C2180-272 - IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8.0 Solution Development Exam

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Example Questions

A solution developer codes a JavaCompute node using a getJDBCType4Connection API call to connect to a JDBC database that is globally coordinated, and then writes code to insert new records into that database based on the contents of incoming MQ messages. The solution developer observes that database inserts are not rolled back if the message flow experiences an error after this Compute node. What must the solution developer do to correct this? A company has its own internal application App1 which exposes its products price catalog to its clients via MQ transport protocol. The company needs to build a new proxy mediation application using Message Broker to expose its service to external clients. The suggested mediation flow would accept the request from different clients, route the request to App1 and send the response back to the requesting client where each client has its own target queue. Which built-in pattern should the solution developer use to achieve this? A bank uses Process Server to implement a supervisor based, credit line approval process. Once initiated, the process does not return a response. This Process Server workflow needs to be started every time the Message Broker receives a new credit increase transaction. To implement this requirement, a solution developer can design a message flow that uses: A solution developer needs to transform a message. As such, the solution developer needs to insert the content from a input message tree into a storage area of Environment in one node, and then transform the message and Environment in another node into the output message tree. To do so, what can the solution developer use? A solution developer has completed a message flow unit test using the Integrated Test Client for a local broker deployment. There is now a requirement to test the same message flow from the Test Client for a remote broker. What must the solution developer do to support a remote broker deployment? A solution developer generates a pattern instance project from a built-in pattern. What should the solution developer do to change one or more of the pattern parameters of the pattern instance project? A bank uses an online system to handle currency transactions, sent via MQ messaging. To avoid multiple database lookups to obtain the latest currency exchange rates, the rates are loaded into shared variables the first time the flow is executed. Periodic updates to the shared variables are made using a control message. As the volume of transactions increases, it is realized that a single instance of the flow can no longer cope, and so the solution developer is asked to investigate ways to increase throughput. How can the solution developer increase the message throughput? A solution developer is setting up Message Broker for debugging flows. There is a need to set the JVM debug port to 2314 from command line for a specific execution group called "MDM" and a broker called "WMBBRK1". Which command does the solution developer need to use? A global bank has developed a new application which must be activated in multiple countries at the same time. Due to different time zones, it is found that the new application can only be deployed during business hours of each country and should not process messages immediately. The application would be started at a later time by a system administrator. Prior to deployment, how does the solution developer need to configure the application? A message flow that uses an SAPRequest node is reporting an expired password error in the system log. Which command does the solution developer need to issue to update the expired password? A telecommunications customer needs to develop a flow that sends a message to invoke an existing business process on WebSphere Process Server (WPS). The requirements do not call for a response message back from the flow. Which node should the solution developer use to send the message to WPS? While testing a message flow with a Compute node that contains two PROPAGATE statements, a solution developer discovered that the output message assembly is empty before the second PROPAGATE statement is executed. What must the solution developer do to prevent this from happening? A solution developer needs to implement Web Services Reliable Messaging (WS-RM) on a message flow for a stock trading company. During unit testing, the solution developer determines that only the first of four messages, expected in order, have arrived at the destination. During troubleshooting, what conclusion must the solution developer come to? To activate any new function included in a fix pack, which command must the solution developer issue? A message flow needs to be designed such that available messages must be processed in sequential order. Missing messages in the sequence must be discarded if they appear later. The solution developer implements this message flow using Sequence and Resequence nodes. To meet the specifications for this message flow, how should the solution developer wire the Resequence node? A solution developer needs to use the recording data feature for auditing purpose. The expected message size is up to 10 MB and the target database is DB2. Aside from the default, what additional configuration(s), if any, does the solution developer need to do? A solution developer has deployed a message flow containing the DatabaseRetrieve node. The connection properties to the database were created using the mqsicreateconfigurableservice command. The solution developer has been told that the database is to be relocated to a different server. How should the connection properties be updated by the solution developer to reflect the new server? Due to a configuration change, the solution developer must restart one of the message flows. How can the solution developer do this? A solution developer needs to troubleshoot why a message flow does not process any messages from a remote resource. To review how the message flow interacts with all external resources, where should the solution developer look? A customer recently implemented a new standard that all deployable objects must display Version, Author, and Defect number in the QuickView panel of Message Broker Explorer. How must the solution developer code this