C4090-451 - IBM Midrange Storage Technical Support V3

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Example Questions

A customer wants to have two Storwize V7000 systems as a clustered system. What is the maximum number of Fibre Channel ports on each control enclosure needed to build the cluster? The IBM TS3310 is a midrange LTO tape library. What is the maximum number of LTO tape drives in a fully configured TS3310? A customer currently has an EMC Celerra and wants to change to another manufacturer. Which product should the technical specialist recommend to meet their requirements? The technical specialist is reviewing a Storwize V3700 proposal with a customer and he/she asks about the Storwize V3700 support.The customer is inquiring about "how-to" support and not about microcode firmware or software upgrade processes. What product support should the customer purchase for "how to" support? A customer is interested in purchasing a VTL gateway for their VMware environment.They have stated that they want to use their existing disk infrastructure to provide capacity for the solution.Capacity efficiency and high performance are both key benefits they are looking for. Which of the following resources should the technical specialist use to help the customer size the resources necessary to meet their requirements? A customer has an environment based IBM DS storage systems.A question has been raised as to whether a Storwize V7000 with a multi-tier disk solution would provide adequate performance to replace the existing storage. What tool would be used initially to answer the question? What is the most efficient way to be kept up to date with technical information on an installed IBM storage system? A customer has a requirement to begin archiving data for a lifecycle management initiative The customer needs to use software for archiving and retrieving the data, and a magnetic tape library for long term retention.Some data must be protected from being overwritten.Initially there will be 7 TB of storage needed with a projected growth of 2 TB a year over the next two years- The technical specialist must develop a solution that will fit the above needs. What tool will the technical specialist use to configure the tape library and media to prepare a BOM (Bill Of Materials) for this proposal? A customer is implementing new Disaster Recovery policies in their data centers located 1000 km apart.A very important requirement is to be able to configure RPO in a range from 5 minutes to hours. What replication option can the customer use on their Storwize V7000? A customer has an aging EMC CX4-120 array nearing end of support life for their Oracle environment.The Oracle team would like to take advantage of snapshot technology to improve their application development process. Which N series software feature would benefit this customer the most? During the TDA process which item is addressed? What type of data protection is used by the FlashSystem 810? An existing N series customer is running SnapMirror and SnapVault between production and their Disaster Recovery site.Production Sites A and B replicate to DR Site C using SnapMirror and SnapVault. The customer is planning to add an additional N series to Production, and using SnapVault to backup to Site C, however the N series on Site C is near its currently configured limit for concurrent replication operations. How would the customer increase the concurrent replication operations on the N series at Site C? A customer currently has an EMC block storage system using flash drives and wants to replace the EMC With an IBM solution that has similar automated features. Which IBM midrange solution and feature should the technical specialist recommend? Which product is needed to be able to utilize Active Cloud Engine to Tape on the Storwize V7000 Unified? Due to regulatory requirements in the insurance industry the customer needs to backup using WORM.Which product can accomplish this task? Which of the following is a feature of LTFS (Linear Tape File System)? A customer wants to utilize Real-time Compression (RtC) in their environment and needs to determine the impact directly in the Storwize V7000 resoures. What would the technical specialist advise the customer to use to make this determination? A technical specialist has been asked to design a solution to address a video imaging archiving need.The customer needs to store images on disk for 90 days then keep them on tape for a period of 7 years.There will be little access to the data once it is written initially unless it is needed for legal reason.There is no need for high performance and the video files are quite large in size.Initially, there will be 2 PB of data to be archived with an estimated annual growth of 50 percent over the next two years Which software solution should the specialist recommend as part of this design"? A customer has IBM storage installed including a Storwize V7000 Unified.The customer would like to do term performance monitoring of the Storwize V7000 Unified as well as their SAN environment. What tool would the technical specialist recommend to accomplish this? Based on the documented SAPR process, when must the pre Sales TDA be completed? A customer has a Storwize V7000 and they are interested in deploying an expert integrated solution in second data center.They intend to replicate to the second data center and virtualized their external storage products. Which storage product will meet the requirements for the new site? A customer has existing IBM storage that is due for a refresh.Currently, there is an issue with performance for a key application.The problem seems to relate to I/O response times but there is no information available to support this. What software tool could the customer use to enable ongoing monitoring of the storage system performance? To prevent data loss, what should be a part of a migration plan prior to starting the