C4090-959 - Enterprise Storage Sales V3

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Example Questions

A customer has a large amount of storage being utilized.However, the customer believes that much of the storage is being used by duplicate copies and inappropriate content. Which IBM product can be recommended to this customer in order to identify duplicate copies and inappropriate content? A customer is looking to develop a single name-space solution that can handle 10 petabytes of data for their x86 servers. Which IBM solution is able to meet these requirements? A customer is looking for a solution that will handle their long-term data retention needs within the hardware.They need to avoid the potential erasure or modification of that data. Which IBM disk product provides the best solution for this customer? A customer has a growing database environment that is up to 20 TB of useable capacity today.The customer is noticing that there are some hot spots in the existing DS6870 array. What should be recommended to this customer to reduce the hot spots and increase performance? A customer is looking to move to a cloud environment and wants a solution that can manage servers and storage from a single console. Which IBM solution should be discussed with the client? A customer has a number of non-IBM storage arrays, which are capable of provisioning using only traditional RAID volumes.Over-allocation of storage is an issue on some arrays and not on others.In order to balance storage use across the arrays, the customer wishes to virtualize the environment. Which advantage would IBM SAN Volume Controller provide over EMC VPLEX? A customer is interested in a DS8870 feature that transfers frequently accessed blocks of data between spinning disk and solid state disk to increase system performance. Which feature provides that capability? A company wants additional storage for their database system and has been looking at HP competitive disk proposals as a solution.When discussing IBM's solutions with the company's 010, the sales specialist learns that the company is directly attaching the HP disk and is buying fewer, larger capacity drives. Based on this information, which financial justification is this customer using? A sales specialist is on location with a customer and is leaving for lunch with the CFO when a technician asks about the power requirements for the DS8870 that will soon be installed. What is the fastest way to find the answer? What is the role of Cloud Agile within IBM Smarter Storage? Which financial measurement is a company's CEO typically most concerned with? A customer needs to store video files for a minimum of 20 years. Which characteristic of Linear Tape File System (LTFS) will the customer most benefit form? A customer has an Oracle database running on z/OS.The customer wants to keep three copies database at separate sites. Which feature would allow them to do that? A customer has several different storage systems from different vendors all connected on a storage area network.All arrays are at least 80% utilized, and the customer needs additional capacity.Rack space and power are very limited. Which SAN Volume Controller concept should a sales specialist emphasize to convince the customer to purchase a SAN Volume Controller? A customer has planned a 500 Windows and Linux server consolidation project in order to use virtualization.The same customer also has a D58800 installed in production and wants to explore FCoE technology to reduce network administration and complexity' as part of a sewer and network optimization strategy. Which product or feature enables DS8SOOto be included in the new infrastructure? A customer is looking for a way to obtain the following storage management functions: Single point of control for point-in4ime and remote volume replication services Automated source-target matching Practice Volume support for DR Planning Volume Protection Which IBM product should be recommended to this customer? A customer is looking to start with a 100 TB storage solution.Over the next three years, they expect to double their storage capacity and performance requirements. Which IBM storage solution will scale both performance and capacity proportionately for this customer? Which product is the Real-time Compression Appliance technology designed to work with? A mainframe customer who utilizes 3490 tape is interested in reducing their need for tape and would like to compare offerings from IBM and Oracle. Which competitive product from Oracle should the specialist gather information on? A customer tells the sales specialist that the cost for high performance storage is too expensive, especially for data that is infrequently accessed. Which technology allows them to assign types of data to different types of storage media in order to reduce costs? A customer needs a way to over-allocate storage capacity to users to reduce administrative costs of manually managing allocations. Which storage efficiency feature of XIV provides this capability? A customer is looking for a small VTL that comes standard with deduplication as well as with atleast 4 TB of usable capacity which can grow to 20 TB. Which IBM solution should be proposed to this customer? An existing EMC customer has a number of UNIX and Windows based applications that are hosted on an EMC VMAX 10K system and the storage is fully populated.As part of an acquisition, the customer now wants to add a small mainframe into the current environment. What is the best reason to recommend the DS8870 in this situation? The Real-time Compression Appliance can bring compression capabilities to which product? A customer plans to replace its storage infrastructure which supports Oracle databases and a server farm based on VMware by a storage grid architecture.A Business Partner sales specialist proposes a two XIV grid system with 486 TB of usable capacity and implementation services. What approach may be used to migrate the applications' data? A sales specialist is discussing FO SAN with a customer, who says that it is not the right solution for the company's needs.The customer has another solution in mind but has forgotten the exact name of it, saying only that it has something to do with the LAN. Which term is the customer most likely trying to articulate? A sales specialist closes a customer meeting with an opportunity to offer a DSS800 for a critical SAP database application workload which runs on AIX and an EMC DMX system. The customer is concerned with performance and asks for a performance analysis before the DS8800 proposal. Which IBM tool should be used for planning the configuration? A large university requires a highly scalable NAS solution and would prefer to have one solution that will handle multiple protocols.What protocols does SONAS support? A Windows customer is looking for a storage solution that can handle block-based storage needs as well as provide a comprehensive backup solution. Which key question must a sales specialist ask to determine the proper Tivoli Storage Manager solution? An IBM customer that provides cloud storage has issues with the management of large data volumes across an environment consisting of several different storage products.Some applications have insufficient storage capacity or performance in their current locations.A possible resolution for this issue would be to consolidate the applications onto D58 800. Why is this? An IBM Business Partner has sold a storage subsystem to an end-user customer. Who is responsible for scheduling and ensuring completion of the pre-sales or pre-installation Technical and Delivery Assessment? The PRIMARY purpose of the SAN Volume Controller is to provide which function? A new customer to the TS3500 wants to know if the TS3500 they recently purchased has a three-year 9x5 warranty. What is the correct answer to give the customer? A sales specialist discusses system acquisition requirements with a company's OFO, who states, "our final evaluation will be based on hard dollars, but l still want to see what kind of value I'm getting with the solution we choose." How is this customer performing the purchasing analysis? A customer needs a new multiple-terabyte environment to accommodate a large DB2 database. Which requirements are most critical to obtain to create an appropriate solution? A customer currently has a DS8870 that has no SSDs installed and is using Easy Tier.They are complaining that important applications are running slowly and impacting the business but they cannot add storage at this time. What should the sales specialist suggest? A customer is implementing a storage solution behind their System x servers. The customer has a unique application that requires support for RAID 4. Which IBM storage solution should be recommended to this customer? When discussing the SAN Volume Controller's Easy Tier capability with a customer, the sales specialist mentions that this capability was first developed and utilized in another IBM product prior to its introduction within the SAN Volume Controller. Which product is the sales specialist referring to? What is one clear advantage of IBM's TS3500 Tape Library over Oracle's SL-8500 Library? In a meeting with the new Operations Director, it is mentioned that the storage administrator has been with the customer for as long as the current 010.The Operations Director states their team will make a recommendation to the 010. What should the sales specialist do next? Which architectural component is a unique part of the XIV system? What is an advantage of IBM XIV System Storage over HP P10000 (3PAR) in a cloud environment? Which of the following objectives address how long a customer can afford to be without access to their systems, and how much data they can afford to recreate once the systems are recovered? When comparing the IBM TS1 140 to IBM LTO-5 tape drives, what is a unique advantage of the TS1 140? A customer has an application on System x that requires a storage array without any mirroring or parity'.Which IBM storage solution can meet the customer's requirement? Which tool or resource can be used to verify the available feature codes for a DS8800? An IBM System x customer is implementing a VMware pool.The customer has one administrator to manage the servers and storage, so deep integration with VMware is needed.The customer also desires a storage array that can scale to 299 TB. Which IBM storage product should be recommended to this customer? In a meeting with the new Operations Director, it is mentioned that the storage administrator has been with the customer for as long as the current 010. The Operations Director states their team will make a recommendation to the 010. What should the sales specialist do next? A customer has a rapidly expanding enterprise-level storage requirement and is considering purchasing an IBM DS3970 Storage System. The customer has been approached by an EMC representative.Who has proposed VMAX 10K solution. What is a potential reason for choosing the DS8870 over the VMAX 10K? A customer who has an installed SAN Volume Controller is having latency Issues with their SAN network. Which function of Tivoli Storage Productivity Center would help diagnose those Issues?