C4090-461 - IBM Midrange Storage Technical Support V4

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Example Questions

A customer is looking for a cost-effective, all-flash solution. Which benefit would the FlashSystem 840 offer this customer? An existing IBM Storwize V7000 Unified customer wants to take advantage of the Active Cloud Engine in order to use tape as a tier. Which product is required to accomplish this? A customer has a legacy storage system and is looking to move to a new IBM storage platform. Which standard feature of the Storwize family will accomplish this? A customer wants to purchase two IBM Storwize V7000 Unified systems that will be located at separate facilities and needs to share file data. Which IBM Storwize V7000 Unified systems feature addresses this requirement? A customer wants to create a big data implementation that supports encryption for regulatory reasons and can support IBM Spectrum Scale. What is the appropriate platform? A customer has a requirement for 4 TB of usable storage capacity for an active workload with SAS host connectivity. Which IBM storage product fulfills the customer requirement? A customer is currently running a mixed Windows and Unix environment with 100 TB capacity on EMC VNX. The customer wants to add an additional 200 TB of new disk capacity and also utilize existing VNX capacity. The customer does not require NAS capability and is interested in implementing FCoE into its environment. Which solution meets the customer's needs? A customer is discussing the purchase of an IBM Storwize V7000 storage system and needs to decide which pre-set RAID algorithm to use. The customer is aware of an option called "Balance RAID 10" and has asked for a description of how it functions. What are the characteristics of this RAID type? A potential customer is looking for a storage solution. The customer requires more than two I/O Groups and local HDD storage. What is the best solution for this customer? When speaking with a customer, which statement is correct for showing the differences between Flash and SSD? A customer is currently running an Oracle Database on an IBM Storwize V7000 system. On the current growth plan, it will be at 90% capacity in six months. The customer does not have room for additional racks in the data center. How should the Technical Specialist address this customer's concerns? A prospective customer has two non-IBM storage systems in production which have the maximum allowable configuration of disk drives. These systems have not been fully depreciated and must remain in production. Which advantage of the Storwize family of products should be discussed with the customer to address this situation? A customer currently has a NettApp solution today and is unhappy with the performance of the system. The customer is very happy with the SnapManager software from NetApp, which is one of the challenges for moving the customer to a new IBM storage product. What additional product should the technical specialist show the customer to help ease its concern about utilizing snapshots? Which IBM storage solution provides a powerful hardware platform with compression that can support the massive volumes of data created by today's demanding cloud and analytics applications? A customer is considering the costs of a storage system and is most concerned about the overall cost over the system's lifecycle. Which cost factor should be considered? A customer requires a low cost data at rest encryption storage solution. You suggest the IBM Storwize V7000 model 524 solution. The customer inquiries how the keys are generated and where the encryption keys are stored. Where is the master encryption key of the IBM Storwize V7000 stored? A customer has a mission-critical application that has a mixed workload of varying access demands. The performance is not meeting its business objective. The IBM Business Partner offered an IBM Storwize V7000 system with SSDs and HDDs. Which license allows this customer to automatically move moderately used data to the HDDs? An existing IBM customer is required to reduce storage footprint in the data center due to decreasing budget for floor space. The customer has asked the IBM storage specialist for an option for a Fibre Channel connected storage system that will provide a large amount of a storage space in the smallest possible footprint. Which storage system should the IBM specialist recommend? A customer has a DS5100 at one site and an EMC VNX5100 at a second site. The customer requires a storage solution to manage pools of block storage across the different storage systems. It is critical that storage can be deployed from either storage pool without any outage of the attached host system. The customer also requires the ability to maintain a fully synchronized copy of data at a second site with very low latency between them. Which solution should you recommend for this customer? A customer has an existing Dell ­ EqualLogic PS6210E and is looking to leverage thin provisioning and Easy Tier on its existing storage. Which IBM product best fulfills this requirement? A customer has a TS3310 Tape library installed in its data center, which consists of a base unit with 2 x LTO-6 tape drives and a single expansion module with an additional 2 x LTO-6 drives installed. The TS3310 tape library has 81 storage slots licensed. The growth in business requires that the tape library has an additional explanation module installed, and the new solution to be fully configured with LTO-6 drives and all tape storage slots licensed. Additionally, there is a requirement to encrypt the data backed up to tape. Which recommendation for the number of LTO-6 drives, storage slot licensing, and any additional items is required to provide the desired solution? A customer has a business requirement