file holds log records for the CA SiteMinder user interface (UI)? To turn on the tracing facility for all Policy Server actions, you: Policies can grant access to users based on user information that exists in the user store. The BEST example of that information is: Which assumption does CA SiteMinder make about a user directory by default? Two benefits of password services are that they: Which tool can be used to establish a trust relationship between the CA SiteMinder user interface (UI) and the Policy Server? When using the CA SiteMinder Web Agent to protect resources, the three resource action rules available are: (Choose three) One of the three cryptographic operating modes for securing CA SiteMinder data is Federal Information Processing Standards (RPS)-compatibility. This mode: Which statement about the audit log is TRUE? Which database model does the Policy Server require? If you are an administrator, but not a superuser administrator, you can: (Choose two) To help prevent performance issues, you want to install Report Server according to the manufacturer's recommendations. For the Report Server hard disk space, at minimum, you require: The types of sample reports in CA SiteMinder are: In relation to Agents, what does central configuration indicate? Which types of configuration files are stored locally on the web server and can be created, modified, and viewed using a text editor? (Choose two) When you install a CA SiteMinder Policy Server, you need to configure two service accounts. Which service account has privileges to create, read, modify, and delete objects in the LDAP tree underneath the policy store root object? Which tool do you use to determine the identifiers of objects for a granular export or import by exploring a list of applications or domains? Which statement about the CA SiteMinder Extensible Policy Store (XPS) is TRUE? You are configuring cache and thread settings on the Policy Server Management Console Settings tab. Which Policy Server Operational Settings group do you need to configure? User and administrator activity is recorded in the: Where are named expressions stored? Two features of global policies are: Two important reasons why password policies are necessary are to: Examples of Web Agent interactions with a Policy Server include: (Choose three) User attribute mapping enables you to: You can use HTTP header variables or cookies to transfer information between web applications. In which sequence are variables set and sent through the HTTP header? 1. The client requests a web page resource. 2. Response variables are processed by the web server. 3. The newly modified HTTP request header is sent to web server. 4. For each response, the Policy Server sends variables, which are inserted in the existing HTTP request header. 5. The agent sends standard queries to the Policy Server, such as IsProtected, IsAuthenticated, and IsAuthorized. Which component of CA SiteMinder can be used to configure the scope and permissible tasks of an administrator? What is assigned to each authentication scheme? Which features characterize the J2EE application server agent? (Choose two) Before an installed Web Agent can be used to protect applications, you must: Named expressions enable you to: What is the purpose of directory mapping? Which benefits do agent groups provide? (Choose two) To modify the cookie domain you use the: You successfully install a CA SiteMindcr Web Agent. Then, if you perform the host registration process: What are the default session settings in CA SiteMinder? (Choose two) The CA SiteMinder WAN Administrative UI: