C4090-958 - Enterprise Storage Technical Support V3 Exam

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Example Questions

Which statement is true about a SAN Volume Controller running at 64 code level? A customer has just learned that a brand new TS7650G ProtecTIER installation will not run as a virtual tape library with Symantec's NetBackup OST feature concurrently. When should this implementation situation have been discovered? A customer has storage on two sites that are 10 km apart, and a technical specialist is discussing replacing their EMC storage arrays. They tell the specialist that they use EMC SAN Copy. Which IBM storage product has similar capabilities? A Business Partner has completed the sale of an XIV Gen3. What is the most important step to ensure customer satisfaction? To effectively perform a comparative analysis, a customer needs to compare the form, function, and features of IBM technology to equivalent technology from EMC. Where can the technical specialist find this information? A customer is building a VMware infrastructure for several hundred VM guests. Many of these guests run mission-critical applications with large numbers of users. Which feature of XIV Gen3 should be emphasized with this customer? A customer has just installed a ProtecTlER TS7620 SM2, and has accessed the PT Manager for the first time. Where would the implementation engineer fulfill Registration, E-mail Alerts, and Call Home configuration setup? Easy Tier on a DS8800 in Automatic Mode performs its operations at which level? A D38800 has Easy Tier enabled and Easy Tier data collection is set to AutoMode. Which performance statistics are collected? A D38800 logical volume is composed of a set of what? What strategic tool minimizes low-confidence results while eliminating unrealistic assumptions about a workload proposed for a solution? A customer is planning the installation of a new SAN Volume Controller cluster in their S Gbps Brocade environment. They have asked the technical specialist for potential configuration oversights. What should the technical specialist recommend to the customer? Which statement is true about the Easy Tier functionality that is available on the DSS000, SAN Volume Controller, and Storwize V7000 storage product families? A Business Partner has proposed a solution for the migration of multiple D64700 systems to an XIV Gen3 with 10 modules. Which of the following is a migration consideration in this scenario? What is the maximum number of drives supported in a SONAS single array? A customer is installing a new backup solution. An existing tape Ii brary based on TS1 120 Tape Drives that was installed on 7 September 2006 is proposed as part of the solution due to lack of customer funds. Additionally, because of local regulations, any tapes transported between locations require encryption. What advice should the technical specialist give? A customer with numerous open system servers is using a single DSSSOO system with Easy Tier enabled. Storage performance for a specific clustered server needs to improve for end-of- month and end-of-quarter processing. The customer requires minimal disruption to operations. Which feature or action should the technical specialist recommend to the customer to improve performance for the clustered servers? When planning to use an SAN Volume Controller split cluster, why is it strongly recommended to have a third site available? Which statement is true regarding real4ime compression in the SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 code release 64? How many cache controllers does a fully-loaded IBM Virtualization Engine TS7720 with a base frame and expansion frame contain? A customer has a large repository of geophysical data (>500 TBs and growing). This data is primarily in larger single- file datasets. This customer would like to reduce their overall cost, floor space, and power consumption. The customer has also communicated that the data must be accessible as a file system and provide reasonable access times. Which technology best meets these customer needs? A customer requires the ability to provide access to billions of files simultaneously. What SONAS feature allows for this? What is one of the most important considerations for the number of LUN5 required for optimum performance in an XIV Gen3 Storage System environment? What is the function of a T33501J Service Bay? A customer has asked that IBM propose a solution to replace a data warehouse that currently resides on two EMO DMX systems. Several staff retired recently, and there is one remaining junior storage administrator. The current solution has approximately 200 usable TB of storage and sees maximum throughput at just under 600 MB/sec and 30,000 IOPS. Which solution should be proposed? A customer has an archiving requirement that is considered Big Data. Every 8 hours1 an average of 4.5 Petab9tes of data must be written to tape. The customer currently is considering Oracle SL8500 to meet this requirement. Why would the IBM TS3500 be a better technical fit? Which function controls host access to a volume in a switched fabric? A System z customer running z/OS Vi .11 is using a single D58801J storage system with Easy Tier enabled. Storage performance for a business critical application needs to improve to handle end-of-month and end-of-quarter processing. The customer requires minimal disruption to operations. Which feature or action should the technical specialist recommend to the customer to improve performance for this application? A technical specialist is holding a general discussion with a customer who has a large volume of block and file data. The customer tells the specialist that their company's storage maintenance is coming up for renewal and that they are facing pressure from within the company to adopt a Cloud Strategy. The customer's main technical concern is to avoid downtime with migration. Which solution provides native support for this strategy? A customer wants to add a fully populated BladeCenter chassis to their existing core-edge SAN. They have suffered performance issues in the past due to congestion and over-utilization of inter- switch links (ISL). The customer has asked what is the best practice guideline concerning ISL oversubscription ratio. Which one of the following ratios does the technical specialist provide? Which of the following is a new capability of LTES Library Edition V2.1 .1 with the IBM TS3500 Tape Library? A customer has a SONAS solution and is using Tivoli Storage Manager HSM. The customer wants to integrate SONAS with HSM to migrate low-use data to a tape-based storage platform. Which action is needed for this integration project? A customer is considering a ProtecTIER TS7650G solution with IBM storage to be purchased at the same time. Which tool or resource should the technical specialist utilize to determine the required amount of File Systems for metadata and user data? A customer is talking about the need for high security of data and the compliance department is concerned about the possibility of third parties recovering data that is on failed drives. Which IBM storage solution should the technical specialist recommend to overcome this problem? A customer tells a technical specialist that EMO stated XIV has a double drive failure problem because XIV has a 180 drive RAID group. What is the best response to this competitive statement? A single frame T33501J contains 6 LTO-3 tape drives in Drive Mounting Kits. A customer wants to add two additional LTO-5 drives. Which of the following TS3500 components will be affected? A customer with a DS8800 believes that additional host ports need to be connected into the SAN environment. Which resource or application would be used to determine whether the customer's suspicions are correct? Which tool provides storage management of an IBM SAN Volume Controller with application- aware copy services integration? A customer has two redundant fabrics with four switches per fabric1 and each fabric has two VSAN5. What is the minimum number of out-of-band connections required by Fabric Manager to discover and manage the fabrics? Which enclosures are supported when attaching to an N7900 subsystem? For a D38800, a second redundant Hardware Management Console (HMC) is recommended in which of the following scenarios? What are the main logical components in the DS8000? A customer wants to better understand how much recovered storage space will be gained by implementing Real-time Compression (RTC) on their SAN Volume Controller (SVC). The customer has requested a test method which shows how much space savings could be realized. Which method would the technical specialist use to show the customer RTC benefit on SVC? What should be included with an N7900 to ensure customers meet aggressive RPO and RTQ requirements? While discussing evaluation criteria for storage acquisition, a customer uses the following phrases: "acquisition cost," "software licenses," "staffing," and "ongoing maintenance cost." Which financial term best corresponds to the customer's discussion points? Where does the IBM Real-time Compression Appliance protect its software and configuration? When running on a DS8000, which is the first version of Easy Tier to allow thin Provisioning capabilities over remote replication (Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, Global Copy, Metro/Global Mirror)? A customer wants a comparison of a public cloud subscription-based solution versus an in-house solution for a new project. The customer has requested a TOO for each solution using a four year solution life cycle. Which of the following factors should be included as part of the public cloud solution's TOO? What happens when XIV with SSD caching installed suffers an SSD failure?