C4090-457 - IBM Storwize V7000 Implementation V1

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Example Questions

When provisioning storage from an external array to Storwize V7000 which of the following is the best practice? The Easy Tier function supports which tiered storage configuration? How many days can an external virtualization license be used for migration before incurring a cost? What action must be taken to receive timely updates automatically on firmware and flash updates/releases? An implementer provisioned storage from the Storwize V7000 to all hosts per the implementation plan an audit determined that host volumes utilized less than 50% of their allocated storage. What steps can be taken to reclaim the underutilized space? A Storwize V7000 is being installed with two additional expansion enclosures and virtualizing a single external storage enclosure with 60 drives Real-Time Compression (RTC) is being implemented. How many RTC licenses should be entered upon installation? The storage administrator was given a Comprestimator output of the Storwize V7000. The storage administrator is requested to create compressed volumes from the report. Which volumes should the storage administrator select to be compressed? The Migration Wizard is used to import LUNs with existing data to the Storwize V7000. It uses information in different steps of the migration process. What must be recorded before the Migration Wizard is started? On the Storwize V7000 what will indicate that the USB key is ready for removal and the output file is ready for inspection? In the Storwize V7000, what is the definition of a Consistency Group? When directly connecting an IBM Power System running IBM i to a Storwize V7000 what is the required IBM i operating system version? Beginning with V6.4.0 a Storwize V7000 can Virtualize another Storwize system What must be changed? According to IBM best practice, what is the recommended number of ports to be zoned from an external storage array to all 8 Fibre Channel ports on an IBM Storwize V7000? As part of a Storwize V7000 implementation project twelve Global Mirror with Change Volume relationships are planned for creation. All twelve master volumes are contained in a single pool on the primary Storwize V7000 and all twelve auxiliary volumes are contained in a single pool on the secondary Storwize V7000. During implementation it is found that no more than six Global Mirror with Change Volume relationships can exist at one time. Which of the following Storwize V7000 configuration changes will most likely resolve this issue? A customer unpacks their new Storwize V7000 Along with the Storwize V7000 control enclosures find the following items: 2 x expansion enclosures 2 x 5m FC cables 4 x 1m SAS cables 24 x 600 GB HDDs What additional item is required to install the system? After a successful cluster creation using the USB key, what file be generated on the USB key? Where should the user go to in the GUI when IBM support requires additional diagnostic information? The implementer wants to view the system event log due to some error messages on startup. Which function icon on the Storwize V7000 GUI is used to view the error message? After collecting the logs from the Storwize V7000, where would an IT administrator submit the Storwize V7000 data for IBM support to analyze? When converting an existing Global Mirror relationship to a Metro Mirror relationship how can the initial data synchronization be avoided'? An implementer is creating zoning to support Metro Mirror or Global Mirror between two Storwize V7000 systems. Based on best practice what is the number of replication zones to create in each fabric? Which GUI volume preset should the storage administrator choose to minimize consumption of the storage pool while being closely related to the number of writes from the host? When performing the initial system setup for the Storwize V7000 which login credential are required the set up? Easy Tier can be activated via Storwize V7000 GUI on a(n): During preparation for Storwize V7000 implementation, it is stated that the network security team isolates every subnet in the enterprise with its own firewall. Furthermore, the customer states that the default firewall policy is to reject all protocols. To access the management GUI, what protocol must be allowed through the firewall isolating the Storwize V7000? Operating the system with missing drive assemblies will cause what in the Storwize V7000? An implementer has purchased a clustered Storwize V7000 with external virtualization licenses. Originally, an EMC subsystem was to be virtualized and it was to host one of the Storwize V7000 cluster's quorum disks However, during the implementation, the customer decided to replace the EMC subsystem with an HP subsystem. What information about the HP subsystem should be checked by the implemented? The implementation plan called for using Storwize V7000 FlashCopy targets created with the "Snapshot preset to backup a production Microsoft SQL Server database. The goal in creating the FlashCopy instances is to reduce or eliminate the impact of backups on the production Microsoft SQL Server. However, during testing, it was found that SQL Server database performance is still being degraded when FlashCopy is running. How can the Storwize V7000 configuration be changed to reduce or eliminate the SQL Server database performance degradation during backups? An implementer has started the Storwize V7000 management GUI for the first time. What item is displayed automatically in the GUI?