C4040-122 - Power Systems with POWER7 Common Sales Skills -v2

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Example Questions

A customer has let their Software Maintenance (SWMA) expire and needs to activate additional processors on their Power 770. What does the customer need to purchase? What are key elements of a TOO analysis in support of a proposed POWER7+ server consolidation project of older POWER6 servers? Which of the following Power Systems servers offer Capacity on Demand (CoD)? A Power 740 customer with 4 cores licensed to AIX is planning to add 4 additional cores and a partition for IBM i. They have sized the new IBM i workload at 1.7 cores and AIX will use the other 6.3 cores. What software will be necessary to enable this solution'? An existing Power Systems client has implemented an SAP application with the financial, database and web serving applications on separate POWER5+ servers. A Power 760 proposal to consolidate all three POWER5+ systems using LPARs has been presented. The CIO has stated that only the unpredictable performance of the web server justifies replacement. What should the response be? What is the minimum HMC model required to manage POWER7 or POWER7+ servers? What is a unique RAS characteristic of Power Systems Enterprise servers compared to Power Systems Express servers? A prospective customer is about to decide on a strategic server platform and wants to understand the value proposition of Power Systems as compared to x86 based systems. Which statement is an appropriate response? A customer needs to run a single Linux application at the lowest cost. The application requires 8 cores and 320GB memory Which Power Server should be recommended? Why is a Power System 760 an excellent platform for server consolidation? A customer needs a Power Systems server to be initially configured with 8 active cores and 256GB of memory, and upgrade at a later date to 16 cores and 512GB of memory. Which model supports these requirements at the lowest cost? What is an appropriate response to a customer who has a switched SAN environment, is adding a new application, and wants to match connection bandwidth to disk I/O requirements? A system needs 3TB of disk storage, based on plans for expansion The storage manager of the IT department would like to use thin provisioning to make best use of storage space What disk technology would provide this type of capability? Which statement describes how Active Memory Mirroring contributes to RAS? A customer has several dedicated LPARs. The key application in one LPAR temporarily needs more processing power. How can performance be improved? A customer needs to decrease energy costs in their data centers. How can Power Systems servers support this requirement? Which of the following statements about Elastic (On/Off) Capacity on Demand (COD) is true? A customer has two production IBM POWER7+ 750s in the same data center. The customer has an application in an LPAR that needs to run 24x7. What is required to allow the planned migration of that LPAR to the second system? A prospective customer has a large quantity of x86 servers. What value is gained by consolidating onto Power Systems servers? A financial corporation is running their core Windows applications on several x86 servers. Due to headlines regarding attacks on banks they are considering migrating onto a more secure platform. Why should this corporation consider moving onto Power Systems servers? A customer has limited rack space but needs a PCI-X card to be included in the base configuration. Which system would satisfy this request? What is the benefit of using the Active Memory Expansion feature in Power Systems servers? A customer that needs high performance in their servers raises an objection, saying Power System servers have slower memory than x86 servers, and therefore have slower performance. Which of the following is an appropriate response? A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has requested a brief review of an IBM Power proposal before providing final approval. Which of the following are key topics that should be included in the executive summary? Which of the following describes a key business benefit that Systems Director VMControl can provide to a customer with multiple Power Systems servers? The customer wants to place a mission critical Linux application on an x86 server. Which statement should be used to encourage the customer to place the application on their existing Power 770 server? Systems Director simplifies IT systems administration by reducing which of the following? What is the value of a pre-implementation Technical Delivery Assessment for a customer? Which of the following measures, monitors, and manages electrical and thermal components of IBM servers, storage and networking equipment? An ISV intends to offer their ERP as a cloud service to their clients. The requirements for the environment are: Provides the largest possible number of partitions in no more than 8U of physical rack space. Includes software to assist with automatic provisioning of new environments. In addition to offering all supported operating systems, which of the following designs supports the ISV requirements? What energy capability of Power Systems can be used in data centers to restrict server energy consumption, especially in cases where the data center might be nearing the limit of the energy it can provide? A customer with a single Power Systems Express server want to use virtualization technology including Live Partition Mobility. What is the minimum required to achieve this goal? A customer has very unpredictable short workload increases. Which automated capability of Power 770, 780 and 795 servers would satisfy this need? A customer needs 2 Power Systems servers, each with at least 12 cores. Which of the following servers supports this requirement while using the least amount of rack space? A customer has an 18-core POWER7 750 with 512GB of memory. The customer anticipates 100% growth in the next year and needs to add capacity. The customer has requested a proposal by the end of the week. What is the next step in determining how much capacity needs to be added? Where can customers find details of IBM plans and commitments for future investment, support and development for Power Systems? Which product will enable higher quality services and improved security capabilities for a customer with an AIX environment? A customer is interested in a Cloud solution. Since this is a new project they are looking for technical services to help insure a successful implementation. Which IBM organization should be engaged to provide the service? Why should customers keep the Software Maintenance Agreement for IBM software up-to-date? A company has HP and Dell servers installed. The company wants to consolidate all the existing ERP solutions to SAP or to Oracle ERP Suite on a single sewer. An RFP has been issued and must be answered. What key strategy should be considered when answering the REP? A customer with a 15TB data base needs very fast data access to approximately 15% of that data. Which storage solution below supports the customer requirements? Which of the following demonstrates the versatility of Power Systems Express servers? What is a key benefit of SmartCloud offerings? Which of the following models is offered in either a tower or rack-mounted configuration? Which of the following is a unique competitive strength that the POWER Hypervisor has when compared to x86 server hypervisors such as vSphere, Xen, KVM and Hyper-V? A prospective customer is considering a Dell x86 server running Windows, VMware, and WebSphere versus a Power System running IBM i, AIX, PowerVM and WebSphere. Which value proposition favors IBM in this situation? An IT manager is concerned that all components required for a working system are included in the price quotation. Which resource insures that all the features required for a working system are priced? A sales professional is engaged in a competitive sales situation against a non-IBM solution that is unfamiliar to them. Which resource should be engaged first? A prospect has 10 Dell servers with Microsoft Windows and SQL Server installed. They plan to move to Power Systems with DB2 and have asked for guidance on how their applications might be ported. How can the IBM Migration Factory provide support? A prospective customer who is considering Power Systems has a very small staff and wants to run a CRM application. What operating system should be proposed?