to replicate data between two sites and achieve a recovery point objective (RPO) as low as possible with the replicated data as up-to-date as possible. The existing inter-site link is a shared resource and can become congested. Which replication technology should be suggested to the customer? The customer has a need to separate into different I/O groups while maintaining a single point of management. Which standard function of IBM Storwize V7000 provides this capability? Which tool can be used to obtain an interactive image of Storwize system while using a mobile device? A customer requests that a sales specialist demonstrate the performance improvement that will be achieved on the Windows environment with a proposed IBM Storwize V7000 with Easy Tier. Which type of Windows data should the sales specialist gather from the customer? A customer wants to use a database application on the new Storwize family system. Which question should you ask to determine the correct disk technology (SAS, SAS-NL, SSD) for this client? A customer notices that at the end of the month the storage system performance slows down due to a payroll program constantly accessing employee records. Which licensed feature of the IBM Storwize V7000 helps alleviate this performance issue assuming all hardware requirements are met? A customer has a non-mission critical application that requires the highest performance and per-drive capacity utilization. Which RAID configuration should be utilized? An IBM customer has had trouble with restores on its older disk array. The last time this happened it caused a 20% drop in web traffic leading to lost sales. They would like to implement a new DCS3860 storage system and have called upon the IBM specialist to provide an overview. The customer is highly concerned about using more space in the data center. What should the IBM specialist recommend as features on the IBM DCS3860 to address these concerns? An IBM customer is considering more spinning disk for a new business analytics application. The IBM specialist is requested to provide information as to challenges that the customer might face and what other customers in the marketplace have implemented. Which factor should provide best performance? Which open standard provides a web based self-service portal to interact with underlying services such as launching an instance, assigning IP addresses, and configuring access controls? A customer has a storage system with a number of databases and has a business requirement to provide development with a sample of real data for testing. The customer is also concerned with cost. Which solution is appropriate for this customer? A customer has storage systems from HP and EMC connected on its Fibre Channel network. They are for separate departments and the customer is considering a new system for the financial department and a consolidation of the existing storage systems. Which feature should the storage specialist emphasize on IBM Storwize V7000 to address this concern? What is the IBM solution used to manage encryption keys for IBM Tape and Elastic Storage Server Advanced Edition? A customer has a FlashSystem 840 installed with 12 TB of capacity (8 x 2 TB flash modules, RAID 5). The storage solution was purchased for a project that has now been completed and the customers plan is to install additional flash modules and deploy this device to a new project and has asked for you recommendations. Which advice should be given to this customer? A storage administrator has added some 4 TB Nearline SAS to its IBM Storwize V7000 and wants to follow IBM's best practice. What is the preferred RAID type to use? A customer has a mission-critical application that requires the highest performance while providing redundancy. Which RAID configuration should be utilized? A customer has an existing database maintained on an IBM Storwize maintained on an IBM Storwize V7000 storage system. New PRO objectives with multiple sample points are being requested. You recommend the IBM Storwize V7000 as it supports "FlashCopy Consistency Groups" which will potentially resolve this new business requirement. How should you describe this feature to the customer? A customer wants to refresh its storage infrastructure for its VDI platform. The customer also wants to intermix existing work loads on the new platform. The VDI platform is extremely small (<2 TB) and the other work loads are not as intensive from a compute standpoint. What is recommended for the VDI platform to provide optimum performance? A customer has been experiencing sporadic performance issues on its IBM Storwize V7000 system. Analysis has shown that during peak workloads it is CPU constrained. What can be done to alleviate the CPU contention? A customer has an aging system with more than 400 TB of data and a significant portion of the data is redundant. The customer is currently missing its backup window and needs to conform with the SLAs. Which IBM solution should you recommend? OpenStack Block Storage enables you to add extra block-level storage to which component? A client would like to store large video files on CIFS/NFS network shares and needs to make sure that the data, once its stored, can't be changed or manipulated. Which benefit would an IBM Spectrum Archive solution with LTO-6 drives deliver over a common SAS disk solution? A client wants to enlarge its existing IT infrastructure storage capacity by also reusing existing storage. The client is looking at the IBM Storwize family. Which tool should be used to assist with justifying the acquisition? Which resource provides the complete support matrix for a specific IBM storage system? A customer needs to deploy many virtual servers without utilizing the ESX server. Which standard functionality will help this customer if IBM Storwize products are used?