C4040-108 - Power Systems Enterprise Technical Support for AIX and Linux -v2

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Example Questions

A system administrator is preparing to restore a VIO Server (VIOS) partition with a backup that resides on a Network Install Manager (NIM) server. The VIOS backup image ioslevel is FP24 ( The NIM server has an lpp_source at oslevel 6100-05-06-1034, and a SPOT at the same level. In addition to the VIOS backup image, which of the following NIM resources will be required in order to properly restore the VIOS backup image? A customer has implemented a PowerHA cluster using fully virtualized LPARs. They notice that after a cable failure the cluster didn't move the resource group to another LPAR. What change will prevent such failures in the future? A customer wants to consolidate 5 System p servers to a Power 780. Each of the 5 systems run as a single LPAR. Three systems run applications which are certified by the vendor for AIX 5.2 only. One system runs AIX 5.3, and the last one runs AIX 6.1. Which of the following is a supported configuration for consolidation? An administrator is asked to issue the following command on the system: vmo-o lgpg_size=16777216-0 lgpg_regions=512 The administrator issues 'svmon -G1 and notices that almost all of the memory in the system is used even though the primary application is not started. What is the most likely reason this is occurring? Which of the following commands will enable the SEA accounting? A Tivoli administrator would like to monitor the HMC using SNMP Traps. The AIX administrator has been asked to configure SNMP on the HMC. Which of the following statements is correct? A VIO Server is installed on the mirrored disks hdisk0 and hdisk1. During an update the VIO Server crashed. After rebooting, the administrator detects that hdisk1 is broken. The administrator decided to restore a previously made backup from the NIM server, and removed the damaged hdisk1.What step is required to restore the VIO Server on only hdisk0 from the NIM Server? An administrator configured IVE in their Power 570 with a multicore scaling (MCS) value of 8. After some time they decided to add more LPARs to the system. To allow more logical ports for the new LPARs, the administrator changed the MCS value in the HMC to 4. When configuring the new LPAR profiles, the administrator does not see the extra ports. Which of the following is the most likely reason ? A customer is ordering new Power 780 and 795 hardware. Within their data center, existing HMCs already manage POWER5 and POWER6 deployments. These existing HMCs are either 7310-CR2, 7042-CR4 or 7042-CR5 models. What must be considered with regard to the management of POWER7 hardware? Which power reduction technology requires a software component in order to be activated? After enabling 16 MB memory pages, a customer determined that more memory was needed for nightly batch jobs. The customer decided to use Active Memory Sharing (AMS) to dynamically adjust memory usage between LPARs on the system. What must the customer consider before implementing Active Memory Sharing (AMS)? A customer has a Power 770 with a single shared processor pool and 6 micro-partitions. The customer wants to ensure that a specific partition has priority to access more CPU resources at any time, without user intervention. Which of the following will support this requirement? Which of the following features is unique to traditional Capacity on Demand servers when compared to Capacity Back Up servers? A customer is planning to convert vacant office space to a data center that will be populated with several standard Power 795 systems. During a pre-delivery site inspection, the customer is told by the Installation Planning Representative that the data center is inadequately equipped to receive the systems. Which of the following situations will prevent proper installation? Which of these HMC commands will display fixes which have been applied to the HMC? After installing WebSphere Application Server on AIX 6.1 the administrator noticed that more memory was needed for the Java heap. The previous heap size was 2048MB. After increasing the value in the WebSphere parameters it began to crash unexpectedly. What is the most probable cause and how could they avoid WebSphere crashing? Which command can be used to validate a system's tunables boot parameters? A system administrator is implementing VIO Server on Power 770 for network virtualization, and plans to use Shared Ethernet Adapters (SEA). A sizing exercise was performed to determine the resource requirements for the VIO Server hosting the SEA, assuming an MTU of 9000. Some time after the completion of the sizing exercise, the requirements are revised and the MTU is now expected to be 1500 instead of 9000.Which of the following statements is true? An LPAR running on a Power 795 uses a PCI cryptographic coprocessor for high speed encryption of data. The administrator plans to: 1) Use DLPAR to remove the card from the OS 2) Hot swap the adapter into a target machine 3) Use Live Partition Mobility to move the LPAR to the target machine Which of these statements is correct? Which of the following commands traces a processes system calls, received signals, and machine faults? An administrator has been asked to collect usage information for a Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA). How is this information collected? A system administrator would like to add a new LPAR to an existing Power 770 system that currently hosts 4 other LPARs. The system has a total of 52 GB of RAM installed and is licensed for Active Memory Expansion (AME). The current LPARs each have 12 GB of RAM allocated to them, and are tolerant of varied response times. The new LPAR requires 8 GB of RAM, and requires consistent response time. There is no money available to purchase additional RAM. Which of the following options will support adding the new LPAR to the system with minimal impact to the existing partitions? An administrator noticed on an LPAR running AIX that several recoverable errors have been logged, involving hdisk6. The administrator has talked to IBM support and a replacement drive is being sent. When the disk arrives, it will be hot swapped. The administrator needs to find out what logical volumes may have data stored on this particular drive so that any necessary action can be taken. Which list command will give the required information? A system administrator is updating the VIO Server levels in a frame supported by a dual VIO Server pair. After applying the latest fixpack to the first VIO Server and rebooting the administrator notices some of the VIO Server clients have failed paths to the storage as reported by Ispath After confirming the upgraded VIO Server is presenting