C4040-123 - Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX & Linux Sales Skills -v2 Exam

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Example Questions

The new CIO of a financial firm has expressed a concern that a PowerLinux server should not be considered because it would be too expensive. What should be articulated to show the value proposition a PowerLinux server? A customer is considering consolidating 15 Power 520 servers running both AIX and Linux applications onto 2 Power 760 servers. The primary concern is finding a maintenance window for a server that is running several key applications. What product or feature will remove this concern? How is Red Hat Linux licensed on Power Systems servers? A customer with an Oracle Database on a POWER5 server needs to understand the performance characteristics and determine the appropriate POWER7 model for a planned upgrade. Which tool will provide a detailed list of the resources necessary to achieve equivalent performance on the POWER7 server? What business requirement can be satisfied by implementing PowerSC on a virtualized Power 750? Which statement describes an advantage of running Linux on a PowerLinux server? Which of the following business issues provides an opportunity to discuss the competitive advantages of an AIX based system using Capacity on Demand? Which of the following AIX 7 product features is intended to simplify the configuration and management of highly available clusters and high availability products? A client has a limited number of SAN ports available for a new Power Systems server deployment. Which virtual storage technologies should be discussed? Which of the following capabilities gives PowerVM an advantage over VMware? A prospective Unix or Linux customer views Power Systems as being much more expensive than equivalent x86 servers This issue must be disproved or the customer will no longer consider Power Systems for future application needs. How should the sales representative respond to this customer issue? An engineering firm continues to need more storage space and is concerned about high costs of acquiring and managing storage. They currently have several Power Systems servers running Red Hat Linux and use NetApp storage systems to share data. What storage product can help reduce the amount of storage capacity they will need? A research university is planning the addition of a Hadoop based environment using PowerLinux servers. What IBM Software Group product should be considered? A financial customer has a Power 760 running AIX 7.1. Auditors have given this company just a few days to eliminate exposures in both their virtualized environment and in the cloud. What product can they deploy to comply with the audit requirements? A customer states that Power Systems servers are too expensive to purchase when compared to other servers. What is an appropriate response? What is an advantage of PowerVM on Power Systems compared to VMware on x86 systems? Which of the following statements about AIX Editions is correct? A company with POWERS servers running manufacturing applications would like to upgrade both the applications and the servers. The application vendor has published guidelines for sizing a POWER7 740 server with AIX. The IT manager wants to ensure optimum performance during peak workloads. Which additional resource or feature will provide the most significant benefit in this environment? A company runs a mixture of batch and ERP applications whose workloads peak at different times of the day, and requires 24x7 up-time. Which is the minimum PowerVM Edition that will enable automatic memory allocation adjustment to support the different workload requirements? Three healthcare organizations have merged and consolidated into a single location. The IT director stated that the company would like to establish offsite data vaulting. Which storage product will support this requirement? The AIX operating system release and service strategy offers customers which of the following benefits? What customer requirement does Active Memory Expansion satisfy? What function of PowerVM is not available in VMware? A client that is considering server consolidation needs to perform an AIX nightly backup using fiber attached tape. Which solution supports this requirement? A customer has a large Oracle database partition that requires 28 cores and 412 GB of memory. The customer expects to grow 25% over the next year and wants to buy a server that will handle the growth, without over buying. Which server should be recommended? A brokerage company has four Power 770 systems running their environment. Due to an acquisition, three non-IBM storage systems will be consolidated into the same data center. The company would like to integrate these non-IBM storage units into their environment with a single management interface. What IBM storage product can provide a solution for this company? Which feature can alleviate a CIO's concern about costs related to core-based software licensing? Which statement describes how AIX encryption improves data security? When running AIX and Linux partitions on a system, what is common to both operating systems? Which security software package manages threats to devices such as servers, mobile devices and internet connected laptops? Which of the following is a reason why AIX is a leader in the UNIX marketplace? A firm has very little time to apply maintenance to their systems. Which product provides the capability to move work from one server to another, so that the first sewer is free for maintenance? A customer states that the performance of x86 systems and Power Systems are basically equal, therefore Power Systems with AIX has no advantage overx86 systems running Windows. What product feature provides an advantage that is unique to Power Systems running AIX, and supports better system performance? A customer with Oracle, Cisco, and IBM systems wants to have a single management tool. Which of the following products are appropriate for this environment? A prospective customer plans to implement a Linux application, but believes that the Linux distribution for Power Systems is a secondary development focus of the Open Source Community. Which statement is a correct response to the customer? What is the value of AIX binary compatibility? A data center manager has been tasked with improving service, utilization, and availability of the enterprise. The manager is interested in finding a management utility product, but wants to have a no- charge trial period before going to the effort of securing funding approval. Which product or service supports the requirements? What is an advantage of running virtualized Linux partitions on a PowerLinux server compared to virtualized images on an x86 system? What feature of AIX, that is unsupported in competitive virtualization technologies, supports memory virtualization? A client is running a customized COBOL application that includes WordPerfect Version 3 for AIX4.3 running on an old pSeries server. The client is reluctant to upgrade due to concerns that the application may not work on more current AIX and hardware versions. Cost and implementation time must be kept low. What is the most cost-effective option? A company is purchasing a new Power Systems server and plans to support several AIX partitions. They are unsure about their total memory requirements. Which of the following describes a resource management technology that can be used to provide maximum memory utilization and flexibility? A Power Systems sales specialist would like to articulate the reason why certain features were used for a particular configuration. What resource is available to look up the features and understand the usage guidelines? What requirement would make Tivoli Storage Manager a better fit on Power Systems when compared to x86? A petroleum company is considering the purchase of a Power 795 to run a large environment, requiring 7x24 operations. They are interested in a technology that provides high availability for the Hypervisor. What is the name of this function? Which product takes advantage of the execution threads of the POWER architecture? A manufacturing company has two facilities, located 200 miles apart, which require failover capability, The systems have WebSphere applications and Oracle databases, running on Power 770 servers with EMC storage. The customer would like to implement high availability using PowerHA between the two sites. What form of data replication integrates best with PowerHA? A customer has memory constraints and has the maximum amount of memory installed on the system. The customer asks if there are functions or products available to solve the problem without purchasing a second server. Which function should be discussed? A prospective client is planning a server consolidation project which relies heavily on virtualization technologies. The client showed some SPEC benchmark numbers that made POWER7 and Xeon performance appear to be equivalent. Which response articulates the advantage of Power Systems when used in benchmarks? Which IBM Software Group product provides an environment for creating, maintaining, and migrating or porting applications to Power Systems servers running AIX or Linux? A customer is ordering a PowerLinux 7R2 and requires virtualization capabilities. Which of the following supports the customer requirement?