C4090-456 - IBM XIV Storage System Technical Solutions V4 Exam

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Example Questions

On a thin-provisioned pool the size of the volume is limited by: Which statement is true when comparing an XIV Model 214 to Model 114? Which XIV system feature simplifies creation of the XIV volume? What technology integrates XIV in the VMware hypervisor? On an XIV system, what is the minimum hardware configuration when the Capacityl on Demand feature is used? Where is the XIV VSS Provider software installed? During data migration from a legacy storage system to the XIV system, there are eight hosts accessing eight separate volumes. What is the maximum number of volume migrations allowed in the background while the eight hosts are actively running? How does the XIV system protect data arriving from hosts? A customer is planning to buy a nine module XIV configuration. They have requested the exact power and cooling needs for this configuration. What is the recommended document to consult for this information? Which of the following is a benefit of the XIV system's storage allocation methodology? In a six module XIV system, I/O activity involving a specific logical volume is handled by how many spindles? Which of the following statements is true of the XIV architecture? How does the data migration feature enable the smooth transition of a host to an XIV system? An XIV snapshot is taken daily from the same volume and kept for one week. If it is Friday and the system is restored from a snapshot taken on Tuesday, why is it possible to return to a snapshot taken on Thursday? The XIV host attachment kit provides which of these functions? XIV Quality of Service limits I/O to which of the following? A customer demands NES and block access to their storage solution, but is also interested in XIV technology. The customer wants to have easy administration for both NES and block. They would also like to combine the solution with an IBM HSM solution. The initial need for storage is 500 TB and grows by 500 TB every five months. What would be the best solution for this customer? What is the fastest way to see which volume is receiving the most IOPS on the XIV? Which of the following external power inputs is available for full power redundancy of a six module XIV system? A customer has legacy Windows 2003 servers to connect to an XIV. What software is required to be installed on the host? When creating a thin provisioned volume on an XIV the maximum capacity is limited by: PowerVM is a requirement for XIV host attach to which of the following operating systems? Which two of the following IBM products assure online data migration? (Select two) Which statement is true regarding XIV connectivity to IBM PowerVM VIOS clients? The XIV Gen3 module interconnect implements which technology? XIV hardware architecture optimizes the usage of snapshots by: Following a proof of concept, it has been determined that an eleven module XIV system containing 2 TB drives is the minimum configuration suitable for the workload, which consists primarily of random writes. The customer is concerned about the upfront costs so the sales representative has suggested a six module system with 3 TB drives, which would also provide ample capacity for the application. Given the customer's concerns, which configuration should the technical specialist recommend to best meet the customer's requirements? What is a benefit to IBM's XIV SSD transparent read cache? A storage administrator wishes to migrate a legacy storage controller's volumes to a SAN Volume Controller. The controller can provide SAS or iSCSI host connections only. An XIV is virtualized by the SVC and has been upgraded from six modules to nine to assist with the migration project. The additional storage is yet to be presented to the SVC. What would be the best method to transfer the data? Compared to other IBM storage offerings, which of the following is unique functionality on an XIV system? How many active module interconnects are there between data modules on an XIV system Model A14? When is the command xcii --protect used? Which statement is true regarding XIV virtualization and the advanced snapshot mechanism? A customer wishes to mirror volumes between two XIV systems across Ethernet. What is the simplest way to achieve this? Which of the following occurs in the event of an SSD failure in an XIV system? A customer has requested a highly available solution with fully concurrent fail over for a VMware farm of hosts. The customer also has Oracle databases that demand very low latency (0.5 ms and lower). What would be the best solution for this environment? What is the maximum period of time the XIV system stores detailed host and volume data? A customer wants to set up a Windows 2008 cluster with three nodes, with application data presented from a fifteen module XIV Gen3. All three nodes will run applications under normal operating conditions. Each node has a single dual- port Fibre Channel host bus adapter. Assuming a dual fabric SAN, how should the cluster nodes be zoned to the XIV within each SAN? Which is the correct method to access the XIV Multi-system Manager (MSM)? A TELCO customer has an application that generates intensive small block random reads. The customer installed one XIV Gen3 system and is dissatisfied with this choice. They have enough performance on writes and sufficient capacity. In order to consolidate more applications what should the technical specialist advise? Which XIV system feature increases the level of reliability of the system? How does IBM XIV SSD technology provide longer life over competitors' use of SSD technology? What is a benefit of the XIV system's grid-based architecture? When is the best time to complete a TDA for XIV? When does XIV Gen3 SSD caching significantly improve performance? Which activity occurs after upgrading an XIV system from nine modules to ten modules? What is the benefit of VMware VAAI functionality? What minimum information is required when creating a volume on an XIV system? A customer reports performance problems on an XIV Gen3 system. After further analysis of performance statistics, it appears that latency is high for reads but writes are acceptable. I/O size is generally small, with more writes than reads. Which option is likely to help the situation? A customer has purchased a six module XIV Gen3 for a new project, which is located in a new data center. A new requirement states that a portion of the project data must be replicated to an existing six module XIV (Gen2) at the customer's primary data center, 500 km away. The target XIV has sufficient capacity but no Fibre Channel connectivity exists between sites. The customer therefore decides to use iSCSI replication. Which upgrade is required to meet the requirements?