C4040-224 - Power Systems with POWER7 Common Technical Sales Skills -v2

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Example Questions

A customer wants to implement 8 LPARs, 4 of IBM i and 4 of AIX. The customer wants the new systems to be modular, configured to support their needs, and have room to expand if needed. Which system is the minimum needed to support the customer requirements? A customer is interested in a POWER7+ server that offers Capacity Upgrade on Demand processors. Which is the minimum model that supports this requirement? A customer has a requirement for a new Power Systems server with one core for the operating system and 12 HDD5 (disks). Which of the following Power 720 configurations will support the customer requirements? A customer needs to virtualize their storage using both vSCSI and NPIV in their SAN environment. What is the minimum number and type of HBAs that need to be configured for the VIO Server? The POWER7+ processor offers Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) which provides the processor the ability to transmit instructions from more than one hardware thread context. What is the competitive multithreading offering from Oracle/Sun? A customer wants to replace their POWERS system with a new POWER7+ system, and wants to run an additional Lotus Domino server on the new system. Which tool should be used to size the new system? A customer would like to efficiently manage the WebSphere Application Server software licensing costs of an uncapped partition in a shared processor pool. Which of the following should be set appropriately? Comparing the POVVER7+ 750 with the Power 760, which of the following differentiates the systems? A customer is interested in virtualizing their environment. PowerVM and VMware are the products whose hypervisors are best suited for their existing infrastructure. Which advantage of PowerVM over VMware will most benefit their environment? The micropartitioning technology changed with the announcement of POWER77+. Due to this change, what is the new minimum number of processing units required for an LPAR? Comparing PowerVM to VMware which of the following is an advantage of PowerVM? A customer is considering server consolidation and I/O virtualization in the DMZ environment. Servers on multiple VLAN5 will be consolidated onto a single physical server, and will need to communicate with multiple VLANs outside the sewer over a single shared Ethernet adapter in the VIO Sewer (VIOS). Which of the following is a requirement? A customer with POWER 7 + 780 servers would like to contain processor related charges with Capacity on Demand for workloads which run in dedicated and shared LPARs and have pronounced seasonal peaks. What type of Capacity on Demand (CoD) should be considered? Which of the following PowerVM Editions is required to take advantage of Live Partition Mobility? A client wants to create shared storage pools to extend storage virtualization in their environment. What is the minimum version of PowerVM required? A customer would like to consolidate their AIX and IBM i workloads that are currently running on several POWER6 servers. They also want to consolidate storage and use Live Partition Mobility to reduce planned downtime for server maintenance. In addition to a Storwize V70001 PowerVM Enterprise Edition and dual VIO Servers, which of the following configurations supports these requirements? A customer has a Power Systems server with storage attached in two EXP24 expansion units. Each EXP24 is populated with 10 disks and is attached to its own SAS RAID adapter. The usable storage is approximately 80% full across the 20 units and currently uses RAID-5 for disk protection. The customer is concerned about the time required between a drive failure and when disk protection is restored. Which of the following should the customer consider to minimize the recovery time and minimize additional hardware costs? A customer purchased a 6-core POWER7 740 to run a new ERP solution. Three IBM i partitions are planned: one each for production, test, and development. Capacity entitlement for each IBM i partition is: Production = 1.5 cores Development = 0.75 cores Test = 0.5 cores, but is only needed prior to software releases AIX and Linux partitions will each use 3 cores. The ERP solution needs to be available 24x7 and performance problems in the production partition need to be avoided. How many IBM i licenses are required? What feature of the POWER7 processor design allows the system to recover from soft or transient errors in the processor core? Compared with POWER7 what is the main benefit of POWER7+ Active Memory Expansion? A customer has a 6-core Power 720 installed in a rack. The Power 720 has all internal disk bays populated. The customer is considering adding Solid State Drives (SSDs) in a 12X I/O drawer. Assuming the I/O drawer will fit in available rack space, what else must be considered? A customer has installed an EXP30 disk expansion unit. Of the positions available for disks, what is the maximum that can be used for SSD? A customer has a 4-core POWERS 550 with 8 internal 300GB SCSI disks. The main