all disks without any errors what is the most likely cause of the failed paths? A company which sells books and DVDs runs their business on AIX Enterprise Edition on a Power 795. They have LPARs running back-office applications and other LPARs supporting their Internet based retail operations. They are considering a policy of switching between TurboCore mode and MaxCore mode, depending on workload. Which of the following considerations will have the most impact on the customer's business? An administrator created a JFS2 snapshot and mounted it using the following commands: Snapshot-o snapfrom=/home/adminfh-o size=1G Mount-o snapshot /dev/fslv16 /backup Backup was started using a script. After an hour the administrator lists the backup directory and received the following error message: Is: /backup: There is an input or output error. What is the most likely reason? A system administrator is installing a third-party monitoring agent on a security-hardened VIO server. The installation of the agent completes without errors, initializes, and network routing is correct, but the monitoring server cannot communicate with the agent installed on the VIO server. What action is necessary to fix this situation? A customer is considering consolidating multiple stand-alone systems on to a single Power 795. The systems to be consolidated run AIX 5.3, AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1. What is the maximum number of cores which may be allocated to LPARs at each level of AIX? An administrator updated tunable virtual memory parameters using vmo -p. When the system was rebooted the tuning was lost. Which of the following is the most likely reason? An administrator wants to install a new VIO Server (VIOS) partition from a NIM server. When checking the VIOS media the administrator finds two files, mksysb_image and mksysb_image2. Which of the following is the correct sequence of actions to prepare the mksysb resource for NIM installation of the VIOS partition? An administrator must add support for a new VLAN to a VIO Server that currently services multiple VLANs on a single SEA. No additional network ports are available. How can this be achieved without interrupting the SEA? A customer is upgrading a Power 595 to a Power 795 and wants to know the estimated power usage of the upgraded system. What is the most comprehensive source for this information? Where can Power Saving mode on a Power 770 be enabled? An administrator has configured a system to provide resilient networking through the use of SEA failover. The administrator wants to know if the SEA for one VIO server, ent10, is the active adapter. Which of the following commands could the administrator use to determine the status of ent10? An architect is preparing to deploy a three-tier application on a new Power 795 system that has 64 activated cores. The solution is licensed by the number of cores used by the application server LPARs. The same number of cores may be used, without charge, for the database manager. There is no limitation on the number of cores used by the web server LPARs. The company has purchased a license allowing the use 32 cores of the Power 795 system for the application server LPARs. Which of the following Shared Processor Pool configurations supports these requirements? The root user in an LPAR has the ability to remotely execute CLI commands on an HMC without being prompted for a password. That capability must be removed in order to comply with security rules. Which of the following commands describes the supported method to delete unneeded key from the authorized_keys2 file? A Power 770 is running in a dual VIO Server (VIOS) environment with Active Memory Sharing configured. There are two shared memory partitions. The managed server is called FRED.LPAR_1 is using VIOS1 as the paging VIOS partition.LPAR_2 is using VIOS2 as the paging VIOS partition.VIOS1 had been rebooted, so a failover to VIOS2 has occurred. How would the administrator failback paging VIOS partition LPAR_1 back to VIOS1? A customer would like to replace their POWER5 595 with a new POWER7 server. Which method is appropriate to compare system performance? Which of the following supports Active Memory Sharing (AMS)? What is the minimum AIX level required for an LPAR on a Power 770 to run SMT4? A customer uses NIM for OS and software deployment on 64 LPARs divided into three groups: development, test and production. What is the quickest way to install fixes on the test servers only? An administrator has logged into his HMC via ssh and is the only person using the HMC at this moment. When trying to open a terminal session to one of his LPARs using the vtmenu command, but only receives the error message: A terminal session is already open for this partition. Only one open session is allowed for a partition. Which command must be run in order to solve this problem? A system administrator is adding storage to an AIX 6.1 LPAR that is a virtual SCSI client of a VIO Server LPAR. On the VIO Server, the administrator creates the new virtual target device on the existing virtual SCSI host adapter for the client LPAR, but is presented with a warning that the client LPAR must be rebooted in order to see the new virtual device. Which of the following is the most likely the cause for this warning? Customer wants to consolidate POWER4, POWER5 and POWER6 systems on to a POWER7 server. What resource will indicate an appropriate POWER7 server? An administrator has a request to populate a new IBM Power 750 with 50 LPARs. A redundant pair of VIO Servers has been installed and is online. Which option provides the most efficient method for creating new LPARs? A customer has a Power 770 and a Power 795 managed by a single HMC. The existing HMC has two network connections. The first adapter is connected to the general company network and uses a static IP address. The second adapter is connected to a network switch which also has connections to the Flexible Service Processors (FSPs) of the managed systems and acts as a DHCP server. It has been decided to add a second HMC for resilience. Which of the following is a supported method of configuring the new HMC, in relation to the existing HMC? Which of the following is required by Live Application Mobility? A customer is ordering 10 Power 795 servers. Each system will be configured with 256 cores and 1TB RAM. Two hundred LPARs will be created on each system. Redundant HMCs are a mandatory requirement for the customer. What is the minimum number of HMCs necessary to support the customer requirement? A company wide time server has been established and the AIX administrator has been asked to configure all HMCs to connect to this time server. Which of the following statements is correct? What is a prerequisite for Live Partition Mobility?