C2180-371 - Web Services Development for IBM WebSphere Application Server V7.0 Exam

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Example Questions

A developer is designing a Web service which must ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the message from the provider to the consumer. The SOAP message will be routed by an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to reach its final destination. What should the developer use to complete the task? Which IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5 tool can be used to validate the SOAP messages against WS-I standards? Which of the following scenarios are typical for usingWS-Security Kerberos Token Profile? How can a developer ensure that a fault will occur if the service does not recognize a SOAP header entry containing a transaction number? A developer is creating a JAX-WS Web service. The Web service will be used to send cheque image file from the provider to the requestor. Given the following extract: @MTOM(enabled=true, threshold=50) @Web Service(name="Image Service", target Namespace="http://com.test.ImageService") public class Image Provider { What does the threshold parameter indicate? A developer has deployed a new JAX-WS Web service. The context root is set to web root and the service name is service name? Using a Web browser, what URL can be used to verify that the service is running? Which of the following characteristic is NOT true forWS-SecureConversation? For a Web service request passing through multiple SOAP intermediaries, how would end-to-end security be provided? A bank would like to design a JAX-WS Web service to transfer funds. The server will be deployed to IBM Web Sphere Application Server V7.0.Two key requirements are to ensure: 1) the request is only sent once 2) cross vendor interoperability What is the best way to accomplish this? The web service is implemented as EJB and authorization is enabled at EJB method level, and Caller configuration is enabled for Web Service Security. Which identity is used for authorization check? Which statement is true for WS-Security Kerberos Token Profile? Which one of the following is NOT a standard property of the Binding Provider class from the JAX- WS API? A customer requires a Web service which ensures message delivery. Which transport should be proposed? A developer created a bottom-up JAX-WS Web service and requested the WSDL file to be generated. Where has IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5 packaged the Web service? The project has finished its development phase and is ready to move to the quality assurance phase. What is the recommended way to migrate the quality of service configuration from the development to the quality assurance environment? When the Web service target is expected to change considerably in terms of its location and Request/Response format, which clients should be used? What is the LEAST appropriate scenario for Web services? A financial institution needs to expose a Web service tore turn the customer name using JavaBean with annotations. Which of the following is a valid Web service implementation? Using the WSDL editor, how can a developer create anew message for an operation input? Which one of these steps does NOT apply when a developer is setting a JAX-WS Web service to be SOAP 1.2 compliant? When creating a Web service which requires reliable delivery of SOAP messages, which transport should be used? The TCP/IP Monitor can be used to check the following: Which client retrieves Call Instance from the javax.xml.rpc.Call interface? Which of the following is a valid timestamp to use in a SOAP header according to the Basic Security Profile (BSP) v1.0? Which of the following business scenarios is the LEAST appropriate for Web services? A developer is creating a JAX-WS client application. In what ways can the developer enable Web service security? Which one of the mechanisms CANNOT be used directly by the JAX-WS dynamic APIs for Dispatch or Provider? Which of the following is a supported method for validating WS-I compliance using IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5? Which WSDL style is suited to sending binary tree nodes as part of a SOAP message? A company is developing a travel portal application using three Web services to complete the booking process for flights, hotels and car rental. The booking process is successful only if all three Web services are successful in completing the booking of flights, hotels and car rental. Which of the following statement is true for the Web service client implementation to accomplish the booking process requirement? Which of the following are TRUE statements about the WS-I Basic Security Profile (BSP)? What can be used to test and publish Web services to IBM UDDI? Which command should be used to install a JAX-WS application using the command line? Which of the following statements most appropriately describe WS-Secure Conversation? Which of the following is MOST likely to improve the performance of SOAP-based Web services? Which statement is true about SAAJ? Quality of services for JAX-WS can be enabled by attaching policy sets. Which of the following are valid attachment points for policy sets? A developer uses com.ibm.jaxws.thinclient_7.0.0.jar to invoke a Web service with: A developer used wsimport to generate the skeleton code for a Web service implementation. What is the purpose of the generated Object Factory class? A developer is creating a new Web service from a Java bean. Which of the following tasks CANNOT be performed using the Create Web Service Wizard in IBM Rational Application Developer V7.5? Which of the following is TRUE of the endptEnabler command? Which of the following scenarios can be BEST monitored using TCP/IP Monitor? A company is migrating their current JAX-WS Web service running on IBM Web Sphere Application Server V6.1 with the Feature Pack for Web Services to V7.0. The company wants to continue to support V6.1 service consumers. If the Web service has WS-Atomic Transaction enabled, what settings should be configured to support the widest range of clients? A developer wants to automate their build process for testing, and would like to import a policy set, The WS-I Simple SOAP Binding Profile V1.0 mandates that a message must serialize the envelope according to which specification? Which interface in SAAJ generically represents any literal part in a SOAP message? JAX-WS 2.x does not have a mechanism to validate incoming requests as part of the specification. However, it can be implemented using JAXB 2.x APIs and using a JAX-WS provider. Which of the following uses the recommended mechanism for turning on schema validation for a request? Which of the following is used to invoke a Web service from an unmanaged client? According to WS-I Basic Profile (BP), which of the following encodings should be used to ensure interoperability? Select the scenario where the specification WS-Make Connection should be used.