C2140-047 - Rational System Architect: BPMN Emphasis Exam

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Example Questions

Which three elements are included in a complete enterprise? (Select three.) An outside consultant asks you to export the definitions from your System Architect Encyclopedia. The consultant plans to view the information with a spreadsheet program. Which format should you use to export the data? What are three typical domains in an enterprise architecture? (Select three.) Which property of a business process indicates the special purpose or characteristics of the process? Which are three key components of a Business Process Diagram? (Select three.) Which statement is true about a Timer Event Stereotype? Which three enterprise architecture frameworks are supported by Rational System Architect? (Select three.) How are Matrices accessed in System Architect? When should the Encyclopedia Explorer Auto Refresh feature be disabled? Which two benefits are provided by modeling the enterprise architecture of an organization? (Select two.) What is the purpose of Business Process Matrices in System Architect? Which three options can be selected in the Encyclopedia Property Configuration dialog box? (Select three.) Which type of Business Process Diagram symbol depicts the starting and ending points of a process? Which three categories of symbols are represented on Business Process Diagrams? (Select three.) Which basic BPMN model describes processes that are internal to a specific organization? Which Gateway Stereotype indicates that there will be exactly one sequence flow among multiple sequence flows each time the process is executed? Which statement is true about BPMN symbols? While building a Business Process Diagram for the finance division of your company, you discover that the assistant director has an Excel spreadsheet with data definitions that you can use in your diagram. Which format can you use to import that data into your System Architect project? Which type of Process Stereotype is used to restore, reverse, or counter a previous activity? Which type of diagram models the ends and means of an organization's strategic plan? Which three types of information can be accessed through the System Architect Guidebook? (Select three.) What is the project repository in which diagrams and associated symbol definitions are stored? Which type of flow object can represent a trigger to an activity or the result of one? What is the purpose of a Business Process Diagram? Which basic BPMN model represents the communication between internal business processes? Which statement best describes Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)? Child processes displayed on a Business Process Hierarchy Diagram can be grouped together through which BPMN element? Which two statements are true about the Pool element of a Business Process Diagram? (Select two.) Which element of a Business Process Diagram is a partition of a pool? What is one of the main functions of the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)? What are two Connection Objects? (Select two.) Which two BPMN symbols are categorized as flow objects? (Select two.) Which Connection Object is used to connect data objects with flow objects? What are the three building blocks of a model in System Architect? (Select three.) Which Connection Object shows the order that activities are performed in a business process? Which feature of System Architect allows processes to be assigned to a specific application or role? Which System Architect interface utility is used for viewing, navigating, and opening diagrams and definitions?