workload is a highly-threaded Java application, for which they want to reduce the response time. How can the customer resolve the issue? Which of the following scenarios would benefit from the implementation of Shared Storage Pools as a disk storage virtualization solution? Assuming that necessary requirements have been satisfied, which RAS feature can ensure that critical workloads can remain active in the event of a processor core failure? A customer is considering upgrading the SEA adapter in the VIQ Server from a 1Gb Ethernet adapter to a 10Gb Ethernet adapter. Which action should be considered for optimal performance? Active Memory Sharing (AMS) for an HMC managed system with multiple partitions is being planned. In addition to updating system firmware, HMC, and modifying partition definitions, which of the following must be considered? A customer wants to install the operating system on a new partition from the optical media pool of the virtual I/O server. What needs to be configured to be able to use this media pool? A customer plans to deploy a 24x7 application, and is evaluating prospective solutions based on which would offer the highest level of application availability. Which of the following solutions should be presented to the customer for consideration? What distinguishes the Power 760 from Power 770, Power 780 and Power 795 systems? Which IBM Software Group product is most appropriate for a customer that wants to build a Business Intelligence solution for their Power Systems-based data warehouse? A prospective customer is comparing Oracle VM for Sparc and PowerVM from IBM. Which of the following is an advantage of PowerVM? A customer is migrating to a Power 720. They want to use 8 SAS disks with RAID-5 and 1.8GB Cache RAID SAS Adapters. Which of the following is the minimum hardware needed to support these requirements? A client is interested in running a Big Data Analytics solution, such as Apache Hadoop, on a POWER7+ system. Which operating system best supports a Big Data Analytics solution? Which of the following is a benefit of Intelligent Cache management in the POWER7+ chip? A customer wants to implement a BigInsights solution using the open source Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) on a Power Systems server. Which operating system is appropriate? A customer is managing a Power 720 with dual VIO Servers with a 7310-CR4 HMC. A PS701 blade which requires Active Memory Expansion (AME) will be added to the environment. Existing resources must be reused as much as possible. Which of the following supports the configuration? Active Memory Mirroring is a POWER7 RAS feature that eliminates outages due to uncorrectable errors in which of the following? A customer has a POWER7 795 and a POWER6 570 in their current environment. The customer requires the following: Upgrade the POWER6 570 Retain the serial number Integrate the system into a pool of systems supporting Elastic Capacity on Demand What is the minimum upgrade which supports these requirements? A client wants to purchase a POWER77+ server with the following requirements: Two PCIe 12X I/O drawers Partition scalability to 320 LPAPs Which system supports the client needs? Which of the following is an advantage of Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) failover over Network Interface Backup (NIB) in a dual VIO Server environment? A customer requires a PureFlex solution with p460 nodes with 1TB of memory. What must be considered if internal storage is also a requirement for this solution? A potential customer is interested in a single application Power System solution that utilizes a tightly integrated operating system and database. Which operating system should be proposed? A customer is considering running Linux in a virtualized environment and is evaluating the differences between PowerVM and VMware. Which of the following would be an advantage of PowerVM? A customer is running AIX and IBM i partitions on a POWER7+740 attached to a Storwize V7000 and needs both High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Which of the following pars of actions supports these requirements? A customer is interested in upgrading their POWER6 570 with 32 cores. The customer has the following requirements for the upgraded system: CEO Hot Add and Repair Maintenance (CHARM) 50% increased core count 2TB of memory At a minimum, which system supports the customer needs? As compared to Intel, what feature of POWER7 processor technology permits more efficient processor core utilization to support highly threaded applications? A customer needs to perform a disruptive server firmware upgrade, and plans to move partitions to another server. What benefit of virtualization is being utilized? A customer is ordering a 4-core Power 720 with IBM i and AIX licenses. Which is the minimum PowerVM edition required to support 2 IBM i and 2 AIX partitions? An IBM i customer wants to purchase a POWER7+ 720 with all internal disk. To support future requirements, eight 300GB disks in a RAID-5 array are needed. Performance of these disks must be the same as eight 140GB disks. Which of the following can be used to verify this?