C4040-121 - Virtualization Technical Support for IBM i -v1 Exam

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Example Questions

A customer would like to implement a client Linux partition on their Power Systems server. There are no available physical network ports on the system. In addition to configuring the virtual Ethernet adapters in a hosting IBM i partition, what must be configured to allow the client Linux partition to access the network? An administrator used IVM to assign a new tape drive to an IBM i partition running on a POWER blade. The administrator verified that the IVM has created the appropriate vSCSl connections between VIO Server and the IBM i partition. The administrator sees the hardware resource within IBM i, but the associated device description is missing. What is the most likely reason this is occurring? A customer has a single partition Power 720 running IBM i with PowerVM Express, LAN Console, and extra disk and memory capacity. Management wants a small IBM i partition added to the system for testing. Which option supports the requirement with minimal disruption to production? A POWER7 system has 6 IBM i partitions sharing a single shared processor pool. The system has 3 IBM i operating system licenses. Without exceeding the licenses available, what is the largest allowable value for the "Maximum processing units" setting in the shared processor pool? An administrator wants to share a fibre attached TS3100 tape library between multiple IBM i 7.1 partitions. The system contains a PC #5774 - 4Gb fibre adapter and uses an IBM fibre switch. All IBM i partitions are hosted by VIO Server (VIOS). How could the administrator configure the sharing of the tape library? A system needs maintenance that requires the entire system to be brought down. The system is running multiple IBM i partitions, all being hosted by and all resources owned by VIO Server (VIOS). After performing the maintenance, VIOS is brought back up and IBM i partitions are reactivated. Two partitions have SPO codes indicating they cannot find disk drives. What is the most likely cause? What minimum hardware and software levels are required to host IBM i on other IBM i partitions? What is the tool used to aid in upgrade planning for interdependencies of HMC and system firmware upgrades? What are two methods to determine the partition to which virtual disks are assigned? What is the correct method to install a firmware update on a single-image system? The key reason to increase the number of virtual I/O slots from the default value when a partition is created is because____________ Which PowerVM feature can be used to enable an IBM i partition to IPL from an iBase_01 image? A POWER7 server has 2 VIO Server partitions which provide all disk and networking resources to 4 client IBM i LPARs. How many physical Ethernet adapters will be required to provide each client IBM i LPAR networking support, including failover support? A client IBM i 7.1 partition is being hosted by dual VIO Server partitions (VIOS-1 & VIOS-2). A Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) has been created in order to provide Ethernet failover capability for the IBM i partition. The IBM i partition will use the Ethernet resources of the VIO Server partitions. How many virtual Ethernet adapters need to be defined on the HMCI in the IBM i client, and VIO Server partition profiles to support SEA and failover? Disk from a fibre-attached V7000 disk subsystem will be used for an IBM i partition. What type of adapter is required in the IBM i partition? A customer has purchased a new BladeCenter H (BCH) and POWER blade to run IBM i. The POWER blade is configured with two Fibre Channel interlaces for attaching SAN and tape. They have an IBM TS3500 tape library with a fibre channel connection, and current firmware is running through a fibre switch to another IBM i system. One port on the existing switch and one port in the BCH fibre switch has been zoned to provide a connection from the tape library to the BCH. After IBM i 7.1 SLIC and base OS are installed on the blade from IBM distribution media, the tape library does not appear in the device configuration. What is the most likely cause of the problem? A new IBM i client partition has been created. Storage for the client partition is being provided by a hosting IBM i partition. All steps regarding linking of network servers to storage spaces have been performed. When varying on the Network Server Description (NWSD) from the hosting partition, nothing occurs with the new client partition. What is the most likely reason? What the minimum required in order to attach Storwize V7000 LUNs to VIO Server and virtualize them to IBM i? There are three Power Systems servers with redundant FSPs, and two HMCs. One HMC is in the data center while the second is in operations. Each HMC is connected to its own private network and each of the three systems are connected to both HMCs. Two of the Power Systems servers and the HMC in the data center have been moved across the room. They have been reconnected to the HMC network, and power has been applied to the HMC and the first server. On the data center HMC the server shows up twice, once with "Authentication failed" and the second with "no connection." Connecting to ASM yields "incorrect password" on the first instance, but works on the second instance. What the most likely cause? Which of the following is true for the IBM System Planning Tool (SPT)? An operator shut down an operating IBM i partition from the HMC. What is the result of this action? A tape adapter needs to be moved from one partition to another. On the HMC, after selecting the partition which currently owns the adapter, the path below is followed: Dynamic Logical Partitioning --> Physical Adapters --> Move or Remove After selecting the appropriate resource and target partition, "OK" is selected. The HMC returns the following error "Dynamic remove of I/O resources failed: The I/O slot dynamic logical partitioning operation failed." What is the most likely cause of this failure? Auditors have reviewed access to the HMC and determined that many