C4040-221 - AIX 7 Administration

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Example Questions

What is required to support VLANs in an AIX partition? An AIX instance was initially configured to communicate over a single network interface. The administrator plans to configure an EtherChannel using the existing network interface and an additional network interface. Which is the correct sequence of steps to implement this configuration? New change control procedures dictate that system maintenance windows be shown to each user after logging into the system using ssh or telnet. Updating which file or files will accomplish this task? The/app1 filesystem in appvg did not mount due to a failure replaying jfslog1. Which command will reinitialize jfslog1? A P0WER5 520 system is being cloned onto a Power 780. The source system is on internal disks, and the vg01 volume group is mirrored. After installing AIX, which sequence of actions will recreate the vg01 volume group and restore data on the new system? Given the following characteristics, tuning which resource will provide the greatest benefit? CPU=80% busy Physical Memory=90% used Disks=80% busy Network=80% used Filesystemsare90%full. How can ssh access for root be disabled? How can a system administrator verify the progress of an AIX 7.1 client installation from the NIM master? A host has a single virtual Ethernet adapter (ent0) configured with only a default PVID, and the administrator is trying to determine why it cannot be used to reach any other system on the network. He suspects that it may be caused by a problem in the VLAN configuration. How would the administrator determine the VLAN for which the adapter was configured? Which command displays path and state information for a Multipath I/O (MPIO) capable device? An administrator migrated a global environment of AIX 6 to AIX 7 using NIM. They have attempted to use the migwpar command to migrate a selection of hosted WPARs from AIX 6 to AIX 7, but a detached system WPAR fails to migrate to AIX 7. How can a detached system WPAR be migrated to AIX 7? Which of the following is a supported source for creating a Versioned WPAR? What speed and duplex attributes should configured on a virtual Ethernet adapter? What are the three basic elements of RBAC in AIX? Which of the following is an AIX 7 Cluster Aware feature? Which command creates an application WPAR? Where is the file size limit for all users defined? While trying to extend a filesystem /work an administrator receives the following error: 0516- 787 extendlv: Maximum allocation for logical volume fslv00 is 256. What must be done to allow the filesystem to be extended? What is a requirement for Live Partition Mobility? Users on a server are receiving errors stating that they cannot fork any additional processes. The administrator checks server paging space and finds that it is only 5% used. What is the next most likely cause of the forking issue and what action should be taken to resolve it? Which command is used to change the reserve policy of a disk? A system administrator has created a user id using the following command: mkuser sugroups=security gecos="AIX User" aixuser What is the effect of using this command? Within a Perl script, how can the output of the hostname command be assigned to a variable called myHostname? With regard to GLVM mirroring, which of the following is a true statement? What are key considerations when planning for Live Application Mobility? Automated scripts on an AIX system require secure non-root access to another AIX instance. Secure Shell (SSH) was the method chosen and installed on both systems. How can an administrator use SSH to create secure automated jobs without storing passwords in the automated scripts? Which command should be run in a WPAR, prior to migration, to ensure fileset consistency with the AIX Global Environment? What additional NIM functionality is gained by installing the optional dsm.core fileset? Which technology provides the maximum amount of usable storage and resilience for a system with 6 physical volumes? Which parameter of the mkwpar command results in the created Versioned WPAR being mobility aware? During a recent network outage, the failover to the secondary DNS server was taking too long. The administrator found the RES_RETRY and RES_TIMEOUT values needed to be updated. Where are these values updated? An existing LPAR is configured with a vSCSI disk for a root volume group. An administrator is configuring NPIV to provide secondary storage to the partition. DLPAR operations are used to add the required client and server adapters to the client and VIO Server partitions. Once the NPIV adapters have been configured, what action should be taken against the client LPAR to ensure access to SAN storage is not compromised? The/usr/sbin/clcmd command is not working as documented in an administrator's reference. How can the administrator determine if the command being run is at the same level as the command being referenced in the documentation? Which command, when issued from the HMC command line, will attempt to launch a virtual terminal session on Ipar1, running on the sys1 managed system? What action will prevent the nfsd subsystem from activating at boot time? An administrator needs to limit the size of the filesystem cache. Which tuning parameters need to be adjusted? An administrator is required to create a System WPAR and configure it for mobility, which command will do this? How can an administrator disable Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in a WPAR? What optional AIX fileset must be installed to allow SFTP to be configured? An administrator needs to update both VIO Servers in a dual VIO Server environment Prior to updating the first VIO Server, what action should be taken on the vSCSI client partitions to ensure they have access to the disk hosted from the second VIO Server? What is the purpose of the certify operation against a local disk drive? An administrator noticed that the hostname is being resolved incorrectly after setting up TCP/IP on multiple interfaces. Further inspection shows the /etc/hosts file has duplicate entries for the hostname associated with different IP addresses. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this situation? An existing client LPAR has been manually moved from one physical machine to another. The administrator updated the SAN zoning to deallocate from the source VIO Server and allocate to the destination VIO Server. The LPAR and its profile were recreated on the HMC and the single disk is mapped from the VIO Server to the LPAR. What manual intervention is required after activating the LPAR? Within the context of a script, what must be considered when using stopsrc to stop a running subsystem? Paging space on a system is almost entirely consumeD. What temporary solution can be used to prevent the system from sending SIGKILL to processes while the administrator performs more in-depth problem determination? With regard to an existing AIX 5.2 installation, what source format is required by the mkwpar command to create a Versioned WPAR of this existing system? In addition to an available DVD drive and 5GB disk space, what are the minimum server and LPAR requirements to install AIX 7.1 from DVD media? When attempting to connect to a remote system, a long delay is experienced before the login prompt is displayed. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this issue? Which option will prevent users in the DBA group from logging in using telnet or rlogin? Which command will show the status of Geographically Mirrored Volume Groups?