C2180-175 - IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.2, Development (Entry) Exam

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Example Questions

A company needs to improve their hiring process using a Business Process Management System (BPMS). Currently, their hiring manager writes a free form email regarding a new open position and sends it to the HR manager for approval. The hiring manager wants to standardize this activity using a BPMS. How should the BPM analyst define this user story? A BPM analyst is defining a mortgage loan approval process where the Business Process Management System (BPMS) will get the credit score of the applicant from the Credit Bureau and validate if the loan can be approved for the applicant. The BPM analyst must add this activity: A BPM analyst is helping to identify and select the appropriate solution for process improvement in a large BPM project. What are the business levers the BPM analyst should focus on? A BPM analyst has completed the definition of user stories and is ready to prioritize them so that the development team starts building the stories that have high business value. What BPM project roles must attend the user story prioritization session? A BPM analyst is conducting interviews with the participants of a business process. What feedback about the process should the BPM analyst look out for that might not be obvious in an as-is process diagram? On a project, the BPM analyst defined the following to identify the Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Which step did the BPM analyst fail to perform in identifying the KPI? A BPM analyst is documenting process problems during a discovery session. As a problem is raised, what are the two key factors the BPM analyst needs to capture about each problem to be able to prioritize them later? A project manager asks a BPM analyst to assist with defining a business case for a company based on their goals and objectives. What are key components to include in support of a business case? A security company provides background checks on individuals as a service. Based on various criteria, a customer's request can have a different priority to receive a better level of service response time. Whether the background check passes or fails should not impact the service level. Requests with a high priority need to be addressed within the same business day, those with a medium priority can take up to 3 days to process, and those with a low priority must be responded to within 5 business days. The security company is currently updating the background check process and wants to define some performance measurements to ensure customers are receiving the service level they are paying for. How should the BPM analyst define the measurements to meet these requirements? A company that processes applications has been using IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 over the last year. The company has asked IBM to analyze its processes in production because it wants to continue improving its processes. The IBM BPM team sends a BPM analyst. What should the BPM analyst do? The project manager needs assistance from the BPM analyst to determine the initial level of effort for processes in a process inventory. For each process, the BPM analyst should provide a list of process details that include: A BPM analyst is performing a process inventory analysis at a company that has many processes and has gathered all required information to calculate a priority value for each process in order to rank them. How should the BPM analyst compute this? During discovery, a process owner presents the BPM analyst with over 350 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) determined by executive management based on the goals of the company. What action should the BPM analyst recommend to the process owner? A BPM analyst is modeling the process for acquiring membership at a club. The BPM analyst interviewed the front office supervisor, who provided the following description of the first activity "Enter Application": "One of our receptionists receives a paper application from a potential client, an applicant. The receptionist first looks up the client's name and address to see if it exists in our system, then enters the information from the paper application into the system, and assigns a membership number to the application. When the application entry is complete, the receptionist sends it to the manager for an initial review." The BPM analyst has created the discovery map and now needs to enter information from the above description into the Details fields in Blueworks Live for the activity "Enter Application". For the activity "Enter Application", who is the Supplier? A cable company is improving a process in their call center for requesting cable service. The new process will run in IBM Business Process Manager V8.0. The call center supervisor would like to know how long it takes the customer service representatives to answer the customer requests before passing the request to the engineering department to provide the service. What should the BPM analyst recommend to address the measurement reporting requirement? A BPM analyst needs to define user stories for development. What information does the BPM analyst need to know about user stories? User stories: The project manager needs assistance from the BPM analyst in building a process roadmap. What tool should the BPM analyst use to create a detailed list of areas of opportunity? The Human Resources department has pre-selected 4 processes as candidates for BPM Implementation. They think all these 4 processes have equal business value. They hire a BPM analyst to identify 1 process for BPM Implementation. What questions must the BPM analyst ask in order to identify a process for implementing BPM. A new employee just started working with a company and only received their laptop in week 4. The BPM analyst investigated the cause: Which tool did the BPM analyst use in order to find out the root cause?