users have too much authority on the HMC. What is the correct method to restrict users to only a specific set of resources? What type of Ethernet adapter is supported in an IBM i partition when using Live Partition Mobility? A client IBM i partition is implemented across two VIO Servers (VIOS) and the network is configured with SEA failover. VlQS-1 is configured as the primary network path, and VIOS-2 as the secondary. When VIOS-1 is removed for maintenance purposes, the client IBM i partition network traffic moves to VIOS-2. What is the result when VIOS-1 returns to a running state? A customer needs to replace a failed tape controller card on a running partition. The service action Serviceability-> Hardware -> Exchange ERU has been started. The card has been selected and the service action has been launched. The message "The requested service action cannot currently be completed from this management console" is displayed. What is the most likely reason for this error? An administrator is setting up IBM i in Partition 2 of a POWER Blade, in blade slot 9 of a BladeCenter H. What is used to access the IBM i console during the initial setup of a client IBM i partition? A PCIe card in the CEO of a 16-core Power 740 server has failed. The customer has removed the cover from the machine. What must be done to complete the replacement of the failed PCIe card? An administrator is setting up a Power 720 with VIO Server, using Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM). IBM i will be in LPAR2. What is used to access the IBM i console during the initial setup of a client IBM i partition? An optical drive is owned by a VIO Server and shared between multiple IBM i partitions as virtual optical devices. An administrator wants to use the virtual optical device on an IBM i partition, but WRKHDWRSC *STG shows that the virtual IOP is "Inoperative." After verifying that the device is correctly allocated to the partition, what action should be taken? What is the minimum required configuration in a client LPAR to virtualize disk storage from a host IBM i LPAR to the client IBM i LPAR? On an HMC under Systems Management and Servers there are three servers listed. One of them shows "no connection." The HMC can ping the configured ESP address. The server has power and the front panel displays HMC=0 in the lower left. Which action is valid for this connection? After using the Advanced Management Module (AMM) to move the BladeCenter's optical drive to a different POWER blade in the same chassis, the VIO Server on the blade from which the drive was removed still shows it as "available," while the blade to which it was moved doesn't reflect ownership of the device. Why is this occurring? Which VIO Server command lets an administrator enter a non-restricted root shell to allow environment setup and installation of vendor software? A customer is currently running HMC level 7.7.3. Fix Central now has 7.7.5 for their machine available. What is the final step required prior to installing the new code level? A POWER7 server is being configured with 1 hosting IBM i partition and 4 client IBM i partitions. All partitions will run IBM i 7.1, TR4. The hosting partition is providing network support to the client partitions and needs both redundancy and best bandwidth. What connectivity on the host partition will support these requirements? What boot mode is required when installing a hosted AIX or Linux partition? A customer has a Power Systems server which has its FSP directly connected to the HMC on port HMC1. They want to be able to access the ASMI via their desks rather than through the HMC interface. What method will allow this to occur? A customer has several client IBM i partitions, hosted by other IBM i partitions. Corporate IT policy specifies that certain optical and tape resources must not be available to client IBM i partitions. How can these resources be made unavailable to the client partitions? A client IBM i 7.1 partition has its disk provided by another IBM i partition, and owns a physical network adapter. The host partition is put into restricted state. What happens to the client partition? While creating a new partition and choosing appropriate I/O resources, nothing appears on the Tagged I/O screen to be selected as a "Load Source." Which of the following could cause this to happen? What are the three types of network adapters that can be assigned to an IBM i client partition? Auditors have reviewed access to the HMC and determined that many users have too much authority. What is the correct method to restrict users to only a specific set of tasks? One partition on a multi-LPAR Power 720 has recently posted an error message about the upcoming expiration of a cache battery. How can all the other controllers on the partitions be checked to determine if they should have the same type of maintenance performed? An administrator has an IBM i partition hosted by VIO Server (VIOS), and managed by an HMC. The administrator has hdisk2 through hdiskl7 assigned to a vSCSI adapter, and wants to map 2 more virtual disk units, but receives an error when trying to map the disks to the vSCSI controller. What is the cause of the error? When configuring a bridged-virtual-Ethernet-to-physical-Ethernet environment, what value determines which bridge will serve as primary and which as secondary? In addition to Qshell and PASE, what other product needs to be installed on an IBM i partition in order to remotely run scripts on an HMC? A customer with an IBM i environment containing an iASP runs a Save 21 monthly. Normally the save takes about 5 hours. This month, the save took less than an hour. No errors were encountered on the save, and the amount of data in *SYSBAS and the ASP hasn't changed significantly. What is the most likely explanation for the difference in time required to process the save? A customer wants two VIO Servers in the CEO of a proposed Power 720. To provide redundancy for the IBM V7000 SAN they will utilize to provision disk for his client partitions. What is the minimum required to make this possible? What is the purpose of Tagged I/O in a partition profile?