C4090-450 - Midrange Storage Sales V1 Exam

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Example Questions

A customer has a heterogeneous environment of which 16 TB must be replaced. Their business critical application running on Oracle is suffering disk performance. What is the most cost effective IBM Storage Solution to propose to this customer. A customer with three Windows servers wants to create a shared storage array. One server runs a 400 GB Oracle database with high transaction rates. The second server is a file server with 4 TB of data and the third server is a mail server with 250 GB of storage. The key customer decision maker has only purchased EMC VNX storage products in the past. Cost is a key consideration. From the following which is a key feature that could convince the customer to purchase a DS3500 over an EMC VNX storage system? Which of the following tools enables a sales specialist to accurately identify the number of disk drives in a storage solution? A customer has a single site today and is looking at disaster recovery solutions for their existing Storwize V7000. In addition to a second Storwize V7000 at another site, which IBM product should be recommended to the customer? Which of the following IT infrastructure offerings includes integrated server, storage, and network hardware and systems management software in a single vendor design A customer would like to consolidate four 20TB disk systems under one management point and the existing disk taking accounts a 10% growth rate. They would also like to add a tier of ultra performance disk to address current disk performance issues with no manual data placement across tiers. Which solutions best fits these requirements? A sales specialist is on the way to a meeting with the Data Center Manager to discuss their storage growth. While waiting for the appointment a technical support person asks a specific Storwize V7000 specification question. A laptop is not accessible. What resource is immediately available to Answer: questions? A customer is a rapidly growing company requiring midrange block storage, but wants to minimize storage management complexity and cost. A single Storwize V7000 is proposed, but the customer is concerned that they will quickly grow from 200 TB to 400 TB of capacity and thus outgrow the solution. Which of the following is the best response to this concern? A customer is purchasing an IBM storage subsystem that will be first in the enterprise and is on the IBM Designated Product List. What is the sales team required to complete? A customer is looking at a Windows server consolidation and unified storage solution. Which products best fit the customers need A customer is looking for a low cost storage system to provide 10 TB of usable storage requested a system with SAS host attach. What would the sales specialist recommend? The sales specialist has an opportunity to recommend a new storage controller for a customer who has the following servers Sun with Solaris, HP with HP-UX, x86 with Windows, and x86 with Linux. The customer has mentioned that there are too many cables coming out of the back of our servers. What can be concluded from this information? A customer expresses dissatisfaction with the utilization numbers of their current heterogeneous storage resources, and with the management complexity. Which IBM product best satisfies the customer requirements? A customer has two small data centers on their corporate campus. They've asked for ideas to improve capacity utilization and reliability of server access between the existing data centers which are 1 km apart, as well as establishing a new disaster recovery facility away from the campus. Much of the existing storage has significant depreciation, and the customer will retain these systems. Which option best utilizes the existing storage infrastructure to meet the customer request? There is a customer with a lights-out environment where all administration is done remotely. All equipment is installed by a third party group or by the equipment vendor. The customer is expanding their NAS storage and they want to use Storwize V7000 Unified. Which of the following is a focus point that will be needed for this customer? A client has a file server with 100 TB of usable storage. The growth rate of the data is 50% per year. The majority of the data rapidly becomes inactive data and is not frequently accessed. The customer would like to implement a solution that would automatically migrate the inactive data to a less expensive disk. Which solution would meet the customer's requirements? A customer wants a NAS environment for both NFS and CIFS. The customer is concerned with the amount of rack space they will need for their environment. It is estimated that 100 disks will be needed. To efficiently use rack space which of the following will provide the best combination? Which IBM resource should be used to validate the results from a Disk Magic study PRIOR to presenting the final storage solution and pricing to a client? An IBM Technical Delivery Assessment must be completed. Where is this checklist located? A customer's major concern is the high cost of implementing SAN attached storage. They do need to consolidate storage and share data while utilizing existing LAN network infrastructure. Which of the following IBM products should be proposed? Which two of the following are examples of a company's legal need to comply with data retention? 