requirement? A solution developer is investigating a problem where a message flow does not run to completion. The message flow includes an aggregation block. The solution developer determines that messages are accumulating at the AggregateReply node. In order to resolve the problem, the solution developer needs to: A customer uses a shared AIX server to store their source code and for building their source code for deployment. What command must the solution developer use on this server to create a broker archive (BAR) file? A solution developer needs to enhance an order processing message flow to create a file of all invoices processed, to show the date, time, invoice number and amount. The solution developer adds a Trace node at the end of the flow, and to also store the following information: Environment Invoice Number Amount Which Trace node pattern will provide the required output? A school website needs to retrieve student records from its PeopleSoft system. The broker needs to be configured to utilize PeopleSoft JAR files. How should the solution developer implement this requirement? A healthcare company needs to implement WS-Security integrity message signing for an existing web service flow that will now be handling sensitive data. Which nodes can the solution developer use to develop this enhancement? (Choose two) An electronics store needs to enhance their online inventory verification system regarding available inventory for a requested product. Instead of returning the inventory count as a web response, an invoice for the purchase is to be generated and automatically sent to the online shipping system. Which web service standard and which SOAP node can the solution developer change to enhance the message flow? A solution developer is writing a message flow using the XMLNSC domain. Testing is producing the wrong output, and the solution developer is uncertain which node is causing the error. The solution developer adds a Trace node to display the contents of the data being passed. Which Trace node pattern will display the contents of the data? A solution developer needs to read records from a file every hour and insert them into a database. The solution developer creates a flow using a TimeoutNotification node to start the flow, a FileRead node to read individual records from the file and a Compute node to insert the records into the database. To ensure that all records are processed in a unit of work, what must the solution developer do? A solution developer is requested to investigate a message flow using the DFDL parser that is performing slowly. The message contains several optional fields. The solution developer determines that the parser is backtracking extensively while parsing input messages. What action should the solution developer take to reduce the amount of time required to parse the messages? A solution developer has been informed of a problem with a message flow. Based on the error given, the problem seems to occur in ESQL code. The solution developer determines the need to debug the code. How does the solution developer set a breakpoint in the ESQL code? A solution developer needs to import a WSDL into an Application. The WSDL references a set of XML Schemas that contain xsd:import statements as well as xsd:redefine statements. What happens when the solution developer imports this WSDL into an Application? To create a message definition, a solution developer has performed the following steps: 1.Create a new message set 2.Create a new message definition file 3.Add a Tagged/Delimited String (TDS) physical format to the message set 4.Import a COBOL copybook 5.Add a Custom Wire Formats (CWF) physical format to the message set 6.Import a C header file Which of the following is true? A solution developer needs to retrieve a governed XML document from a WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) Server. Where is the retrieved XML document stored? A broker application is deployed in a test environment. It is reported to be taking a long time to process messages. The solution developer is asked to find the average time taken by this broker application. The solution developer can determine this by enabling: A solution developer needs to deploy a message flow initially in "Stopped" state. How must the solution developer achieve this? A solution developer is creating a number of scripts to automate the building and deployment of BAR files. These scripts will run on an AIX server, where the source repository is located and the Message Broker API (CMP) has been installed and configured. Which command can the solution developer NOT use in the automation scripts? A solution developer creates a new broker instance containing the default execution group. The solution developer attempts to create a second execution group within the same broker and the operation fails. To correct the issue, the solution developer must: A solution developer creates a message flow that includes an XSLTransform node. The node property specifies that the XSL style sheet is to be cached. The solution developer deploys the XSL style sheet in the BAR file with the message flow. Subsequently, the style sheet needs to be revised. How does the solution developer enable the message flow to use the revised style sheet? A message flow with a JMSInput node receives a message with a blank Message Domain. The message is a TextMessage and does not include a JMSType header. Which domain parser should the solution developer expect the broker to use? A solution developer needs to determine why the latest update to a message flow does not work as designed. It is thought that the latest update has not been deployed to the broker. What command can the solution developer use to determine which BAR file is deployed? A sales company is currently running 2 message flows. The first, ProcessOrder, validates customer orders and then sends the shipping information to the warehouse via an MQ request message. Once the warehouse has shipped the order, a reply is sent back which is processed by the second flow, SendConfirmation, to send a confirmation to the customer. The company is now expanding and has multiple warehouses. The solution developer must modify ProcessOrder to send messages to each warehouse only for the items it stocks, and SendConfirmation to send a response message only when all warehouses have replied. What node(s) should the solution developer use?