C4040-129 - IBM i 7.1 Administration

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Example Questions

An administrator determines that the system slows down whenever a specific query is run and that IDX-FILEA displays when a WRKACTJOB is performed. Which tool or command can assist the administrator in determining what is causing this to occur? An administrator has a new, local, IP-based printer that is not communicating with the system. Ping is successful using the printer IP address and the printer name, and response time is acceptable. Users can print from Windows. What should the administrator do next to troubleshoot the printer? What are the key benefits provided by database journaling? Which command is used to turn off the front panel attention light for an IBM i partition? A new IBM i system is being set up as an FTP host for downloads. The administrator sees that the devices connect properly, but the directory commands fail and IFS files cannot be downloaded. What can the administrator do to correct the problem? An administrator issues the WRKSYSACT command on a system partition using dedicated processors and the following result displays: Current processing capacity 2 What does the current processing capacity value indicate? Which special authority is required to install PTF5 on a system with the QSECURITY system value set to 40? An administrator has been asked to create user profiles for4 operators. In addition to adding each operator's user profile to the GRPOPR group, which sequence of actions will enable the operators to perform their functions, while maintaining the best possible system security? An administrator is using *BASIC assistance level. A new user profile is created using option 1 - Add, from the Work with User Enrollment screen. Additional special authorities need to be assigned to the profile. When creating the profile, the administrator does not see available parameters to complete this task. What must the administrator do to add the special authorities? Consider the following graphic. Where in System i Navigator Management Central are the message monitors configured? A job schedule entry has been setup to run a daily system backup. Management has requested this backup job not run today. What is the most effective way to configure the job scheduler to automatically handle this request? An administrator needs to upgrade their Flexible Service Processor's (FSP) firmware for an HMC managed Power 720. They are currently running AL730_085. The latest corrective service on Fix Central is AL730_1 12_092. Which statement is correct regarding the installation of this corrective service package? An administrator is connecting to the HMC for IBM i console access using IBM i Access Using port 2300. What is the required user ID in "Connection Properties"? Which option describes one of the purposes of a manual IPL? The administrator has been asked to install the latest system firmware on an HMC managed system. There is no service partition. The most recent cumulative PTF package and Group PTFs were installed, but the firmware did not get updated. What is required to install the firmware on this system? A system with IBM i 7.1 has at least one lPv6 address configured. When a user tries to ping a remote system by name, the response takes a long time. Ping by IP address (for example 10.x.x.x) works without delay. Which action will fix this problem? An administrator is creating a new connection to an existing system, but cannot connect successfully. Which action will resolve the problem? A customer is unable to order PTEs or send service requests to IBM. Which command will enable connections to IBM? Which URL will connect remotely to the HMC with a host name of HMC for partition management? During a migration the system is mistakenly IPLed. The data migration is successfully resumed and completed. When the administrator runs the RSTAUT command, no authorities are restored. What is the most likely cause of the problem? A company has just purchased a new POWER7 server running IBM i 7.1 to replace an older system running V5R4M5. Due to a mistake by a programmer on the V5R4 system, data was accidently deleted. To recover, the administrator backs up the deleted data to virtual tape on the 7.1 server and attempts to restore it on the V5R4 server. The restore on the V5R4 server fails with a message stating the data was saved from a more recent release of the operating system. Which option will solve this problem? An administrator needs to establish a long-term system performance monitoring process. The administrator needs to show long-term trends in CPU and disk capacity use, with the limits for the processor model on charts. Which tool should the administrator use to support this requirement? A customer has an IBM i server that hosts web services and uploads files to other Internet-based servers. An administrator needs to add IP addresses to host additional web services, which must pass through the firewall. The firewall has a rule restricting traffic to specific IP and MAC addresses. What is the most appropriate method for the administrator to use? During a disaster recovery test the restore job abnormally ended. The administrator discovered that 95 of the 200 libraries on the system were restored, including the main database libraries. The remaining libraries represent less than 10% of the system. Which sequence of actions will complete the restore in the minimum amount of time? A customer has determined that a large table contains a high percentage of deleted records. Attempts to reorganize the table to reclaim the deleted record space exceed the available time to keep users locked out. What should the administrator do to reclaim the deleted record space in the available time? An administrator needs to restore a physical file