1. Cost 2. Growth 3. Risk 4. Availability What is a feature of the Storwize V7000 that is not available in the StorwizeV3700? A customer with two data centers in the same city has expressed interest in business solution, but they have a very small budget. Which of the following solutions best matches this customers requirements? Oracle STK claims the highest reliability and fastest mount times in the industry. Which feature(s) of the TS3500 should be configured in response to the STK proposal? What IBM tool is most appropriate to simulate scenarios to meet customer response time requirements? A customer has 10 VMware servers and their current DS4000 system has come off of lease. They want to upgrade and replace it; however, they have limited budget, staff, and time to install. What is the best solution to discuss with this customer? A customer needs approximately 800 TB of network attached storage for unstructured media files in a single file system. Which of the following choices would be the best solution for this customer? When a Technical Delivery Assessment (TDA) is completed for an IBM storage solution sold by a Business Partner, who is responsible to maintain the record of TDA completion? What is the designated Product List or DPL? Which of the following software features/products are available at additional cost for the Storwize V7000? What is a key benefit of the IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller? A customer wants to purchase storage for a new messaging project to be implemented within the next nine months. Which of the following would be the best question to ask FIRST? A customer believes their storage capacity will grow very quickly to many hundreds of terabytes, and that they will require high performance. However, they want to start with only 5 TB of storage. The customer wants to only learn one administrative interface for all their storage, and they want a low entry price to get their business started. What solution best meets the customer requirements? A sales specialist is competing against EMC for a Data Retention opportunity. The customer has a need for less than 1 TB of fixed content. Which of the following IBM products should be quoted to satisfy this requirement at minimum cost? A retail customer has a combination of Microsoft Windows file servers with direct attached storage and Power Systems with AIX database servers SAN attached to a DS5020. The D5020 is reaching capacity, and the customer needs to migrate to a more scalable storage system. Which of the following would be most appropriate to ask first? A customer has 100TB of NetApp storage, used for NFS and CIFS file sharing. The existing NetApp devices are near capacity, and do not have much room to add drives. What would be a choice to allow this customer to extend the useful life of the NetApp devices? A customer is implementing a server consolidation project and is looking at storage solutions that provide primary storage deduplication. What combination of technologies should the sales representative recommend? A customer has a single IBM Storwize V7000 Control Enclosure with 4 expansion enclosures attached. The customer is looking at expanding this configuration. What is the maximum number of expansion enclosures that can be added to this configuration? A customer wants to create Writable snapshots that only write changes to disk. Which optional N series software product addresses this requirement? A distribution customer with System x servers has a requirement for automated scheduling, compression and deduplication on their Tivoli Storage Manager environment. Which of the following statements is FALSE? A customer has an IBM TS3310 configuration with LTO-4 technology that is out of capacity. They currently use 100 LTO-4 cartridges which are full, and will need to store an additional 100 TB. If they switch to LTO-5, how many LTO-5 cartridges would they need to buy? Assume the existing data from the LTO-4 cartridges will be rewritten onto LTO-5 cartridges. A sales specialist is asked to provide a briefing for a customer and has been told that the data center implementation team will attend. When developing the agenda for this meeting, what area should receive the most focus? A manufacturing customer has a requirement to add twelve additional servers (dual attached) to their existing two Brocade 16 port SAN Switches that have no more ports available. Which of the following should be recommended to accommodate the current capacity requirement, allow for future growth, and provide 8 and 4 Gb support? A customer is looking to consolidate multi-vendor servers and storage platforms. Which of the following is a key differentiator of the PureFlex Foundation? The customer is looking for a new server to run his interactive database application. Many users will be accessing the database at the same time. Which of the following what types of server would you expect the customer to be running the database on for best performance and scalability? Identify three key areas to qualify a midrange disk opportunity. A customer with a DS5300 has been adding storage at the rate of 30% per year. The customer is tired of buying more hardware when they are convinced that at least 20% of the storage consists of old or duplicate files. What product can help the customer identify the old and duplicate files, and reduce their need purchase additional storage? As part of a consolidation plan, an insurance customer wants to automate their backup needs. The environment includes: 2 Power servers running AIX 4 System x servers running Windows 2008 1 System z server running zOS They have analyzed their bandwidth and capacity requirements, and will require 4 tape drives and approximately 100 TB cartridge capacity. Which of the following would best meet their requirements? The DS3500 series has fully redundant I/O paths with automated failover and mirrored data cache. These are examples of which value proposition? What technology does IBM N series utilize for its snapshots?