migration of production data'? A customer wants to consolidate multi-vendor servers and pool storage platforms. Which of the following is a key differentiator of the PureFlex foundation? What tool could be used with Easy Tier on a Storwize system to determine the amount of Solid State Disk that Easy Tier can utilize? A customer has a VMware cluster composed of three X3650 M3 servers connected to a DS3200 disk array via SAS.The DS3200 has been declared "end of life" and needs to be replaced.The customer can not replace the SAS HBAs in the X3650 M3 servers at this time. Which storage solution can be used to replace the DS3200 without replacing the host SAS HBAs? In order to prepare to use the Storwize V7000 Data Migration Wizard which step must be executed first? A customer has a Storwize V7000 with internal disk drives and a virtualized DS5300 controller unit with two disk expansions.The customer is expanding their video surveillance archive storage capacity and is adding a DCS3700 with 120 disk drives, all drawers full. How many licenses for external virtualization should the Storwize V7000 show in the management GUI after virtualization of the DCS3700? A customer has been reading about storage virtualization in the industry press.They want to learn about implementing a Storwize V7000 in front of their EMC DMX arrays. In a Windows environment, what tool would be used to collect the data to be used to determine if the Storwize V7000 would meet the customer requirements? On the TS3310 what does the capacity expansion feature provide? A customer has a mature Oracle database solution built on older 146 GB 15k disk drives totaling 14 TB but the actual database is only 3 TB.They want to refresh the existing database and add 8 TB of archival storage.With advances in technology IBM now offers a series of solutions.Cost is a consideration. Which solution will offer the greatest increase in performance, reduction in rack space and power utilization? What is the maximum size LUN from an external disk array that the Storwize V7000 will recognize? What IBM Partnerworld website can a Business Partner access to select and use tools of a modeling nature (eg., Disk Magic, ProtecTIER.TCOnow! for Disk) for IBM storage solutions? The IBM web site where software for all IBM storage solutions can be downloaded is called: A customer has several IBM LTO tape drives scattered throughout multiple floors and departments in their building and business.Further questioning discovers that the tape drives are of various LTO generations. If centralized tape operations is proposed, how many different LTO tape generations can be configured in a new IBM TS3310 Tape Library? Which of the following IBM products compares to EMC FAST technology? A customer is replacing remote office BladeCenter S deployments.None of the remote offices has even a "data closet".The customer likes the PureFlex solution but is concerned about needing infrastructure for both the PureFlex chassis and a separate storage solution. Which of the following storage solutions will address this customer's concern? A potential storage customer has a large VMware environment which is managed by a small staff TN are looking at the IBM DCS3700 series storage with Dynamic Disk Pools. Which of the following would allow the VMware administrators ease of management for Dynamic Disk Pools? A customer has purchased some new LTO-5 drives to replace their existing LTO-4 drive technology.They wish to re-use some legacy LTO-3 and more recent LTO-4 tape cartridges. Which of the following statements is true regarding the re-use of cartridges? Where must the Comprestimator utility be installed and run from to sample stored data? Which N series software enables cost-effective, long-term retention of rapidly restorable disk-based backups? A customer is asking for 18 TB of usable capacity for a new Oracle database application that has a transaction rate in excess of 50,000 transactions per second.Their data center has limited power and cooling resources What is the best storage solutions to meet these requirements? What is a Consistency Group? A hospital is looking for a file server on which to archive medical images.There are currently 100 TB of medical images and the archive is projected to grow at 15% per year.The hospital compliance department requires write locking (WORM) for some medical images and the hospital is looking to use compression and deduplication technologies to minimize the growth in physical disk space. Which of the following devices meets the hospital's requirements? During a requirements gathering exercise, a customer explains that their environment is synchronously replicated between two sites over a dedicated 1Gb link using standard Ethernet frame rates. Based on the customer requirements, what is the maximum workload that would fit within the bandwidth available? When used in active/active configurations, what product provides the highest data availability levels in N series within the storage subsystem? Which tool can be used to calculate the available tape capacity in a TS3310 configuration? Considering ProtecTIER and the HyperFactor algorithm for factoring the uncompressed data which data type would benefit most from data deduplication? A customer has a long standing environment on an AIX platform for an application which has 300 volumes assigned to it.The reason given by the customer for such a high number of volumes is to allow the application to spread its workload out across these devices because only 1 transaction per volume is allowed to be outstanding at any one time.The technical specialist is consolidating the environment to a smaller number of volumes on a Storwize V7000. Assuming that the application will support the use of a smaller number of volumes, what adjustment can the technical specialist recommend to allow the number of outstanding I/O operations on each volume be increased to maintain performance?