DATALIB/SMALLFILE from a Save 21 backup of library DATALIB. DATALIB has several hundred large database files plus other objects. The administrator has the job log and output from the last full save of DATALIB. What should the administrator do to restore SMALLFILE in the shortest time? An administrator is experiencing a significant reduction of I/O performance. After issuing the WRKDSKSTS command and pressing Fl 1 some of the disks in the list show "DEGRADED" rather than "ACTIVE". Why are some of the disks in "DEGRADED" status? Which special authorities are required to allow a user to change user profiles on a system with QSECURITY set to 40? How can an administrator prevent users with *SECADM and *ALLOBJ authority from changing the security related system values? An IBM i 7.1 partition has a system ASP that has a combination of Solid State Drive (SSD) units and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) units. The system administrator needs to permanently migrate the logical files that are randomly accessed by the application jobs to the SSDs. What is the appropriate method for identifying the most randomly accessed logical and physical files? When a subsystem is created using the CRTSBSD command, what is the purpose of the ASP Group (ASPGRP) parameter? An administrator needs to analyze performance data that has been collected. The Performance Tools temporary key has expired. How can the system administrator analyze the performance data? An administrator needs to install third party software into an iASP environment. The installation is failing when the program provided by the software company attempts to create and restore library objects. What is the most efficient way for the administrator to install the software while maintaining the command integrity of the system? An administrator with a single-partition POWER7 system needs to install new server firmware. How are server firmware updates delivered for POWERJ systems with update policy set to "OS managed"? The library LIBX contains a large number of files and the administrator needs to backup a physical file named WES and its associated logical files (named WFSOI through WES99). Using the SAVOBJ command, what is the most efficient procedure to backup the physical and logical files and ensure the quickest restore process? An administrator needs to move a system from security level 30 to 40 and ensure that risk is reduced as much as possible. How should the administrator configure system security journaling to support the security level change? A new sales user attempts to sign on to the system. The user is immediately signed oft. The users job log contains the message CPE981 0: Library SALESLIB not found. All sales applications are located in the ASP named SALES. Which parameter should the administrator set in the user profile to correct this error? Which command will save the access paths for Iwo physical files (PFLE1, PFILE2) when both the physical and dependent logical file (LFILE) reside in the same library? The WRKSYSSTS screen on a partition displays the "% CPU used" as 150.0. What does this information indicate? An administrator needs to change the IP address used for the Operations Console LAN connection to the Power 720 50 that it resides on the main network. What must the administrator do to complete this task? After an abnormal IPL, jobs that are accessing some files for the first time are spending an extended amount of time in a status of "IDX" and are taking longer to complete. Which command should be used to enable all pending access path rebuilds to be analyzed, prioritized, and immediately executed rather than waiting for first access? Where in IBM i Navigator can suggestions for improved database performance generated by the system be viewed and implemented? A save file named SAVE in library QGPL contains only .bin files saved from an IFS directory. Assuming the necessary parent directories are present, how can the administrator restore the .bin files to a new directory named DIR 1? An administrator needs to determine the level of firmware running on an IBM i 7.1 system. How is this done? A database administrator completed a significant project to create appropriate indexes for an application. The administrator needs to see if there are any indexes the Query Engine is calling for which have not already been created. How can the administrator ensure that only the new index requests will be shown in the Index Advisor panel? An administrator is attempting to restore an application compiled at IBM i 6.1 to a production system running IBM i 7.1. While other programs compiled at IBM i 6.1 restored without issue, one program fails to restore on the production system even though it successfully restored to the test system. What should the administrator do to resolve the problem? What is saved with the SAVSYSINF command? An administrator needs to write a tool in CL to reorganize all database file members with more than 10% deleted records or more than 5GB of deleted record space. The tool will need to generate and read a list of all: - Libraries in the system - Files in each library - Members in each file What is the minimum number of programs that need to be created for this tool? An administrator has migrated a full IBM i 7.1 system from a POWER5 server to a new POWER7 server and has completed testing the migrated system. IFS directories /DIR1 and /DIR2 must now be refreshed with current production data prior to going live on the new sewer. Which option will refresh the directories, and remove objects related to the migration testing? A customer needs to upgrade from IBM i 5.4 to 7.1 . The current system is used extensively for Web serving. Extensive database activity is performed in SQL. Which factor will affect the time to perform the upgrade of the operating system?