C4040-252 - Power Systems with POWER8 Enterprise Technical Sales Skills V1

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Example Questions

What feature of the POWER7 processor design allows the system to recover from soft or transient errors in the processor core? A managed service provider offering retail cloud services on E870 with DS8870 storage would like to use storage copy services to replicate data between a primary and secondary data center located 200 miles (322 km) apart. Which product is required? A customer wants to use SAS drives for dual VIOS boot on their E880 running AIX. Which option will support their requirement? A customer is considering adding more workloads to their production 6-core Power 720. The server already has several IBM i LPARs with dedicated resources. What information would help the technical representative determine the upgrade configuration needed? A customer has a Power 720 with one expansion drawer, running IBM i 7.1. The customer needs to attach to a DS8000 using NPIV. The CEO has no available adapter slots. Which of the following is required to support the DS8000? Which option, available in Power 710 and 720, makes them more desirable choices for smaller workloads at better prices, when compared to Power 730 and 740? Which feature of the POWER8 processor can be used to improve performance in a Websphere Application Server environment compared to an x86 processor? A customer is considering a Power Systems solution to provide in-memory table look-up for large volumes of unstructured data for their mobile and social applications. Which of the following Power Systems solution editions satisfies the requirement? A customer needs to virtualize their storage using both vSCSI and NPIV in their SAN environment. What is the minimum number and type of HBAs that need to be configured for the VIO Server? A client needs assistance with managing virtual machines and energy monitoring. The client is considering implementing Systems Director. At a minimum, which edition of Systems Director would be needed? A customer has purchased a POWER8 server and will deploy dual VIOS servers to provide virtualized access to storage and networking. The customer has skills in both managing Power Systems and Storage. The system contains two 4Gb FC adapter. A V7000 will be used for storage. Which virtualization technology would be used to present storage to the client partitions? A customer is purchasing a new POWER8 Server and will make a choice between PowerVM and PowerKVM. What is an advantage of PowerVM over PowerKVM? A customer is considering two Power 770 servers with AIX 7.1 and DS8800 storage, each system in a separate data center. The customer wants to achieve the fastest recovery of a critical AIX application from server or disk malfunctions. What is the minimum version of PowerHA that will support this requirement? Which P0WER8 feature can provide increased system performance? What VIOS Shared Storage Pool feature is used to rapidly recover data to a previous point in time? Comparing PowerVM to VMware which of the following is an advantage of PowerVM? Which of the following is a benefit of Intelligent Cache management in the POWER7+ chip? A client would like to automate provisioning of new virtual machines with an end user self-service interface. Which of the following will provide that functionality? A customer has two Power E870 systems and requires Power Enterprise Pool implementation. What is required to implement the solution? Which of the following describes the number and type of slots supported by each PCIe Gen3 I/O Expansion Drawer fan-out module? An IBM client has an existing POWER6 570. The client is upgrading to a POWER7+ 770. Which asset can be re-utilized in the new configuration? Which of the following is a design consideration for the E870 / E880? A customer has an E880. They are considering using Power Enterprise Pools. What is the maximum percentage of installed memory that can have mobile activations? Which of the following describes a capability of PowerVC? Comparing an Oracle Exadata to an E870, what advantage does an E870 have when compared to the Exadata? How is the 19 inch PCIe Gen3 I/O Expansion Drawer connected on POWER8 systems? A P0WER6 customer is considering an upgrade to a new Power System, and needs to ensure availability at a DR site. The recovery point must be as close to current as possible without going to continuous availability. Recovery time must be less than four hours. What should be proposed to the customer? A customer has a tape drive directly connected to a 8Gb FC adapter to one LPAR which now needs to be shared between four LPARs. Network and storage are being accessed through NPiV and SEA. In addition to assigning the adapter to the VIOS, what else needs to be done? A customer has a Power Systems server with storage attached in two EXP24 expansion units. Each EXP24 is populated with 10 disks and is attached to its own SAS RAID adapter. The usable storage is approximately 80% full across the 20 units and currently uses RAID-5 for disk protection. The customer is concerned about the time required between a drive failure and when disk protection is restored. Which of the following should the customer consider to minimize the recovery time and minimize additional hardware costs? Which of the following RAS features is always enabled and functional on an E870 / E880, regardless of configuration? A retail customer has implemented the following at each store location: A Linux-based POS (Point of Sale) application A data collection application on an x86 system An additional S822L running data analytics The customer wants to consolidate to a single system in each store. They prefer the POWER platform, but stated concern about the data structure of the POS systems. What can be presented to the customer to minimize this concern? In addition to higher bandwidth and lower latency of eDRAM on POWER8 over SRAM on x86, what is another compelling benefit of POWER8 technology? Which benefit does PowerCare provide? What is the minimum amount of rack space that an 80 core E870, without any I/O drawers, will take up in a 19 inch rack? Which Ethernet virtualization technique supports Live Partition Mobility on POVVER8? Which of the following is the complete set of modes that can be configured on a POWER8 processor? In addition to an S822L, what is a component of the IBM solution for Hadoop? What Power Systems Virtual Switch mode can be used to prevent LPAR to LPAR network traffic within the system? Which statement best describes the System Control Unit (SCU) in a two-node Power E870 / E880? Active Memory Mirroring is a POWER7 RAS feature that eliminates outages due to uncorrectable errors in which of the following? A customer is interested in running a dual VIOS configuration, and wants to avoid SAN boot for the VIOS. Which of the following solutions should be recommended? Which tool can help identify the appropriate firmware for a Power System? A customer has purchased a POWER8 server and will deploy dual VIO servers to provide virtualized access to storage and networking. The customer has skills in both managing Power Systems and Storage. The system contains two 4Gb FC adapter. A V7000 will be used for storage. Which virtualization technology would be used to present storage to the client partitions? A customer with several Power 770 systems runs a mixed production environment of Linux, AIX, and IBM i. They would like to purchase a single Power E880 for high availability, but are concerned about software licensing costs for IBM i. How can the customer reduce the cost of I BM i licenses for the E880? Which virtualization hypervisor provides an Open Source choice for Power virtualization with big data? A customer with POWER 7 + 780 servers would like to contain processor related charges with Capacity on Demand for workloads which run in dedicated and shared LPARs and have pronounced seasonal peaks. What type of Capacity on Demand (CoD) should be considered? Which of the following differentiates the capabilities of IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack from PowerVC? Which interface supports connectivity between the POWER8 processor and the accelerator on the S824L? A customer who plans to purchase a pair of Power 740 systems is researching which operating system would best fit the needs of the organization. Much of the corporate workload will be based on many instances of databases. Which of the following operating systems includes a built-in database? A client is considering the S824L system for development of a real time financial trading application. What is required to program the accelerator?